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Chapter 166: Fierce and Tough

Chang Qi and Cui Heng attacked at the same time. They both threw each others at Big Slave, but as soon as they got near him, they glanced at each other again which meant they implicitly agreed to attack Mu Yi first.

If they killed Mu Yi first, Big Slave wouldn’t pose a threat to them anymore. They both had the same idea actually, maybe that if they defeated Mu Yi, they’d be able to make Big Slave submit. He wasn’t smart so Mu Yi controlled him.

The others threw themselves at Mu Yi as well when they saw Cui Heng and Chang Qi were attacking him in the end.

Some people stepped back too.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t use mind strength immediately, his perceptions and senses were more acute than all those people’s. He could see all those people’s movements clearly in his brain. He just smiled icily. He would make those people regret.

The fact that Cui Heng and Chang Qi moved away made Big Slave confused. He didn’t know whom to chase. After having hesitated for a few seconds. He stared at Chang Qi.

Big Slave was slow but he wasn’t far from Mu Yi so he easily managed to get in front of him. Now, focusing solely on Mu Yi wouldn’t be that easy for Chang Qi.

And on top of that, Big Slave’s legs were very long, in one step, he could make the equivalent of three-four steps for normal people.

When Chang Qis saw that Big Slave was staring at him, he ground his teeth. What bad luck. He decided to throw himself at Big Slave and try, he would regret it if he didn’t try.

When Cui Heng saw that Big Slave was staring at Chang Qi, he was delighed. Nobody would prevent him from attacking Mu Yi that way.

He was so excited that his eyes gleamed. He threw his hands quickly.

Mu Yi looked extremely calm and serene. He wasn’t scared at all, even when Cui Heng’s spears got close to him.

When Cui Heng saw how calm Mu Yi looked, his back suddenly felt cold. He had the impression he was making a mistake.

Mu Yi didn’t wait for Cui Heng to think and analyze the situation, he raised his hands.

Cui Heng’s back and forehead were suddenly covered with cold sweat.


said Mu Yi. Cui Heng sensed a dangerous strength surround the tips of his spears. He was suddenly petrified. His whole body stiffened.

After, Mu Yi jumped forwards, he pointed at Cui Heng’s third eye with his fingers.


A subtle sound spread in the air. Cui Heng’s third eye turned into a bleeding and seeping wound. His mouth and nose also started bleeding.

Cui Heng was furious and repented. Then, he collapsed with a loud crash.

Those who were about to attack didn’t get any closer when they saw that. Cui Heng, that incredibly strong and famous cultivator, had just died? And Mu Yi hadn’t done anything but raise his fingers?

He had first aimed at Cui Heng’s spear tips and then at Cui Heng’s third eye, and now Cui Heng was dead?


They had heard a whistling sounds, they hadn’t even seen anything, and then Cui Heng had died.

At that moment, most people were scared.

Cui Heng had died even though Mu Yi had just raised his fingers, what about them? Wouldn’t one finger be enough to kill them?

Those who wanted to attack Mu Yi stopped, then they turned around and ran away.

Chang Qi’s fire fists  kept colliding with Big Slave. However, he was then blown away. In terms of strength, he couldn’t compete with Big Slave. And he had seen Mu Yi kill Cui Heng, he perfectly knew what Mu Yi had done with those two fingers.


Chang Qi crashed onto the ground. Then his two arms suddenly felt extremely sore. He struggled to crawl back up and then he turned around. He wanted to run away.

Many people who were just there to watch also ran away. Mu Yi was too scary.

Since an order of arrest for Mu Yi had been issued, many people knew about him, but nobody knew anything about his past or where he came from. All they knew was that he had a giant friend with him. And most people who had tracked him down had been killed by Big Slave.

Many people didn’t think Mu Yi posed any danger, the only problem was that he had a powerful bodyguard. But on that day, many people had discovered that it was a huge mistake. Not only did Mu Yi know how to fight but he was also extremely strong.

Cui Heng was known to be extremely strong but against Mu Yi, he hadn’t been able to withstand a single attack and now they realized that attacking Mu Yi was a reckless thing to do.

When Big Slave saw that Chang Qi was escaping, he wasn’t happy so he looked at the people around.


shouted someone who was scared to death when he saw that Big Slave was looking at them. The crowd went panic-stricken and ran in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, there was not a soul in sight around Mu Yi and Big Slave, there was just a corpse.

“Tell everyone that if anyone dares come back and cause trouble, they’ll die!”

shouted Mu Yi glancing at those people running away. Then he turned around and left.

If Mu Yi had said that at the beginning, people would have made fun of him but now it was different, he had killed Cui Heng. The hearts of people who heard him twitched and cold sweat dripped in their backs.

They knew that Mu Yi was qualified to talk that way. What had just happened would quickly spread around and everybody would know that in the world of travelers, a new beast was rising, a small Taoist priest.

But Mu Yi knew it was just the beginning. Really strong cultivators wouldn’t be scared away. On the contrary, if some people decided to put a spoke in Mu Yi’s wheel again, they’d be much stronger.

In the world of travelers, Cui Heng was just a second-class cultivator, and maybe even only a stronger third-class one.

Mu Yi went back to his room. There was a black silhouette lying on the ground, the little girl had seemingly come out and killed him. The reason why Mu Yi had let the Bamboo Tree of Life inside the room before leaving was to protect the bag in which there were precious treasures.

And even if there hadn’t been anything valuable inside, Mu Yi wouldn’t have taken it out anyway, he didn’t want people to nose around and look at his personal belongings.

“Big Slave, throw him outside.” siad Mu Yi.

Big Slave lifted the corpse in black clothes and left the room. He threw the body outside and came back, then he sat down heavily.

That inn didn’t have a bed suitable for someone like Big Slave but Big Slave didn’t need a bed. Even if Mu Yi hadn’t put a piece of cloth on the floor, Big Slave would have sat down on it anyway.

Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to him, he went back to the bed and continued reading. Suddenly, the Bamboo Tree of Life started shaking, it rose up in the air and landed on Mu Yi’s legs. Lights flashed around it.

Mu Yi lowered his head and looked at the lights. He could almost see the little girl’s silhouette. He smiled and then continued reading.

That night, many people didn’t sleep.

In the yamen, a fifty year old man paced back and forth. In a room, there were two people. One of them was wearing the clothes private advisor (Translator’s note: private assistant attending to legal, fiscal and secretarial duties in a local yamen), the other one was wearing the clothes of a magistracy officer.

“Are you sure that Cui Heng was killed?” asked one of them finally.

“I saw it clearly. Chang Qi was there too, he attacked as well. Cui Heng wasn’t lucky though, he got killed in one attack. Chang Qi fought against the giant but couldn’t do anything.” said the magistracy officer.

Back them, he had already set him in an ambush, then both sides had suffered critical losses so they had rushed up in a crowd, unfortunately, what had happened after had scared him to death. Even though the County Magistrate’s servants’ lives were important, his family members’ lives were also important.

Especially that most people had understood that trying to do anything against the enemy was reckless. And it wasn’t like in the past anymore, officers didn’t work because they were passionate about their jobs but because they wanted to be able to pay for their food.

The Qing Dynasty had collapsed. Beijing, Tianjin, most of Hebei and Henan and part of Shandong were better off but still, those weren’t times of prosperity and peace, people plotted on all sides.

Maybe that some people gave the second vice-president face but if the risks were too high, the Ministry of Appointments and the other central ministers didn’t care.

“Advisor, what do you think?” asked the County Magistrate.

“Since Cui Heng was killed, you don’t need to take risks. The best is to ignore it and do as if we didn’t know anything. That guy is like a god.” said the private advisor slowly.

When the County Magistrate heard him, he took a deep breath. He was touched and moved. He knew how high the private advisor’s rank was in society. Since he said that, the County Magistrate decided to give up.

“Alright. Since you say that, let’s forget about it.” muttered the County Magistrate irresolutely but he also seemed disappointed.

He initially considered the whole thing as an opportunity, he could have gotten closer to the second vice-president that way.

Of course, he had also cast greedy eyes on the key. If he had been able to give it to his superior, he probably would have gotten promoted.

But now it was too late. He even hoped Mu Yi would go as far as possible. Otherwise, that small county town would sink into chaos and if that happened, he wouldn’t be able to escape from that disaster.

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