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Chapter 167: Octagon Organization



On the day after, Mu Yi and Big Slave came out of their room. Many people looked at him with awe and veneration. Nobody cast greedy eyes on his key anymore, they weren’t stupid. They wouldn’t dare act recklessly again.

Besides, Mu Yi looked so young yet he was a terrifying fighter.

Even though Li the Good hadn’t come out on the previous day and had hidden in his room, he had heard everything from his room. He was happy for Mu Yi. He liked Mu Yi, he considered him as a good person.

When Mu Yi left in the wain, what had happened on the previous day had already spread hundreds of li around. Some people who were a bit far but ready to make trouble were stunned when they learnt about that and decided not to cause trouble in the end.

Only some people who were very self-confident decided to rush over.

That day was calm and tranquil.

But Mu Yi knew that it was the calm before the storm.

Thinking about that, Mu Yi shook his head. Mu Yi initially didn’t intend to draw so many people’s attention. It was too late to regret though. Of course, he didn’t intend to give the key away. At the same time, he was also curious to see how many people would dare act recklessly and die.

On that day, at noon, a wain appeared on the main road of Kaifeng. It wasn’t moving, it was on the side of the road near a teahouse. Many people noticed it.

The wain didn’t look special, especially in Kaifeng. There were wains everywhere and all the time in Kaifeng, but the people who came out of the wain scared people to death. That person couldn’t be described as a tall and sturdy man, it was worse, he was a giant.

That giant was Big Slave, of course. And Mu Yi followed him out of the wain.

If Big Slave had come out alone, people would have just been surprised, but when they saw Mu Yi, the atmosphere around and in the teahouse became oppressive.

He had become quite famous in the region, it was definitely the one who had the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road.

Everybody recognized him when he came out of the wain with Big Slave.

In that teahouse, there were many travelers and travelers were the most informed people.

But this time nobody provoked them. They had learnt from Cui Heng’s mistake.

Li the Good didn’t follow them into the teahouse because he had to feed the horses.

“D… Dear guest, how may I help you?” The teahouse was quite spacious but when Big Slave entered, it suddenly seemed tiny. Big Slave even had to lower his head.

When the waitress saw Big Slave, she was scared.

“A teapot and some snacks.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Alright, please wait.” said the waitress hastily.

When the waitress walked away, people started talking again.

A dozen people were seated in the teahouse at five-six different tables. There were all sorts of people, merchants, travelers, and there was even one doctor.

Initially, everybody was talking loud but when Mu Yi entered, they all spoke in a lower voice. They couldn’t help but secretly glance at Mu Yi and Big Slave.

Mu Yi ignored them, he didn’t care about what they were thinking, as long as they didn’t offend him.

“Boom boom boom!”

As the waitress was preparing some tea, suddenly, the sound of horses’ hoofs on the pavement spread in the air in the distance. There were at least 10-20 horses.

People in the teahouse stood up and walked away.

As soon as they had seen Mu Yi, they knew there would be some trouble. It would have been exaggerated to say the whole nation was watching him but at least, people were watching him from Luoyang to Kaifeng. Seeing him meant trouble wasn’t far.

They hadn’t thought trouble would start so quickly. Some people wanted to stay and watch but some people weren’t brave enough to.

In the teahouse, nobody drew Mu Yi’s attention but the doctor seated alone at a table. He was a middle-aged man. At that moment, the loud sound of galloping horses spread in the air and made the teahouse shake but he was still seated and looked calm. Besides, when Mu Yi had entered the teahouse, the doctor had just briefly glanced at him.

The sound of the horses’ hoofs finally stopped. Mu Yi looked out of the window and saw the cavaliers, they were all wearing black clothes and had an Eight Trigrams pattern on their chests.

“We travel everywhere, we’re everywhere!”

shouted a man in black clothes suddenly.

“It’s the Octagon Organization!”

whispered someone in the teahouse. They looked scared. The Octagon Organization was probably famous.

They didn’t say anything more. At that moment, Ten cavaliers were at the door, they looked aggressive.

“Everybody better give face to the Octagon Organization.” shouted the man in black clothes. He sounded really aggressive.

“Walla walla!”

At that moment, most people in the teahouse ran away. Only three people were left inside, Mu Yi, Big Slave and the doctor. Li the Good was outside so he wouldn’t get involved.

Mu Yi knew why those people were there. Even though it was the first time he heard of the Octagon Organization, he understood they were famous from people’s reactions.

But it was normal, Mu Yi had killed Cui Heng. Big Slave had made Chang Qi run away. Only the most persistent ones would continue looking for him. And those were probably not second-class cultivators like Cui Heng.

Mu Yi looked at them, amongst those people, only four-five were stronger than Cui Heng, and one of them had a very particular Qi, he didn’t look like an easy opponent.

“You’re not afraid of death?” asked Mu Yi to the middle-aged man in the corner of the room without paying attention to the members of the Octagon Organization outside.

“Are you talking to me?” asked the middle-aged man raising his head and looking at Mu Yi. He seemed surprised.

“We’re only three here, not four.” replied Mu Yi.

“Oh!” replied the middle-aged man. Then he looked pensive and replied, “I am afraid of death.”

“Are you here for the key too?” asked Mu Yi icily.

“What key?” asked the middle-aged man. He didn’t seem to understand what Mu Yi meant.

“The key of the Yellow River’s ancient road, of course.” replied Mu Yi. Maybe that the middle-aged man was just pretending? Mu Yi didn’t even look at the members of the Octagon Organization outside.

“The Yellow River’s ancient road?” I’m not interested.” replied the middle-aged man shaking his head and then he looked at his cup of tea again.

“Interesting.” said Mu Yi smiling. Then he looked at the door.

Someone appeared in Mu Yi’s field of vision. He seemed to be around forty years old. He was also wearing black clothes with golden top-stitched threads. And apart from the Eight Trigrams pattern, there was a word written his chest too, Octagon!

Octagon, Octagon Organization!

Mu Yi and that man looked at each other.

“Give me the key and I won’t kill you.” said the man icily and aggressively, beyond expectation, he was pretty straightforward.


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