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Chapter 168: The Traveling Doctor

“Give me the key and I won’t kill you.”

Mu Yi was astonished by the man’s straightforwardness. Wasn’t one supposed to announce one’s name and then check if the person one was facing before saying such a thing?

After the man said that, a few other people arrived. Those who the people whose Qi was more powerful than Cui Heng’s, those Mu Yi had seen out of the windows at first. Some people also guarded the exits to prevent Mu Yi from escaping.

Well, at least, that’s what they thought.

“Sigh, it seems like I haven’t shed enough blood. I haven’t killed enough people.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. To him, those people were not strong at all.

“You want to die!”

What he said instantly infuriated the men behind the middle-aged man. Two people instantly threw themselves at Mu Yi.

They had heard about how Mu Yi had killed Cui Heng in one attack with two fingers. But they didn’t believe it. They just thought it was an exaggeration. Besides, Mu Yi seemed too young to be that true. In that world, most people practiced martial arts. They knew there were geniuses but even if Mu Yi was one, he was too young to be that strong.

Martial arts weren’t easy. One had to practice really hard everyday to become strong.

Even though they didn’t believe the rumors, they remained vigilant. Those two people were elites in the Octagon Organization. That way, even if Mu Yi was that strong, they would still be able to withstand a few attacks, and that would give time to those behind to rush up in a crowd. They didn’t believe that Mu Yi could compete with all those people at the same time.

When Mu Yi saw those people throw themselves at him, he shook his head. This time, he didn’t ask Big Slave to attack. He grabbed the Bamboo Tree of Life on the table and threw it.

“Be careful!”

shouted the middle-aged man suddenly. Without the slightest hesitation, he took out a black object and threw it at Mu Yi’s head.

Mu Yi seemed to move the Bamboo Tree of Life slowly but the two cultivators didn’t understand, it was as if they were dumbstruck and couldn’t dodge. So Mu Yi hit their heads with the Bamboo Tree of Life.


Only one sound spread in the air. The two cultivators’ bodies shook violently but their heads instantly exploded. Blood splashed all around.

But it wasn’t over. After destroying those two cultivators’ heads, Mu Yi used his Bamboo Tree of Life to attack again, this time, he aimed at the black item the middle-aged man had thrown at him. Pa! Mu Yi hit it and it flew out of the window.

This time, the middle-aged man didn’t have time to realize what was going on. The black item hit one of the members of the Octagon Organization who was guarding that window.


The item hit that person’s chest and he was blown away.

Mu Yi had time to see what the black item was, it was a black iron ball and it was extremely heavy.

In the blink of an eye, three members of the Octagon Organization had died. The middle-aged man’s expression changed drastically. He looked glum.

“May I ask you what your venerable name is, Your Excellency?” asked the middle-aged man. Even though he was furious, he felt under pressure.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too late to ask me my name? I see. Could it be that the Octagon Organization likes to bully the weak and fear the strong?” said Mu Yi shaking his head disdainfully.

A moment before, when the middle-aged man had attacked, Mu Yi had instantly been able to evaluate his strength. He was about as strong as Mo Ruyan. Mu Yi could also estimate that if Mo Ruyan and the middle-aged man had fought a battle to death, Mo Ruyan’s chance of winning would have been slightly higher.

And as Mo Ruyan had told him herself, she was a higher-level second-class cultivator.

It meant that the man was a superior second-class cultivator as well.

Thinking about that, Mu Yi couldn’t help but recall that lonely woman he had met in Little Frost Mountain and her sword Qi which had dashed to the skies.

He also thought of Qiu Yuetong, after leveling up, she would definitely be strong enough to oppress someone like the middle-aged man. Did it mean that she would be a first-class cultivator then?

When Mu Yi had fought against her, they had both suffered great losses. However, Mu Yi had been able to end the battle in a draw only thanks to his copper lamp and five thunders charm, otherwise, he would have lost, he hadn’t reached the second difficulty back then.

Besides, Mu Yi had much more experience now than then. And first-class martial artists had a level equivalent to the second difficulty. And the second difficulty had seven steps. Mu Yi had only reached the second step so far.

Thinking about that, Mu Yi felt under pressure. In the world of travelers, there were incredible martial artists. First-class martial artists had found their Way already.

Of course, Mu Yi was also confident. Even though he had only reached the second layer of the second difficulty, with the Bamboo Tree of Life, five thunders charms and the copper lamp, he was convinced he could fight against strong cultivators who had reached the fourth-fifth step.

He just didn’t know exactly what it meant to be a first-class fighter. And what was above first-class cultivators?

“You…” the middle-aged man almost flew into a flaming rage when he heard Mu Yi but then he thought of how strong Mu Yi was so he controlled himself.

He had already been quite cautious since the beginning because he knew Mu Yi had killed Cui Heng with two fingers. Even though Cui Heng was a little bit famous, he wasn’t a first-class cultivator and the middle-man could have killed Cui Heng easily if he had used his full strength.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t evaluated the situation properly. He had made a big mistake.

The two cultivators Mu Yi had just killed were much stronger than Cui Heng and they had joined hands yet Mu Yi had killed them anyway. It seemed that the rumors regarding Mu Yi’s strength were no exaggeration. On the contrary, they didn’t even suffice to describe how strong he was.

The middle-aged man wanted to crush the man who explained the situation to him. If he had known Mu Yi was so strong, he wouldn’t have acted so recklessly, he would have come with some other leaders of the Octagon Organization.

The middle-aged man’s name was Guo Qing, he was one of the eight leaders of the Octagon Organization.

After the Octagon Organization had learnt one of the keys of the Yellow River’s ancient road had appeared, they had started thinking of a plan to steal it. Three of their leaders stayed where they were to manage the organization and the five others were traveling but they weren’t near Luoyang or Kaifeng so they didn’t gather.

And when Guo Qing had learnt about Mu Yi’s whereabouts, he had decided not to wait for the others who would need too long to come so he had left alone with his team. Of course, he hadn’t thought it would be so difficult, he had thought it would be as simple as stretching out his hand and bringing the key back.

Guo Qing had reached a point of no return. Not only would it tarnish the Octagon Organization’s reputation but it would also crush his troops’ morale. All he was thinking now was how to waste time to give the other leaders time to come.

“Stinky doctor! The Octagon Organization is in difficulty and you’re just standing there watching?!” said Guo Qing suddenly looking at the doctor sitting in an edge of the room.

The reason why Guo Qing and Mu Yi had been able to recognize the man was a doctor at first glance was that there was a suitcase solely used by doctors on the table in front of him. There was a small pinkish-yellow banner on it on which it was written, “National Emergency Doctors”.

Guo Qing now knew that Mu Yi was enigmatic and unfathomable so he decided to focus on the doctor, he released his anger and at the same time, he could waste time, that way, he could kill two birds with one stone.

Mu Yi initially intended to kill Guo Qing immediately but he also looked at the doctor.

He was curious about the doctor too.

What was happening with the key and Mu Yi had already spread all around in the Kaifeng – Luoyang region, and it was nothing new. Maybe that a few very ordinary people didn’t know about it, but the man was no ordinary man, he seemed to be a traveling doctor and on top of that, he seemed used to going to teahouses when he traveled. How was it possible that he had never heard of the key?

At the beginning, he had told Mu Yi he didn’t know about the key. There were only two possibilities, the first one was that he was lying, the second one was that he really didn’t care about the key.

Even though that had awoken Mu Yi’s curiosity, if people didn’t offend him, he couldn’t insist and harass them with questions. But now he had the opportunity to learn more about him, so why not?

“So what? Is watching forbidden?”

The doctor raised his head and looked at Guo Qing.

Guo Qing’s heart twitched, that doctor was provoking him? Since when could a doctor despise the members of the Octagon Organization?

“Alright, since you think that way. I’ll show you.” said Guo Qing. Then he shouted, “Someone come here and gouge his eyes! Show him!”

Two people came in when Guo Qing said that. They walked to the doctor without saying anything. When they passed next to Mu Yi, they were extremely nervous.

But when they passed, Mu Yi didn’t do anything so they sighed with relief. They had seen Mu Yi kill their two fellows with a bamboo stick, the strength difference between them and Mu Yi was gigantic.

Unless their leader told them to avenge their friends, they wouldn’t act recklessly.

They were also offended by what the doctor had said. Even though they couldn’t do anything to Mu Yi, at least, they could release their anger.

Whether the doctor was innocent or not wasn’t their problem.

The doctor looked at those two people walk towards him slowly. Their expressions looked ferocious. He didn’t react.

Mu Yi smiled indifferently. He didn’t release mind strength. He just calmly watched.



When the two people arrived three chi away from the doctor, they raised their hands and suddenly collapsed. Nothing special happened before that, they just collapsed as if there were no reason!

Mu Yi’s smile stiffened. His expression became sharp.

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