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Chapter 169: Massacre

Mu Yi initially thought the Octagon Organization was going to make the doctor give answers but what had just happened was just too strange.

Mu Yi hadn’t released mind strength at all but he trusted his eyes too, the man hadn’t moved at all, he hadn’t even really looked at those people seriously, how had those two people died though??

Mu Yi looked at the two people. Their ferocious smile was still on their faces. Their eyes were still open. Nothing about them had changed except that they were dead.

Mu Yi frowned. That doctor was much more terrifying than he had thought. He was able to kill two people silently without anybody noticing it. No matter how he had done that, underestimating him wasn’t a good idea.


thought Mu Yi. After all, the man was a doctor and they all knew about poison. With such an attack, he could become famous easily.

The two people who had just died weren’t ordinary people. They were elites of the Octagon Organization. They were second-class fighters. In the world of travelers, such people were considered as extremely strong. In small cities, such people could easily become famous.

But they had died like that, they hadn’t even been able to get near the doctor.

Guo Qing’s heart twitched. He initially thought that man was an ordinary doctor. He hadn’t thought he would be so strong. Mu Yi was already giving him a headache, now it was worse. His heart started pounding violently.

“Who are you?” asked Guo Qing taking a deep breath and staring at that doctor. What surprised Guo Qing was that the doctor was still holding his cup of tea. When the doctor heard him, he didn’t reply.

Finally, as Guo Qing couldn’t stand it anymore, the doctor finally put down his cup of tea, he took out two copper coins from his jacket and put them on the table. Then he grabbed his doctor case and put it in his back. Then he stepped over the two corpses and walked towards the exit.

Guo Qing took a deep breath. He wanted to attack the doctor but he was too scared so he stepped aside.

His men were also scared, they all moved aside forming a corridor, the doctor walked throughout the crowd. They didn’t want to die like their two fellows.

Suddenly, when the doctor reached the door, he turned around and looked at Mu Yi, “My name is Sun Buyan.”

He didn’t wait for Mu Yi to reply, he just walked away.

Mu Yi stared at him until he disappeared in the distance. Sun Buyan? What did that have to do with him?

But Mu Yi also paid attention to Guo Qing’s expression. When Guo Qing heard Sun Buyan’s name, he suddenly looked confused. He had never heard that name before.

Since Guo Qing had never heard that name, it was normal that Mu Yi had never heard of him before either.

Mu Yi was convinced that he would understand what that man’s purpose was though, sooner or later.

Thinking about that, Mu Yi shook his head and looked at Guo Qing again.

“Alright, it’s over now. I should see you off.” said Mu Yi. Guo Qing’s heart twitched again. Big Slave didn’t wait for Mu Yi’s order, he stood up.

The teahouse was narrow for him but he didn’t care, he made big steps forwards.

“Kill him!”

Finally, Guo Qing ground his teeth and shouted.

Two members of the Octagon Organization came in through the window. They were holding crossbows, they immediately shot two arrows at Mu Yi. Their tips were sharp and blue. There was poison on their tips.

Mu Yi didn’t try to dodge. He lifted his Bamboo Tree of Life.

“Ding, ding!”

He hit the two arrows which fell down. They didn’t reach Mu Yi.

It was just the beginning though.

At that moment, Big Slave closed in on Guo Qing but the latter didn’t attack immediately. He first stepped back with his men to attract Big Slave. In the blink of an eye, Mu Yi was alone in the teahouse.


Suddenly, a horse neighed, the sound reverberated in the whole teahouse.

Mu Yi released mind strength and smiled icily.


A loud explosion sound spread in the air. The teahouse collapsed and buried Mu Yi.

Outside, Li the Good looked panic-stricken. He had been hiding in the crowd since the members of the Octagon Organization had arrived but he hadn’t gone too far. He could still see what was going on and he was worried about Mu Yi.

He didn’t really understand how strong the Octagon Organization was but he had heard some great people talk about them.

Li the Good was waiting for Mu Yi to come out of the ruins of the teahouse, his eyes were wide open.

Things were evolving quickly, even if he had wanted to warn Mu Yi, he wouldn’t have had time.

He was praying for Mu Yi. Someone threw jars onto the ruins of the teahouse.

“Pa pa pa!”

The jars broke apart and the liquid they contained spread over the wrecked teahouse. The wind carried the smell of the liquid, it smelled like petrol. Suddenly, Li the Good’s heart twitched.


A burning arrow streaked across the sky and crashed onto the building. Instantly, the wrecked teahouse started burning.

The owners of the teahouse paled but didn’t dare say anything. Even though they were ordinary people, they also knew how strong the Octagon Organization was, even ordinary people couldn’t offend them. Regarding the teahouse, they were just unlucky.

A huge brazier started and Mu Yi didn’t come out.

“Could it be that he’s dead?” thought many people. But Li the Good was convinced that Mu Yi couldn’t die that easy. To him, Mu Yi was like a celestial being, how could he die so easily?

But Li the Good was still extremely worried.

At that moment, Big Slave was fighting against the remaining members of the Octagon Organization. Mu Yi had told him to kill them so Big Slave was merciless.

The members of the Octagon Organization had gotten prepared and they were well-trained. They took out some chains and surrounded Big Slave.

They tied him up. Big Slave looked furious, he grabbed the chains and pulled on them with deadly force.

The members of the Octagon Organization who were holding the chains flew away and collapsed halfway up in the air.

But it wasn’t over. Big Slave made two big steps forwards, the expressions of the dozen people who were surrounding him changed drastically. They were holding the chains so Big Slave dragged them as he moved.


Big Slave moved his hands quickly again, four people flew again and collided in the air, their bones cracked as they collided and then they crashed onto the ground lifeless, their corpses were completely distorted.


Guo Qing couldn’t stand it anymore, he couldn’t continue watching his men get crushed by Big Slave.

They had underestimated both Mu Yi and Big Slave. The chains they had prepared for Big Slave were broken and flew around as Big Slave fought. If it continued that way, it’d just be a massacre.

Guo Qing was also a higher-level second-class fighter. One more step and he’d become a top-class fighter. He would be considered as a strong fighter in the whole nation.

At that moment, he punched Big Slave from behind but he didn’t look happy, he gasped with astonishment.

The back was a weakness for people and Guo Qing was convinced that even if Big Slave was a giant, he had the same weaknesses as humans, so he was certain that if he punched Big Slave from the back with full strength, he’d manage to hurt him or at least make him stagger, however, it didn’t work at all.


Big Slave shouted furiously and threw his hand back.

Guo Qing grabbed a chain and flew away. That way, he managed to dodge Big Slave’s attack, he was halfway up in the air and threw a kick at Big Slave’s neck with his full strength. If attacking Big Slave’s back didn’t work, what about his neck?

But this time, beyond expectations, he pushed Big Slave back of a few steps but he didn’t manage to break his neck.

Big Slave was really infuriated. He opened his arms and grabbed the chains.

“Be careful!”

shouted Guo Qing. He understood how strong Big Slave was now. Even though he had many men, they couldn’t compete with Big Slave.


Big Slave shouted furiously again. His muscles kept twitching and swelling. He suddenly seemed taller and stronger. He looked even fiercer and tougher like that.


Even though some people jumped away in time, some other didn’t have time to protect themselves and were blown away. Big Slave grabbed the chains and torn them apart. He wasn’t constricted at all anymore.

At the same time, Big Slave’s eyes were filled with murder. He turned around and ran towards Guo Qing.

Big Slave wasn’t fast but when he ran, it was still scary. Guo Qing had the impression a mountain was running towards him.

Guo Qing had just fallen down onto the ground and hadn’t had time to get back up. Big Slave arrived in front of him in two steps where a normal human would have need a dozen steps.

Even if he was slow, he could cover longer distances in one step.

Big Slave closed in on Guo Qing. The latter had the impression he was suffocating. Without thinking, he crawled sideways. He didn’t dare fight against Big Slave but as he was planning to escape, he suddenly sensed a horrible pain in his head as if millions of needles had been piercing through his brain.

The pain was so intense that his whole body stiffened, he couldn’t move quickly anymore.

At that moment, Big Slave threw his hand at him.

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