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Chapter 170: Bloodlust


Big Slave threw his hand at Guo Qing’s head and crushed it to mush. When the members of the Octagon Organization saw that, they were astonished.

Their mighty leader… Even though he hadn’t been able to kill that giant, at least, he shouldn’t have died, how had things changed so fast? In the blink of an eye, his head had been crushed to mush.

Even though there were many people around, only a few had managed to see what had really happened. Guo Qing had moved a little bit too slow and that’s how Big Slave had had time to crush his head.

And at that moment, nobody had noticed that Mu Yi hadn’t burnt to death, and on top of that, he was safe and sound.

“We’ll avenge our leader!”

shouted the members of the Octagon Organization running towards Big Slave. They didn’t care about anything anymore, they were in a frenzy.

Big Slave didn’t intend to be polite. He didn’t run away. The enemies attacked him with their weapons, when their blades crashed onto his body, he raised his hands and slapped them. In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by a few corpses.

People who were watching were scared to death, their legs were shaking. Most of them were ordinary people. They didn’t understand anything, but they knew that the Octagon Organization’s members were extremely strong and yet that giant could crush them easily.

Many people realized something big was happening.

The Octagon Organization didn’t only have those people. They had many strong cultivators. Even the government of the time paid attention to them and didn’t dare offend them.

On that day, one leader and a dozen elite men had died. That was astonishing and that would probably infuriate the Octagon Organization.

Li the Good’s face reddened. He was amazed.

Mu Yi had been watching Big Slave slaughter those people. He looked perfectly calm and serene. He didn’t care about those people who had died.

Even though Mu Yi didn’t think the Octagon Organization posed a threat to him, later on, he listened to Li the Good’s explanations carefully.

Guo Qing was an average leader in the Octagon Organization. Li the Good didn’t know much about the strongest leader of the Octagon Organization though, he didn’t belong to that world. However, when people mentioned the Great Leader of the Octagon Organization, they usually didn’t look calm.

“We’re only two days away from Kaifeng, right?” asked Mu Yi after Li the Good told him about the organization.

“Indeed. At most. You’ll soon be in Kaifeng, Master.” replied Li the Good.

“You can go back to Luoyang now then.”

“Master!” said Li the Good staring at Mu Yi. He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would ask him to go back to Luoyang that soon.

“Even though the Octagon Organization is nothing to me, they won’t leave the matter at that. I can probably protect you until we arrive in Kaifeng, but then it’ll be extremely difficult for you to go back to Luoyang alone and safely. Therefore, it would be better if you went back now.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“Master, I am not afraid.” said Li the Good honestly. He was kind and frank.

“It has nothing to do with fear. Think about your family. If you die, who will take care of them?” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

“I…” when Li the Good heard Mu Yi, he remained silent for a few seconds. Even though he wasn’t afraid to die, Mu Yi was right, who would take care of his family if he died?”

“Alright, take this money. When you go back, you can start a new business. Stop traveling.” said Mu Yi giving money to Li the Good.

“Eh, I can’t accept that!” Even though Li the Good’s vocabulary wasn’t broad, he understand the language of money and he knew that one thousand liang was an astonishing amount of money.

“Take it. You deserve it.” said Mu Yi putting the money in Li the Good’s hand. Then he called Big Slave and walked away.

Big Slave was carrying the big bag, he just followed Mu Yi without saying anything.

Li the Good looked at Mu Yi and Big Slave disappear in the distance. His eyes became moist. Most people found Mu Yi cruel, Li the Good found him kindhearted, honest and virtuous.

Mu Yi didn’t ride a horse. He didn’t need to. After having killed the members of the Octagon Organization, he had decided he would walk to Kaifeng in the open. He had proved most people how strong he was by slaughtering them.

Mu Yi’s thirst for blood was increasing. He didn’t mind slaughtering even more people if needed.

The whole night passed.

When Mu Yi hit the road again, he was attacked three times by surprise. Two groups were from the Octagon Organization and one group was an alliance of travelers.

The Octagon Organization lost two more leaders and a dozen people.

Mu Yi had many ways of killing people. It was scary. Some people couldn’t stop halfway though, like the Octagon Organization for example.

Mu Yi had killed three of their leaders, it was a humiliation for the Octagon Organization, and such organizations cared a lot about face. Therefore, now, killing Mu Yi was gradually becoming one of their priorities. Otherwise, they would also lose their reputation, and if that happened, they would collapse.

They had to prove how mighty they were.

If the Octagon Organization managed to kill Mu Yi and obtained the key, they would regain their reputation and people would fear them even more, and the fact that they had lost so many people would be compensated.

Nobody was stupid. Many people understood that so they didn’t try anything anymore, since the Octagon Organization wanted to take care of him, why not let them?

Therefore, after that, Mu Yi was in peace for half a day. But Mu Yi knew that if they wanted to attack, they would do it before he arrived in Kaifeng.

Before it got dark outside.

Mu Yi and Big Slave had a simple meal for lunch. Then they continued walking. Mu Yi ignored the people who were watching him. The Octagon Organization had probably sent some people to watch him.

In the afternoon, it suddenly became cloudy and dark outside, it looked ominous, the atmosphere became oppressive.

At that moment, twenty li away from Mu Yi, there was a small hill, it was called the Western Ji Hill, there were boulders and crushed stones in the slope, usually, nobody went there but on that day, the peace and tranquility of that desolate place was perturbed.

At the top of the Western Ji Hill, there was a flag with an Eight Trigrams pattern and two words on it, Octagon Organization. The flag was black and golden and was fluttering in the wind.

At the foot of the flag, there were a hundred people. They were all wearing black clothes. They looked grave and stern.

Four of them seemed to have a higher rank the others. Their clothes had golden threads like the three leaders of their organization who had died.

The Octagon Organization had eight leaders. Mu Yi had killed three. With the four leaders at the foot of the flag, it was seven.

But in the very center of the ground, that was also the higher point of the small hill, there was a pitch-black wain surrounded by a golden aura.

The hundred people remained silent. The atmosphere was oppressive.

A few people had gathered not far from them. They weren’t as numerous as the members of the Octagon Organization and they looked different too. Those people were from influential groups of Kaifeng. Some people also came from other places. They were also waiting.

They were waiting, would Mu Yi arrive or had the members of the Octagon Organization managed to crush him earlier?

In the crowd, many people looked a the wain at the top of the hill. They looked scared.

Mu Yi had no idea of what was going on there but even if he knew, he wouldn’t retreat. He wanted to use the Octagon Organization as a stepping stone and show everyone how powerful he was.

It’s windy!

Mu Yi raised his head and sensed a cold wind. The black clouds in the sky were lower than before. A storm was about to burst.

For Mu Yi, that kind of weather was great, his five thunders charms were even more powerful when it was stormy. No matter how strong and confident he was, he wasn’t careless. He had five five thunders charms and many evil spirit slaying charms.

And Big Slave could stay in the middle of crowds and fight. Unless someone was a first-class fighter, they couldn’t really break through his defense.

Mu Yi was curious about the leaders of the organization because when he had killed two leaders, they had said something similar, that their Great Leader wouldn’t let him off. Seemingly, their Great Leader was strong enough to avenge them.

Mu Yi continued walking and finally, one-two li away, he saw the Western Ji Hill, it was packed with people. And before seeing them, Mu Yi had already sensed something.

Some people’s deadly energies.

When Mu Yi saw them, he gave a faint scowl.

“What a big army. How long will that blood flow?” whispered Mu Yi but he didn’t stop, he continued walking forwards without the slightest hesitation.

After Mu Yi appeared, Qi started rising up in the air slowly. The Qi of a hundred people formed an evil yin cloud in the sky. The rising Qi had the form of a tornado.

And at the foot of that tornado, there was the Octagon Organization!

Many people were astonished when they saw that. To them, it was a supernatural event, as if the gods had been about to burst into anger!

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