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Chapter 171:Blood Curse, Die

Unfortunately, he was a bit too far to use his five thunders charm from there, otherwise, he would have taught them a good lesson, the weather was perfect for that. The power of his five thunders charms could be multiplied by two in such circumstances.

With Mu Yi’s skills when it came to making five thunders charms and the weather, someone like Qu Yang wouldn’t have been able to do anything but nurse his grievance.

Unfortunately, that abnormal phenomenon didn’t last long but it would remain engraved in people’s minds.

Mu Yi and Big Slave continued walking towards the Western Ji Hill. They were now ten zhang away from the crowd.


shouted someone furiously. Two of the organization’s leaders started running, a dozen fighters followed them without saying anything. Their eyes were filled with murder.


Big Slave didn’t wait for Mu Yi to say anything, he put the back on the ground and looked at the enemies.


A few black silhouettes were blown away high up in the air and then darkness engulfed Big Slave.

The two leaders joined hands to attack Big Slave. Their remaining men rush up in a crowd. They didn’t care about fairness. At that moment, all they thought of was killing the enemies.

Mu Yi looked at Big Slave without getting involved. Those people could encircled and slow down Big Slave, he just needed a little bit of time to react and then they’d suffer a disaster. The two leaders were superior second-class fighters. They couldn’t possibly do anything to Big Slave.


shouted someone again. The two leaders attacked at the same time. A dozen fighters in black clothes threw themselves at Mu Yi.

Only the black wain at the top of the hill was immobile there.

When Mu Yi saw those people, anger gradually filled his heart. Finally, he raised his hands.

Six lights flashed and bombarded six people.

Mu Yi had reached the second step of the second difficulty. His evil spirit slaying charms were much more powerful than before. Even though he couldn’t kill superior second-class fighters with them, he could easily kill people who weren’t third-class fighters.

“Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!”

Six sounds spread in the air, the six people flew away and crashed onto the ground. The crowd behind was panic stricken when they saw that.

In the distance, people who were watching were astonished.

“A Taoist cultivator!”

Many people suddenly thought of one thing.

There were very few people who practiced Taoism in the world but they existed and many people had already seen some.

Even though Mu Yi was wearing a Taoist robe, many people didn’t dare think he was one at first glance because he was too young, besides, many Taoist priests actually practiced martial arts.

Besides, Mu Yi hadn’t used special attacks many times so most people thought he practiced martial arts. And now he was using charms. Many people were astonished.

And the six members of the Octagon Organization had just been blown away even though they hadn’t even gotten close to him, it proved how strong he was. Some people gasped with amazement.

The two leaders glanced at each other and attacked from the sides.

Mu Yi ignored them. He first got rid of those so-called elites. When the two leaders got close enough, all the people in black clothes were already dead. In the blink of an eye, Mu Yi had managed to kill 20-30 people with evil spirit slaying charms.

The two leaders looked furious. When Mu Yi saw that, he stepped back first to avoid their attacks.

An enemy in black clothes behind raised his blade but he didn’t have to use it because Mu Yi attacked him faster and then he groaned with pain and was blown away.

“Slash, slash, slash!”

At the same time, a few fighters in black clothes raised their bows and shot arrows at Mu Yi.

Mu Yi raised his hand and with the power of his mind, the Bamboo Tree of Life which was in his back automatically moved to his hand. He stroke the arrows with the Bamboo Tree of Life, some of them fell down, some of them moved towards enemies which were around him.

The two leaders’ eyes were filled with flames of fury. Suddenly, a shiny blade appeared in front of Mu Yi.

Mu Yi didn’t panic. He looked calm and serene. He lifted the Bamboo Tree of Life again.


A metallic sound spread in the air and the blade disappeared, only the face of a dumbstruck enemy remained.

Mu Yi then hit the enemy’s hand with the Bamboo Tree of Life. It was a leader, he groaned with pain and his blade fell down onto the ground.

At the same time, Mu Yi raised his other hand and threw an evil spirit slaying charm at the other leader. White lights appeared around his blade.

When the white lights dispersed, he had been pushed back of two steps.

Mu Yi used the Bamboo Tree of Life like a sword. He stabbed the other leader in the chest with the tip of his Bamboo Tree of Life. He still looked furious.


howled the other leader furiously. He started running towards Mu Yi frantically like a madman.

Mu Yi raised his right hand and attacked with the Bamboo Tree of Life again. Blood splashed. However, there was no blood on the Bamboo Tree of Life. It remained pure and couldn’t be soiled with blood.

Then, the Bamboo Tree of Life flashed and moved towards the other enemy.

Mu Yi was merciless.

Even though the leader had gone in a frenzy, he hadn’t lost his senses, when he saw the Bamboo Tree of Life move towards him, he raised his blade to protect himself.


The Bamboo Tree of Life and the blade collided which emitted a clanging sound. The blade which was originally made of a resistant metal couldn’t withstand a single attack.


The Bamboo Tree of Life broke the blade into two. Then, it struck the man’s head and it exploded. The other enemies were dumbstruck when they saw that.

They were suddenly terrified. Mu Yi was scary. In the blink of an eye, he had killed their two leaders and 20-30 of their fellows. They had all met a violent death. And Mu Yi himself wasn’t injured at all. So the enemies felt desperate. They had no hope anymore.

On the other side, the battle didn’t look good either. Even though Big Slave didn’t have the advantage at the beginning, they couldn’t do anything to him, their blades couldn’t pierce through his extremely thick skin. Besides, he was so strong that each time he punched someone, he destroyed them.

In such a short time, the group of enemies had already decreased a lot. Amongst the members of the Octagon Organization, already half had died. Even though Big Slave couldn’t compete with Mu Yi in terms of number of enemies killed, his fighting abilities were still dreadful. Some enemies even gasped with amazement when they saw how strong he was, Big Slave probably didn’t have many enemies.

Therefore, even though he was slow, when he walked forwards, nobody dared stand in his way anymore.

After the two leaders died, many people had no hope anymore, they were scared and knew they couldn’t do anything against so they wanted to escape. But ten seconds later, the last man who was running away also died, Mu Yi killed him with an evil spirit slaying charm.

Mu Yi had gotten rid of all the men in black clothes.

In the distance, people who were watching were astonished, their bodies felt completely stiff. Some people were even holding their breath because of the astonishment. Some of them looked terrified too.

Even though many people had anticipated that Mu Yi would be extremely strong, they hadn’t thought he’d be so strong that he’d manage to kill the three leaders of the Octagon Organization. Nobody would have ever thought such a thing would happen.

Many people also felt happy, luckily, the Octagon Organization hadn’t forced them to help. Otherwise, they would have died with them.

Very quickly, Big Slave also finished his remaining enemies. Nobody managed to escape from him either.

The dark and evil cloud started dispersing. The sky became less dark again, and corpses lied all over Western Ji Hill. It was a shocking scenery.

The Octagon Organization was probably finished.

That’s what many people thought, even though the Octagon Organization hadn’t sent all their people there, seven of their leaders had already died along with most of their elite members. The Octagon Organization had become almost empty.

ALMOST EMPTY. They still had one leader.

The crowd remembered the mysterious great leader of the Octagon Organization. He hadn’t participated this time.

Thinking about that, many people looked at the very top of Western Ji Hill.

Many people didn’t understand why he hadn’t gotten involved, how could he watch his people get destroyed and do nothing? People who were that cold-headed were rare.

“Could it be that he escaped?”

thought some people.

But Mu Yi knew that the great leader was still in his wain.

Mu Yi didn’t understand why he hadn’t come out though, was for Mu Yi to have a fair battle?

Mu Yi shook his head, the explanation couldn’t be that easy.

Suddenly, Mu Yi looked at all the corpses. While he was fighting, he had ignored those who were already dead but now he had a bad presentiment.

The corpses had become much slimmer already and there wasn’t too much blood on the ground. Mu Yi initially thought it was due to the structed of the ground but now he was convinced there was another reason.

Mu Yi released mind strength and “looked” at the ocean of blood, suddenly, his heart twitched, it was as if he was losing control.

He looked at Big Slave and shouted, “Back!”

“Too late!”

As Mu Yi’s voice echoed, he heard a sharp voice in his head. It was mind strength.

“Blood Curse!”

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