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Chapter 172: Soul Curse, Die!



“Blood Curse!”

When Mu Yi heard that voice, he sensed the danger coming.

The blood rose up in front of him. He didn’t even need to use mind strength to see it, he could see it with his bare eyes.

The blood contained the murderous intentions of the people who had died. Mu Yi now understood why he had let them die.

Because they hated Mu Yi, and their hatred fed the curse, so it made it even more powerful.

The great leader didn’t care about those people’s lives. And if Mu Yi died, it didn’t matter whether the Octagon Organization still existed or not.

When Mu Yi heard the voice in his head, he understood he had been too careless. Mu Yi had underestimated the Octagon Organization because to him, they were just a group of people who were not that strong, and whether they were considered as top-class or second-class fighters didn’t matter to him because he initially thought they couldn’t do anything to him.

But Mu Yi hadn’t thought that the great leader of the organization also practiced Taoism and that he was slightly stronger than him. According to Mu Yi’s senses, the man had already reached the third step.

And Mu Yi had killed a hundred people so the great leader was ready to do anything to make him pay. In simple words, Mu Yi was in great danger.

But Mu Yi wasn’t the kind of person who faced danger with an unruffled mind, even in such circumstances, he remained cold-headed.


Mu Yi took out three five thunders charms. That was his limit, five thunders charms and evil spirit slaying charms didn’t use the same amount of mind strength, for five thunders charms, he needed lots of mind strength.


The lightnings of the three charms intertwined and flashed, then they descended from the sky. People who were watching in the distance were dumbstruck once again. Their bodies stiffened.

And at the top of Western Ji Hill, a slim silhouette appeared.

The thunders roared in the sky, and the evil dark clouds hadn’t completely dispersed so it was perfect for the five thunders charms. Mu Yi also used as much strength as he could to use the charms to the fullest.

Even Mu Yi closed his eyes when the lightnings descended from the sky, and his whole body felt numb. He had the impression he was going to faint. His legs felt weak.

And the blood which was rising around him became extremely thin when struck by the lightnings.

However, they didn’t destroy all the blood, it was the blood of a hundred people after all.

When the lightnings dispersed, Mu Yi had already taken out his copper lamp and condensed mind strength in it. The copper lamp was already dazzling at that moment and looked like a small sun.

When the lights of the copper lamp reached the blood, crackling and spluttering sounds spread in the air. The flame of the copper lamp was unstable and flickered. It could vanish anytime.

Mu Yi released even more mind strength when he saw that and the flame became big again.

It continued flickering though. It looked extremely fragile and delicate, it could still go off anytime but this time, when it reached the remaining blood, half of the blood vanished.

The great leader in front of the wain looked astonished but he looked even greedier too. He started doing hand seals to condense mind strength.

“Soul Curse, die!”

Even though Mu Yi was ten zhang away, he still felt ice-cold.

Souls started emerging from the bodies which were lying on the ground. The souls condensed together halfway up in the air and turned into a strange word in the distance, “SOUL”.

Then, the great leader pointed at Mu Yi with his finger and the “SOUL” words moved towards Mu Yi extremely quickly.


A loud explosion sound spread in the air. Mu Yi used the copper lamp to protect himself. A strong wind pushed Mu Yi back. The gigantic word didn’t disappear, it just became smaller, it was now half the size it was initially. But it continued moving towards Mu Yi.

Mu Yi could see that that spell was dangerous.

It made his mind strength unstable, chaotic. He needed to inhale and exhale a few times to calm down.

In normal circumstances, a few breaths could be considered as a very short time, but in such circumstances, it was extremely long, the time required to have a few breaths could be enough to get killed.

Mu Yi now felt helpless, but suddenly, the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand became dazzling. Nian Nuer came out and the word bombarded her.


shouted Mu Yi hastily.

To him, Nian Nuer was more important than him and he had seen how powerful the spell was. Even his copper lamp hadn’t destroyed it. Even if Nian Nuer had become a fierce ghost, she couldn’t withstand such an attack.

But it was too late anyway because when Mu Yi shouted, the spell had already collided with Nian Nuer.

Mu Yi and the enemy hadn’t exchanged any word but their attacks were explosive. Mu Yi was terribly worried about Nian Nuer though.


Against all expectations, the big word broke apart when it collided with Nian Nuer, but she was also blown away and her body became blurry.

And while Nian Nuer had blocked the attack, Mu Yi’s mind strength had had time to stabilize. Finally, he could use it again. Without thinking, he transfered some strength from the Bamboo Tree of Life to Nian Nuer.

At the same time, the great leader by the wain shook violently and coughed blood. He looked completely astonished, he couldn’t believe it his eyes, Mu Yi was still alive.

He had been astonished by the lightnings, the copper lamp and the little silhouette which had blocked the “SOUL” word attack. He was just astonished. And he realized he had failed even though he was so close to success.

Even though that curse was extremely powerful, sacrificing many lives was necessary to use it. He had sacrificed a hundred people in vain. And now if he still wanted to kill Mu Yi, he could only rely on his own strength.

At that moment, Mu Yi inspected Nian Nuer, when he understood her state, he took a deep breath. She wasn’t as badly injured as he thought, maybe that it was due to the nature of the curse? Anyway, she’d be able to recover in a short time.

Then, Mu Yi raised his head and looked at the man by the wain. Mu Yi’s eyes were filled with murder.

The great leader didn’t wait for Mu Yi, he turned around and started escaping.

Mu Yi hesitated but finally, he decided not to chase him. He had used almost all his strength, even though he could still fight for a little bit longer, nobody knew, maybe that the great leader had set traps. Besides, Big Slave had also collapsed there. Mu Yi didn’t know if he was still alive.

Mu Yi ran to Big Slave, his body was red and he was shaking violently. His muscles kept twitching. He was breathing extremely quickly.

Big Slave had inhaled the blood just before even though Mu Yi had warned him. But that blood had risen so fast, Big Slave hadn’t had time to run away and he didn’t have a copper lamp to protect himself.

Magic figures took out two exorcism charms, that was the only thing he had to heal the negative effects of magic figures.

He threw the two exorcism charms at Big Slave, white lights flashed around him, and the charms expelled the redness from his body. Then the white lights dispersed.

Mu Yi took a deep breath when he saw the exorcism charms had worked, he was initially extremely worried they wouldn’t work. Now, the great leader had escaped.

He had many exorcism charms so it wasn’t a problem. He also tapped Big Slave’s shoulders and slowly, he came back to normal. His breathing also became stable again.

In the distance, people were astonished. Their hearts continued pounding even if the situation had calmed down.

Nobody would have thought Mu Yi was so strong. The great leader of the Octagon Organization had astonished them as well. They hadn’t thought that mysterious leader also practiced Taoism. Since when were Taoist cultivators so common? They had seen two in such a short time. That was incredible.

The two Taoist cultivators were extremely strong. People wouldn’t forget them easily. Nobody would dare make fun of Mu Yi after that battle.

Therefore, when Mu Yi gazed into the distance, many people were instantly panic-stricken.

He didn’t intend to attack them, he shouted and told them to tell everybody they knew about what had happened. Even though he hadn’t killed the great leader, at least, nobody would dare underestimate him.

And if anyone harbored evil intentions regarding him, they would first think of the Octagon Organization’s fate.

Big Slave didn’t need too long to recover. He quickly crawled back up and stood up.

Mu Yi also talked to the Bamboo Tree of Life. Even though Nian Nuer wasn’t badly injured, he felt extremely sad each time he recalled the “SOUL” word attack.

It was the first time Mu Yi saw such an attack, it was extremely strange, it was completely different from the magic figures he used.

“My knowledge is too limited.” thought Mu Yi sighing. Even though he had a few precious treasures, he only knew magic figures and the stronger he became, the more he had the impression magic figures were not enough.

Even his five thunders charms were limited, he couldn’t use as many as he wished at once. And apart from exorcism charms and evil spirit slaying charms, he didn’t know much.

Apart from magic figures, the only thing Mu Yi could use in a battle was his punching technique. Even though it was enough to fight against ordinary enemies, if he bumped into other powerful Taoist cultivators, he would be in danger.

Unfortunately, the old Taoist Priest had only left those few things to him.

Mu Yi didn’t know why though, but he suddenly remembered the copper lamp, he remembered he had received some of the old Taoist Priest’s teachings from it. So, would he receive new knowledge each time he leveled up?

Mu Yi was a bit excited when he thought about that.

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