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Chapter 174: Request


“Master, even though you didn’t show up on that night, in the end, you’re the one who drew Qu Yang’s attention and made him leave. Without you, we would have been doomed. I am obviously infinitely grateful.” said Xu Le straightforwardly when he saw that Mu Yi was pretending to be ignorant.

“It was just a lucky coincidence, you’re lucky you survived. It is not really thanks to me.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He hadn’t saved them, back on that night, he didn’t care whether they died or not. What had happened was just a strange combination of circumstances.

“You’re wrong, Master. No matter what you think, you saved us.” said Xu Le speaking in an earnest tone but Mu Yi didn’t believe or trust him.

He hadn’t forgotten Xu Le’s little show at the beginning when they had appeared in the mortuary. Even if he was just beginning as a traveler, such people couldn’t be underestimated.

And Mu Yi knew many stories of well-traveled old men who were tricked or even killed by new travelers.

Mu Yi didn’t give a committal reply to Xu Le, he said straightforwardly, “Prince Xu, you didn’t come to find me only because of that, right?”

Xu Le’s face stiffened. He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would be so straightforward, but he still said the truth, “I wouldn’t dare lie to you, I, indeed, have a request.”

“Tell me.”

“I’ve heard that you wanted to go to Cangzhou…” said Xu Le. He didn’t finish he sentence though because he suddenly felt ice-cold, he could almost see murder in Mu Yi’s eyes.

Xu Le was quite strong but he wasn’t a top-class fighter either. And he couldn’t see murder in Mu Yi’s eyes, especially that he had killed a hundred people a short time before, he smelled like blood. Xu Le was scared.

“Please spare his life, Master!” said a voice coming from behind the curtains at that moment. Then, someone rushed over staggering. Mu Yi recognized that person as well. It was the woman who had been with the others on that night. Her name was Qing Qing.

Actually, before she came in, Mu Yi had already sensed her presence behind the curtains but since she wasn’t willing to come in, Mu Yi had pretended he knew nothing. He hadn’t thought she’d react so intensely.

“Give me one reason not to kill you.” said Mu Yi glancing at Qing Qing icily which made her stiffen from head to foot. Luckily, at that moment, Mu Yi’s murderous intentions had disappeared from his eyes.

He hated it when people tried to trick him and learn about his secrets.

Even though it was no secret that Mu Yi was going to Cangzhou, not many people knew that, not even the Far Ink Professional Organization. Apart from Chong Jiayi and Li the Good, nobody knew that in whole city of Luoyang.

But now Xu Le knew about it too.

If Xu Le had guessed that by following him and spying on him, then Mu Yi could behead him on the spot. And if it wasn’t the case, then it meant that either Chong Jiayi or Li the Good had told him.

Mu Yi controlled Chong Jiayi so he couldn’t have betrayed him, besides, with Xu Le’s strength, he didn’t pose a threat to Chong Jiayi. So there was only one option, Li the Good.

Mu Yi appreciated Li the Good, otherwise, he wouldn’t have given him so much money. Besides, because Mu Yi was worried about Li the Good, he had preferred walking with Big Slave and letting him go. After Mu Yi and Li the Good had taken different paths, nobody should have paid attention to Li the Good. Mu Yi didn’t want a chauffeur to get in trouble because of him.

Even though he wasn’t completely sure, Mu Yi had had the impression that Li the Good had maybe gotten in trouble though.

And after what Xu Le had told him, Mu Yi understood that he had guessed right. Many travelers were smart, but there were many morons as well.

Therefore, Mu Yi had several goals by frightening Xu Le.

Now, he needed an explanation from Xu Le. If Xu Le acted foolishly, Mu Yi didn’t mind throwing his corpse into the depths of the river and making his soul haunt the bed of the Yellow River.

“Master, please calm down and listen to me.” said Xu Le breathing quickly. He knew he had made a mistake and he regretted now.

But he also understood Mu Yi a little bit better now. He could see what kind of person Mu Yi was.

“Tell me.” said Mu Yi icily.

“The reason why I know you’re going to Cangzhou, Master, is that someone told me.” said Xu Le straightforwardly.


“The Earth Walker of the Shangqing School, Master Dragon of Righteousness.” said Xu Le hastily. He knew that Mu Yi had no patience anymore. Trying to beat about the bush would be reckless.

“He told you personally?” said Mu Yi frowning. He paid particular attention to Xu Le’s face and saw that Xu Le wasn’t lying. What Mu Yi didn’t understand now was, how did that guy know he was going to Cangzhou?

And even if Jiao Hua had told Master Dragon of Righteousness that Mu Yi was going to Cangzhou, it was strange as well because Mu Yi hadn’t told him he was going there. How did they know?

Had they followed him to Chong Jiayi’s village and heard their conversation?

Mu Yi shook his head. He didn’t think that those people were that boring. And if they had asked Mu Yi straightforwardly, maybe that he would have told them honestly. He didn’t know need to make a fuss about it.

So, how did he know? Mu Yi didn’t understand.

“Indeed.” said Xu Le nodding.

Mu Yi stared at Xu Le for a few seconds, he could see that Xu Le was being honest, so Mu Yi said, “I’m sorry I overreacted. Please forgive me, Prince Xu.”

“I wouldn’t dare blame you. I was wrong. When Master Dragon of Righteousness told me about that, he told me an elder had told him, but I don’t know who that elder could be.” said Xu Le shaking his head. He wasn’t angry at Mu Yi.

When Mao Shan heard Xu Le, he immediately understood who the elder was, Jiao Hua. Mu Yi didn’t know much about Jiao Hua and had doubts. He initially thought Jiao Hua was from the Shangqing but from the way he spoke, Mu Yi had the impression he didn’t sound like someone from Shangqing.

But he definitely had contacts with Master Dragon of Righteousness. Mu Yi couldn’t do much though, he had to wait until the next time he’d bump into him, or maybe that he needed to wait until he was strong enough, then he’d go to the South China Sea and he would maybe obtain info.

And Mu Yi was relieved to know that Xu Le hadn’t learnt about that from Li the Good. It didn’t matter how they had found him, at least, they had invited him on a beautiful boat and they were polite with him. It was worth to listen to Xu Le’s request.

Mu Yi seemed like an aggressive, explosive, impulsive and emotionless person, but actually he didn’t like owing anything to anyone. When the Su Clan had started treating him as one of their own, Mu Yi had done all he could for them, he had tried to prevent people from plotting against them by every possible means. Whenever one of them was sick, Mu Yi had used exorcism charms to heal them.

Li the Good had been kind to him, Mu Yi had also done his best to pay him back.

Mu Yi didn’t try to intimidate people with his social status, he remained loyal to his true nature.

“So, tell me, how can I help you?” asked Mu Yi to Xu Le.

If Mu Yi had said that straight at the beginning, Xu Le would have told him everything without the least hesitation, but now he was trying to think of a way to ask what he wanted to ask gently enough as not to offend Mu Yi.

Xu Le remained silent for a few seconds, Mu Yi wasn’t in a rush, he looked at Qing Qing.

“What’s your name, Miss?” Mu Yi took the liberty to ask her for her name. He knew other people called her Qing Qing, but what if it was a nickname used by her close ones only? It was better to ask, if he called her that once and that it was a nickname for close friends, he would lose face and it would be too late.

“You can call me Li Qing, Master.” replied Li Qing lowering her head. She didn’t look proud like back then then on that evening.

“If I’m not mistaken, you were playing the zither a moment before, right, Miss Li Qing? Would you mind playing again for me?” said Mu Yi smiling.

“If that’s your desire, Master, how could I refuse?” said Li Qing respectfully. Then she turned around and walked to the room behind the curtains, but this time, she completely opened the curtain, she was afraid that if Mu Yi’s field of vision was obstructed, he’d get angry again.

Li Qing sat down and put her hands on the string of the zither. She muttered something to herself irresolutely and then she started playing a charming yet sorrowful melody.

Mu Yi knew nothing about the zither, he didn’t know much about music and didn’t know how to play any instrument. He enjoyed listening to music though. And he found the melody Li Qing was playing very pleasant to hear.

That’s the only way Mu Yi could enjoy music. If that spread around, people would think he didn’t have the palate for sophisticated things.

While Li Qing was playing the zither, Xu Le was still thinking. Mu Yi wasn’t in a rush. He happily listened to Li Qing and closed his eyes. He now understood why men of letters and refined scholars loved listening to such subtle and sophisticated music, besides, he had a panoramic view of the river, he could see big white waves surging and crashing onto both sides of the bank, he really enjoyed it.

Mu Yi shook his head though. Unfortunately, it wasn’t part of his daily life. It wasn’t his life. It was good to do it once in a while, but not too often. It wasn’t his style.

He loved reading books, practicing cultivation, drawing magic figures… He wasn’t like those noblemen who enjoyed feasts, dancing and listening to music.

Li Qing was staring at Mu Yi so when she saw him shake his head, she shuddered with fear. The melody slightly changed, she made a few false notes, but luckily, she reacted quickly and focused, so she didn’t make a mistake again.

Finally, after Li Qing finished playing, Xu Le came back to his senses, he looked tense yet determined.

Mu Yi found Xu Le’s expression strange, what did he want to tell him that made him feel so nervous? And how come he had come to find Mu Yi as soon as he recovered?


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