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Chapter 177: The God of the Yellow River and the Fake Taoist Priests

“Alright, let’s go there.” said Mu Yi. He accepted to do whatever Nian Nuer wished on that day, so he brought her to the temple. Mu Yi didn’t notice it though, but not far behind them, someone was secretly watching them.

In normal times, Mu Yi would have noticed. But he was carefree at that moment, he was just enjoying himself. He hadn’t released any mind strength. He just looked like a pure and innocent young man with his little sister.

Of course, if anyone had looked at him with murderous intentions, he would have felt it instinctively, he was responsive and reactive, and his senses were acute.

In front of the temple of the God of the Yellow River, there was a bunch of a Taoist priests holding a ceremony. There were all sorts of offerings on tables, there were many children with paper dolls in their hands, they were going to offer them to the God of the Yellow River.

Regarding the bunch of Taoist priests in front of the temple, they didn’t practice Taoism as in practice cultivation. A real cultivator would have never lowered himself down to doing such things. Against all expectations, when Mu Yi traveled with the old Taoist Priest back in the days, they had done that many times. Even though it wasn’t real, at least, the ceremonies made people happy because they believed. The process? Easy, fraud, swindle, cheat.

But even if the Taoist priests weren’t real cultivators, they did have skills, they moved quickly and gracefully, and using some diversions, people around were amazed.

“It’s time, it’s time for the offers!”

shouted a Taoist priest extremely loudly suddenly. He raised a sword made of peach tree wood and with a graceful movement, he made the paper dolls rise up.

“The Yellow River God is making his presence felt!”

The Taoist priest managed to bluff those people, they instantly knelt down piously.

Instantly, Mu Yi and Nian Nuer drew people’s attention, they were the only ones still standing. Everybody was on their knees kowtowing.

“Little Taoist priest, kneel down, you and your sister. Otherwise, the God of the Yellow River will feel offended.”

whispered someone who was on their knees next to them. Mu Yi and Nian Nuer looked so adorable that that person felt obliged to warn them.

A Taoist priest noticed them, when he saw Nian Nuer, his eyes gleamed but then he turned his head and continued his fake ritual.

“Hehe, what God of the Yellow River? Even if there was a God of the Yellow River, he wouldn’t be qualified to make us kneel down.” said Nian Nuer. She didn’t know what discreet or modest meant, or maybe that she didn’t care at all. So when she heard that person, she just giggled proudly.

But when the person heard her, they looked terrified and panic-stricken.

At that moment, the paper dolls which were floating in the air suddenly stopped. The Taoist priest groaned with pain and made a few steps backwards. Then, the offerings on the table fell down. The Taoist priest looked panic-stricken, he shouted, “God of the Yellow River, please spare my life!”

Then, he coughed blood.

People around were astonished. How incredible. They had the impression it was the end of the world.

“Roger, God of the Yellow River, I heard your orders!”

After coughing blood, the Taoist priest pretended he was hearing something and shouted.

Then, he stood up, his disciples and disciple’s disciples looked at him respectfully. The believers didn’t dare move at all.

“Everybody, look, those two people disrespected the God of the Yellow River and offended Him. If we don’t manage to make the God of the Yellow River calm down, we’re all doomed. The river will disappear, countless people will die, and at the same time, all the fish we eat from the river will disappear.”

said the Taoist priest looking at Mu Yi and Nian Nuer furiously. The ordinary people around looked furious too when he said that. How could they accept Mu Yi and Nian Nuer’s offense?

They lived on both sides of the river, they relied on the fish they got from the Yellow River to survive. And if the god was furious, it was because of that young Taoist priest and that little girl.

They could also see that the two weren’t local people. And they had offended their god, their lives were in danger, so they couldn’t forgive them.

Everybody looked at that little girl and that young man who didn’t fear the gods furiously, especially the little girl. Nian Nuer didn’t understand though, she had just said the truth, that the God of the Yellow River didn’t exist.

And regarding the paper dolls, they had clearly been made by that fake Taoist priest, why were those people angry?

When Mu Yi saw Nian Nuer’s expression change, he looked at the fake Taoist priest who was deliberately mystifying things and taking advantage of ordinary people. He could do whatever he wished because people believed him, they had faith, it was their religion, and spirituality was something they had grown up with, it was deeply engraved in their minds and hearts, Mu Yi didn’t have time to change that.

But it didn’t mean that he had to tolerate their stupidity, especially by scaring Nian Nuer. He definitely wouldn’t let ANYONE scare Nian Nuer!

Therefore, even though his heart had just been purified from all the negative energies, he became furious again. His eyes were filled with murder again. That fake Taoist priest had to die!

Nobody would be able to save him, no matter who tried.

“Master, there must be another solution.” said an old man in the crowd at that moment. He was shaking.

“Difficult, difficult, difficult…” said the middle-aged Taoist priest shaking his head. The faces of the old man and all the people around him became grey because of terror.

“Master, please save us.”

“Master, please save our lives.”

Suddenly, everybody started shouting like a drowning man clutching at a straw. Mu Yi looked at him icily. What was that Taoist priest going to do?

“I, poor cleric, cannot save you. The only way is to make the God of the Yellow River calm down, that’s the only way to save you.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest.

“How to make him calm down?” asked people one after the other. They suddenly had hope again, if calming down the God of the Yellow River was possible, then there was hope.

“Offer the little girl who has a filthy mouth as a sacrifice to the God of the Yellow River, he will forgive you.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest pointing at Nian Nuer who was behind Mu Yi. He looked greedy and evil.

“How insolent!”

shouted Mu Yi on the inside, but he said nothing. He just tried to look calm and serene. People who knew Mu Yi would have instantly understood that he was furious.

Even when he had had problems in the Kang Clan or when the Octagon Organization had attacked him, he hadn’t been that furious, but that fake Taoist priest had just acted really recklessly. Flames of fury were burning in Mu Yi’s heart.

Nian Nuer was precious to him. That guy had to die.

“Eh…” When the old man heard that, he looked hesitant. Even though those people were angry, they were still reasonable, and killing someone didn’t seem to be a reasonable solution to them. How could they even think of killing a real person? Real people were not paper dolls.

When the middle-aged Taoist priest saw that everybody looked hesitant, he felt even more anxious and vexed, he tried to infuriate the crowd even more, “Think carefully, in the past, the God of the Yellow River was furious and he destroyed as many people as you are now. Are you ready to die because of that little girl?”

The middle-aged Taoist priest perfectly understood how those people thought. Who would be ready to die for someone they didn’t know?

For anyone, the life of a little girl they didn’t know was less important than their own.

Very quickly, people’s expressions changed. Without the slightest hesitation, they looked at Nian Nuer and Mu Yi and wished they could die.

“Please back us up, Master.” said the old man finally.

“Please back us up, Master.” said the crowd instantly.

Mu Yi saw that Nian Nuer was shaking, she was scared, she was scared when facing terrible monsters, but at that moment, facing a whole crowd, she was scared.

Mu Yi was perfectly aware that what was happening would remain engraved in her memories forever.

When the middle-aged Taoist priest heard the crowd, he looked satisfied. He was rejoicing on the inside, those morons… because he had said a god was furious, those people were ready to do anything he said?

But he loved that feeling. He had everything in control.

“Little Taoist priest, since you’re a Taoist priest as well, just hand the girl over and I’ll let you go.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest to Mu Yi.

He could see that Mu Yi and that little girl were probably from a noble family, he couldn’t let them go now, otherwise, their family would maybe want to settle accounts with him. Therefore, the best was to let Mu Yi go away and then he’d send his disciples to kill him. Death ends all troubles.

And even if nobody came to cause trouble, it didn’t matter, as long as they died, things would be fine, the world was so big, how could their family find him if they wanted to settle accounts?

The middle-aged Taoist priest had thought of everything already.

“Right, little Taoist priest, hand the girl over, and you’ll live.” said someone next to Mu Yi. Everybody was staring at Mu Yi.

“You go back, leave it to me.” said Mu Yi. He ignored the crowd, turned around, crouched and looked at Nian Nuer. He spoke to her gently and softly.

“No, I want to stay with you.” said Nian Nuer shaking her head. She was acting strangely, she seemed weak, she was scared even though all those people were ordinary. It was if she had forgotten she was a fierce ghost. She looked like an ordinary little girl at that moment, but even if she stayed there and didn’t move, those people couldn’t do anything to her.

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