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Chapter 178: You Can Only Blame Yourself

“Alright, you can stay next to me, little sister, I will avenge you.”

said Mu Yi. He didn’t force her to go back into the Bamboo Tree of Life if she didn’t want to. He sounded soft and gentle.

“Little Taoist priest, don’t do you something you could regret.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest.

“Father, if he doesn’t leave, we should…” said a young Taoist priest next to the middle-aged Taoist priest. He was whispering, but Mu Yi perfectly heard him.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi was already walking forwards.

Strangely, the crowd moved aside to let them pass.

“Tap, tap, tap.”

Mu Yi was holding Nian Nuer’s hand and his umbrella in his other. They slowly walking towards the Taoist priest.

“Little Taoist priest, what are you doing?” asked the middle-aged Taoist priest frowning. “Are you not afraid of the God of the Yellow River?”

“God of the Yellow River?” Mu Yi smiled disdainfully. Maybe that the God of the Yellow River really existed but even if he did, the middle-aged Taoist priest definitely wasn’t the kind of person who could communicate with the god, all he was doing was bringing about his own destruction.

And regarding what he had said about Nian Nuer, that he wanted to offer her to the God of the Yellow River as a sacrifice, that was just plainly stupid. It was obvious at first glance that Nian Nuer was extraordinary. And for ordinary people, what was obvious was that as an adult, she’d become a devastatingly beautiful woman.

And for some extremely evil people, little girls were a fantasy.

That middle-aged Taoist priest was lucky, but at the same time, he wasn’t.

He was lucky because he had bumped into Nian Nuer and Mu Yi, but at the same time, he wasn’t because he had cast greedy eyes on Nian Nuer in front of Mu Yi, and now he was going to die.

“If you make the God of the Yellow River appear now, I may spare your life.” said Mu Yi to the middle-aged Taoist priest. He didn’t intend to let the fake Taoist priest off actually, even if he made the God of the Yellow River appear.

Mu Yi wanted to kill him and nobody could stop him.

“How insolent!!” the middle-aged Taoist priest didn’t have time to react, this time, the other Taoist priests around him were furious, they all stood up, “Let’s capture him.”

shouted a man. 7-8 Taoist priests surrounded Mu Yi and looked at him ferociously.

Those people followed the middle-aged Taoist priest, they swindled and bluffed people, how could they be good people? How many people had they cheated? What horrible things had they done already? Mu Yi glanced at them, apart from one person, all the others looked like terrible people.

And the middle-aged Taoist priest was the most despicable and destable one.

If they hadn’t offended Mu Yi, Mu Yi wouldn’t have paid attention to them. There were many detestable people in the world, Mu Yi couldn’t change that. But that one was really reckless.

Mu Yi smiled icily. The Bamboo Tree of Life moved away from Mu Yi’s hand and floated halfway up in the air. It didn’t fall down.

Mu Yi didn’t care whether people around were shocked or not. He grabbed the tanghulu he had bought to Nian Nuer as well and threw it.

“Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!”

The seven balls of the tanghulu then flew away and landed into the mouths of the seven people.

Mu Yi was now strong enough to do such things, he wasn’t a crook like those fake Taoist priests. So first he made those seven fake Taoist priests shut up. When the tangfulu balls crashed into their mouths, they all fell on the ground. The tanghulu balls also broke their teeth so they all bled. They were all furious, they put their hands on their neck, they were choking and shaking violently. They were going to die.

The middle-aged Taoist priest hadn’t thought Mu Yi would be so strong. When the seven fake Taoist priests fell down, he suddenly turned around and started running away without the least hesitation.

But was Mu Yi going to let him off? Mu Yi smiled icily. He grabbed his bamboo stick and threw it.


The bamboo stick pierced through the man’s skin, then through his muscles and then threw the bones of his ribs. The extremity of the stick which stuck out was the size of a finger.


The middle-aged Taoist priest instantly collapsed and almost fell down on the old man on his knees.

The old man and all the other people who were on their knees hadn’t thought things would happen so fast. When the seven disciples died, the whole crowd hadn’t even had time to realize what was going on, and the middle-aged Taoist priest had been stabbed, he wasn’t dead yet but he would die sooner or later.

The crowd was astonished. They were truly terrified now.

The God of the Yellow River was furious but nothing had happened, now however, they were in real danger.

That young Taoist priest had killed the middle-aged Taoist priest and his seven disciples. What could they do against him if he decided to attack?

“Quick, hurry and kill him! He’s a beast from the river with a human form! Prevent him from carrying out his evil plan! If you kill him, the God of the Yellow River won’t be furious, He will forgive you!” shouted the middle-aged Taoist priest with the bamboo stick stuck in his back. Only that bunch of idiots could save him, if they didn’t do anything, he’d bleed to death. He was convinced that, first, Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to resist against a whole group of grown ups, and that, second, he wouldn’t dare slaughter a whole group of ordinary people.

And if he dared do that, he was convinced that the yamen wouldn’t leave the matter at that. And if the authorities chased him, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

His disciples had died, it didn’t matter, he just hoped he would live. He could easily recruit more disciples. And after healing, he’d try to become stronger and he’d get his revenge.

Mu Yi was furious but what could he do? Those people believed the middle-aged Taoist priest, he couldn’t blame them.

If he wasn’t a beast from the river, how could he have killed seven Taoist priests at once? Even their teacher couldn’t compete with him.

Besides, the umbrella could float in the air, how to explain that?

So they believed the middle-aged Taoist priest. However, they were just ordinary people, usually, they spent their time in the village, arguing, walking around, doing normal things. They were not brave enough to fight against a monster from the river.

When the middle-aged Taoist priest saw that the crowd was hesitating, he took out a big yellow people from his robe and threw it, the paper instantly started burning.

“I contacted the God of the Yellow River and asked for instructions, he said you were godly weapons now, you all have a supernatural strength.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest trying to persuade the crowd.

Well, how could anyone who wasn’t stupid believe the middle-aged Taoist priest now? Unfortunately, those people were really, really stupid, and brainwashed. They strongly believed what he said. They suddenly had the impression they were supernaturally strong, that they were godly weapons, especially with the middle-aged Taoist priest’s trick, with paper and alcohol, he could make the yellow paper burn in the air.

When the middle-aged Taoist priest said that, a few young people came out of the crowd.


Mu Yi shouted furiously, the young men who had just stood up were so terrified that they instantly fell back down on the ground.

The man’s face stiffened. He couldn’t believe it his eyes.

“No, I don’t want to die!”

Mu Yi looked at him. The middle-aged Taoist priest tried to grab the bamboo stick in his back, he couldn’t move his legs anymore because of the bamboo stick, but if he managed to take out, maybe that he’d be able to run.

All the fake Taoist priest thought about at that moment was escaping as far as he could. He didn’t want to see Mu Yi, that demon, every again.

However, he wasn’t strong enough to remove the bamboo stick from his back, and each time he touched it, it felt as if billions of needles were piercing through his skin and bones. It was extremely painful and made him twitch.

“I was wrong, please save me, I beg you!”

shouted the middle-aged Taoist priest. Mu Yi and Nian Nuer slowly walked towards him. Then, he saw the umbrella float above his head, he was panic-stricken, his face became grey. He could make paper dolls float in the air but it was just a well-known trick amongst crooks.

Mu Yi’s umbrella was really floating without anyone holding it.

He understood what it meant, he was ridiculous. He could only blame himself. How sad.

“Let you off? And let you perpetrate outrages and deceive people?” said Mu Yi expressionlessly.

“No, no. I won’t lie to people ever again!” shouted the middle-aged Taoist priest shaking his head.

“So let me ask you, where is the God of the Yellow River?” asked Mu Yi.

“He doesn’t exist, I lied!” shouted the middle-aged Taoist priest without the slightest hesitation.

“You used people who were alive to sacrifice them to the gods, but in reality, where did you put them?” asked Mu Yi.

“I… I…” said the middle-aged Taoist priest hesitantly. He didn’t know what to say.

“Speak!” shouted Mu Yi scaring the man to death.

“I always sell the boys, and I give the girls to them, they rape young girls.” said the middle-aged Taoist priest finally pointing at his dead disciples. He was accusing dead people…

But he didn’t fool Mu Yi, Mu Yi knew that the man was lying. Even the crowd now understood and looked at him ferociously and furiously.

“You will pay for my daughter!!!!!!!”

shouted someone suddenly.

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