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Chapter 180: A Woman With A Veil

When the monster appeared, everybody was scared to death and was on the verge of collapse. Even Wang Tao and his two guards gulped down with fear.

They had never seen such a gigantic monster, especially in water. It wasn’t fun.

If the monster had been on the ground, they wouldn’t have been scared, but they were on a boat, it was different. If the boat capsized, they’d end up in water, and no matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be able to do much in water.

The monster didn’t even need to attack them, if they fell down into the water, the monster just had to swim next to them, it would cause huge waves to roll and they’d drown. And then the monster would easily be devour them alive.

Precisely because of that, everybody pulled a long face. What if the monster was furious and attacked the boat? It would definitely capsize.

“Manager, make the staff bring the boat to the bank of the river!” said one of Wang Tao’s guards.

Even though the towered ship wasn’t in the middle of the river, there was still a certain distance to the shore. The guards thought the only way to get away alive was to get back to the shore.

The manager hadn’t had time to react that something incredible happened.


shouted Mu Yi. Then, lightnings immediately descended from the sky.


The lightning thundered so loudly that it almost made everybody’s eardrums explode.

Then, a horrible shriek came from the water. The monster was injured.

When the crowd came back to their senses, they realized that the lightning had been summoned by the man at the front of the boat. He was a cultivator, a strong cultivator, and he had superpowers.

They had heard that Mu Yi had summoned lightnings to destroy the Octagon Organization’s troops in Western Ji Hill but everybody was convinced that it was just an exaggeration. Apparently, it wasn’t.

They hadn’t thought that such a thing would ever happen in front of them. They were astonished.

They wouldn’t forget about that anytime soon.

Wang Tao looked at Mu Yi. His heart was pounding. He also looked even more determined.

Nobody knew what he was thinking, but they weren’t looking at him anyway, they all focused on Mu Yi and the monster.

After the lightning, Mu Yi didn’t look excited. On the contrary, he frowned. Even though he had injured the monster, it wasn’t severely injured. And worse, it was even more furious.

If they had been on the ground, Mu Yi would have had several ways of defeating the monster, he probably would have been able to kill it even but in the water, Mu Yi couldn’t use all his tricks.

And when he used the five thunders charm, he thought it’d make the monster come out of the water, he hadn’t thought the monster had such a great defense though. Its defense wasn’t weaker than Big Slave’s.

The five thunders charm didn’t work well, so it was useless to even consider the evil spirit slaying charm. Besides, due to the nature of water itself, the copper lamp, which was more a fire type item, was also useless, especially that the copper lamp worked well against entities which had a soul, and the creature didn’t have a soul.

Apart from these things, Mu Yi only had the Bamboo Tree of Life, the Bamboo Tree of Life was extremely resistant but it was just a bamboo stick after all. It probably wasn’t enough to break through the creature’s defense.

And Mu Yi couldn’t fight underwater either. The creature was a water monster, how could Mu Yi compete with it?

Therefore, he didn’t even consider fighting underwater either.

“Can I borrow your spear?” asked Mu Yi suddenly turning around to Wang Tao. Wang Tao was a fighter, he had fought in many battles and he was an expert in fighting with spears. He had a spear with him, and he usually kept it in a fine cloth which proved how much he cared about it.

When Wang Tao heard Mu Yi, he looked hesitate and put his hand on his spear.

“General.” said one of the guards suddenly. Wang Tao’s spear was extraordinary, it wasn’t ordinary.

“That’s enough.” said Wang Tao shaking his head. Then he walked to Mu Yi and handed his spear over.

“What a good spear!”

as soon as Mu Yi touched the spear, he noticed it wasn’t ordinary. It was black and shiny. Mu Yi could sense an incredible Qi emerge from that spear. It had made lots of blood spill. It had been used in many battles.

But Wang Tao couldn’t have fought those battles which meant he had obviously obtained it from someone, probably his father who had passed away. It was a precious item.

It was even better than Mo Ruyan’s spear.

Mu Yi took stretched out his hand without hesitation.


The spear buzzed when Mu Yi took it. Wang Tao’s eyes were wide open. His two guards seemed dumbstruck too. They had seen such a thing happen only twice, during a great battle, when Wang Tao’s father had used.

Since Wang Tao’s father had died, the two bodyguards had thought it would never do that again. And now it did, with a stranger.

They both gasped with astonishment but not happiness.

Wang Tao didn’t have mixed feelings like them. He stared at the spear in Mu Yi’s hand, it was buzzing and shaking. It wanted to get away from Mu Yi’s hands.

Reaching such a level was his dream. He made continuous concentrated efforts to reach such a level.

He suddenly felt like a speck of grass yearning to grow.

Mu Yi didn’t have time to pay attention to Wang Tao. When he grabbed the spear, he instantly noticed it was extraordinary.

“What a good spear!” said Mu Yi.

That spear was soon going to become a religious tool embryo. If its original master had continued raising it, it would have become within ten to twenty years. Ordinary fighters could make it turn into a religious tool embryo which was insane, what if a real cultivator raised it? They were much stronger than ordinary fighters.

Unfortunately, its master was dead and the one who had inherited it was, in Mu Yi’s opinion, not skilled enough to reach his father’s level and even if he did, the spear wouldn’t necessarily recognize him.

The reason why the spear reacted like that was that Mu Yi’s mind strength was too powerful. The spear instinctively felt threatened. It wanted to resist, it didn’t want to submit.

“Enough now!”

said Mu Yi, he released mind strength and attacked the spear. The spear instantly calmed down and stopped resisting.

Mu Yi then looked at the water again.

The water which had been rolling in waves now came back to normal. Red stains appeared in the water. The creature was clearly injured but at that moment, it had completely disappeared. And Mu Yi couldn’t sense it with his mind strength.

Even though he couldn’t sense it, Mu Yi was convinced that the creature couldn’t possibly have escaped, especially that he still had the impression danger was lurking around. It meant that the monster probably deep in the water and waiting for the opportune moment to go into action.

If they were careless and relaxed their vigilance for a second, the creature would maybe manage to make the boat capsize and that would be a catastrophe for everybody on the boat. If Mu Yi had fought against it alone, it would have been fine.

At least, Big Slave would be fine, but the others would probably not make it alive.

Mu Yi couldn’t be 100% sure it was a monster, he had never seen a monster before, especially a water monster. Mu Yi hadn’t seen precisely what the monster looked like but it looked like a big fish. However, apart from its tail, it didn’t seem to have fins. On the contrary, it seemed to have claws like a legendary clawed dragon.

Besides, that monster seemed to be extremely strong. Offending it wasn’t a good idea. And even if it left, Mu Yi wouldn’t necessarily be relieved. But the monster was probably not going to leave the matter at that anyway. It probably didn’t intend to let them off.

Mu Yi was still holding the spear, he kept condensing mind strength. Each time he sensed the monster was coming back close to the boat, Mu Yi released and condensed a terrifying amount of mind strength to show the monster he wanted to kill it.

The two guards and the manager couldn’t do much but wait and watch. They were even holding their breath. They were staring at Mu Yi and didn’t even dare talk to him.

After trying to get close a few times, the monster finally swam away.

When Mu Yi sensed that the monster was leaving, he was relieved, but he was exhausted too. Condensing so much mind strength was exhausting. And to physically oppress something or someone, he had to use even more mind strength than usual.

But when Mu Yi thought the monster had left, he suddenly saw something appear at the surface of the water in the distance.

Foam and bubbles appeared, and then small waves. Even at night, it was clearly visible. And it was getting close to the shore.

“Hihi, hihi!”

Suddenly, a strident giggle spread in the air. Mu Yi saw a silhouette slowly come forwards. She was wearing white clothes, she was barefoot, her hair was hanging to her shoulders. Her face was covered by a veil.

After that, the monster rose up to the very surface of the water and she jumped onto the creatures back.

Mu Yi was astonished.

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