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Chapter 181: Who Is She?


When that woman appeared, Mu Yi was astonished. Apart from the fact that the creature had a master, Mu Yi was also astonished because she looked strange. It was as if she didn’t exist, as if she were illusory.

Mu Yi bit his tongue to come back to his senses but what he was seeing didn’t change, it was still there. He then inspected the area with his mind strength and didn’t detect anyone.

It was the first time Mu Yi encountered such a situation. He was completely stupefied but remained vigilant.

The woman in the veil jumped onto the creature’s head and they got closer to the towered ship.

At that moment, everybody on the boat seemed dumbstruck. The staff of the boat knelt down and muttered things to themselves. They were probably praying the gods for help. They were convinced that that woman was the God of the Yellow River.

They didn’t think of the God of the Yellow River’s gender because to them, someone riding a river monster had to be the God of the Yellow River.

“Could it be that she’s really the God of the Yellow River?” Mu Yi suddenly had an absurd thought. He had ruined the ceremony for the God of the Yellow River during the day, if the God of the Yellow River came to settle accounts, it would be absolutely normal.

And he had the impression because of the woman, she didn’t seem like a real person.

The woman on the creature was now three zhang away from the towered ship. For Mu Yi, it was already too close. He wanted to attack with the spear but he controlled himself.

First, the woman was of unknown origin. She was enigmatic and unfathomable. What if she was infuriated and that Mu Yi couldn’t compete with her? He didn’t know whether she was a friend or an enemy yet so he decided not to attack first.

The monster stopped and slowly rose back up to the surface. Half of its head was visible. Its claws were visible just under the surface of the water. Its eyes were much bigger than fists and it stared at Mu Yi.

The woman on the back of the creature was already at the same level as Mu Yi.

“Oh, it’s you!”

said the woman suddenly as Mu Yi was wondering what he could say. Her voice sounded clear and melodious. She sounded indifferent and calm. Her voice sounded like a stream of cool and fresh water in the mountains. She had a very pleasant voice.

“Oh, it’s you!” Those simple words made Mu Yi’s heartbeat accelerate. He had always wondered about his past. He didn’t remember anything before the age of six. However, he perfectly remembered what had happened after. He was convinced that he had never seen that woman. However, she seemed to know who he was, and even more stupefying, it was as if she knew him well.

“You know me, a young and trivial Taoist priest, Miss?” asked Mu Yi.

“Young Taoist priest? That’s not your name.” said the veiled woman staring at Mu Yi with her eyes wide open. She sounded serious and teasing at the same time.

Mu Yi looked pensive, and then he said, “My name is Mu Yi!”

“Mu Yi?” The veiled woman looked pensive and then said, “Your previous name was much better.”

“My previous name?” said Mu Yi. He seemed stupefied. The old Taoist Priest had given him that name. Mu Yi wondered whether he had a name or not before, but he didn’t know. He didn’t even remember his parents.

What the woman was saying astonished Mu Yi. His heart was racing. He couldn’t believe it. Did she know him before? Did she know who he was?

Thinking about that, Mu Yi was suddenly excited.

“If you really know, please tell me the truth, Miss.” said Mu Yi.

“I see. You’re not yourself anymore.”

Mu Yi was impatiently and excitedly waiting for an answer when the woman shook her head. She even sounded disappointed.

“Miss, are you trying to mess with me?” said Mu Yi unhappily. What was that supposed to mean? She first said “Oh it’s you”, then she said it wasn’t him… Mu Yi was starting to think she was making fun of him voluntarily.

Besides, the atmosphere became cold and calm. But at the same time, Mu Yi was thinking that if she hadn’t known before the age of six, she wouldn’t have instantly recognized him. And if she had known him after the age of six, then she would know his name.

All in all, saying “You’re not yourself anymore” wasn’t something nice to say.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been away for too long this time. But since you have a key, we’ll meet again sooner or later.” said the veiled woman. She didn’t give Mu Yi time to speak.

Right after that, she tapped the creature and said, “Let’s go. Let’s go back home.”

The creature turned around and swam away.

Even after they disappeared in the distance, Mu Yi didn’t turn around. He had so many questions. When she left, Mu Yi wanted to do something to prevent her from leaving but he couldn’t. He was just astonished.

Even though that monster had attacked the boat, Mu Yi had also injured it. And when the woman showed up, she didn’t show any animosity. She just said some strange things. It was difficult to understand what had just happened.

But Mu Yi was sure of something after what she had said before leaving.

She knew he had the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road and she said they were going to meet again sooner or later, what was that supposed to mean?

Did she have one of the six keys? In other words, was she one of the five others who had a key?

But if that that was the case, which group did she belong to? Baidi town, Mao Shan, Mount Longhu, the Forbidden City or Dunhuang?

The ancient city of Dunhuang could be eliminated immediately because it was way too far from where Mu Yi was. Besides, such water creatures couldn’t be raised in the Northwest.

Mao Shan and Mount Longhu were both groups of Taoist priests, even though they had some women, it was very unlikely.

So only Baidi town and the Forbidden City were left, one was in the south, one was in the north.

Even though Mu Yi had an idea, he couldn’t be certain.

“No matter how hard you try to mystify things, I will find out who you are, sooner or later.” thought Mu Yi. At the same time, thinking that way allowed him to calm down a little.

Even though he really wanted to know about his past, he knew it wasn’t the right time. He had to wait and find the old Taoist Priest first. Then, he needed to kill Li the Cripple. Maybe that then, he’d have the opportunity to retrieve his memories.

“Master, what unique and unparalleled prowess!”

said someone as Mu Yi was lost in thought.

Mu Yi didn’t turn around, he knew who was talking, the manager. Only the manager could say something like that anyway.

“Thank you very much for saving our lives, Master.” Even though Wang Tao’s two guards didn’t look as impressed and amazed as the manager, they also expressed their gratitude. Without Mu Yi, they’d be in the monster’s stomach already.

“Please take me as a disciple, Master.” said Wang Tao straightforwardly while kneeling down when Mu Yi turned around.

The two guards were astonished but they also knelt down without saying anything. However, what they meant was obvious too.

The manager’s mouth was wide open, he was speechless, he didn’t understand why those three were kneeling down. But he wasn’t stupid either, otherwise, Xu Le wouldn’t have asked him to stay on the boat with Mu Yi. Therefore, he didn’t wait for Mu Yi to ask him anything, he instantly said, “Master, I’m going to go and check the boat with some people, to see if nothing’s broken.”

Then he ran away.

Mu Yi looked at Wang Tao expressionlessly and asked, “You want me to become your teacher?”

“Yes, please accept, Master.” said Wang Tao determinedly.

“Some people like you have asked me if I could become their teacher in the past, do you know what I said?” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“I have no idea.” said Wang Tao shaking his head. Then, he looked at Mu Yi and said, “If you accept to recruit me as a disciple, you can ask me anything, I will do anything.”

“No matter what?” said Mu Yi. He seemed amused.

“Indeed.” said Wang Tao nodding. He seemed extremely determined.

“What if I want that spear?” said Mu Yi suddenly showing the spear he was holding.

“Eh…” Wang Tao hadn’t thought Mu Yi would ask him something like that. He loved that spear and a gentleman wasn’t supposed to take something a person loved from them, not to mention that it belonged to his father who had passed away, how could he accept?

The two guards’ expressions changed drastically, they looked nervous. They were afraid Wang Tao would accept without thinking.

They both oppressed him with strength so he couldn’t open his mouth.

“Whether a person is strong or not doesn’t depend on their teacher, it depends on whether they’re capable of suffering and facing difficulties. Such people can succeed even if their talent is limited. Besides, I am a Taoist cultivator, it’s not suitable for you. But I’m sure that with your family’s resources, if you make great efforts, you can become a top-class fighter.” said Mu Yi to Wang Tao shaking his head.

Then, he walked to Wang Tao and stretched out his hand with the spear in it and said, “This is a great spear. I hope you’re up to it.”

When Wang Tao heard Mu Yi, he stretched out his hand and took his spear back. What Mu Yi had just said would stay engraved in his memory forever.

“Also, hatred and vengeance can give you strength, but don’t let it blind you.” siad Mu Yi, and then he walked away.

After Mu Yi left, Wang Tao still didn’t seem to come back to his senses, he was gazing into the distance with his spear in his hands. He usually could lift it easily, but at that moment, it felt as if it were five thousand kilos. He was out of breath too.

“General.” The two guards glanced at each other. They were worried. Wang Tao was still there on his knees staring blankly. Finally, they called him.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I just miss my father.” said Wang Tao. When the guards heard that, they both remained silent and looked sad. Nobody knew what to say.

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