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Chapter 184: Power, Charging

“Let’s go!”

said Mu Yi. Then he continued walking towards the army.

Big Slave followed him. He wasn’t afraid. He never flinched anyway. He probably didn’t even know what the word retreat meant.

Wang Tao took a deep breath. He was firmly holding his spear. He followed.

The two guards finally followed. They stayed on both sides of Wang Tao. The small group was going to attack a mountain of troops.

“How brave!”

thought Yang Yin when he saw them get closer. How impressive, they dared face an army of five hundred men.

Yang Yin was sure Mu Yi was going to die now.

The two groups were getting closer and closer. Mu Yi could already see Yang Yin and the troops at the front clearly.


said Yang Yin suddenly raising his sword when Mu Yi and the others were about twenty zhang away.


shouted the five hundred elite units in unison. Their voices made the ground shake.

An ordinary fighter would have been terror-stricken. Unfortunately, this time, they were facing Mu Yi, he was extremely determined.

The enemies’ were filled with murder. They looked at Mu Yi as if he were a sharp sword.

A dozen elite units in armors ran towards Mu Yi. Yang Yin’s army was composed of small groups of five.

The atmosphere became extremely tense. It was even scarier than if the Yellow River had been flooding.

That army was the allegory of power. It was difficult to imagine what it looked like when an army composed of five hundred people attacked.

Words aren’t enough to describe such a situation or to describe how Mu Yi felt. He looked grave and serious. Wang Tao’s face was ghastly pale but he didn’t retreat. He held onto his spear even more firmly.

Mu Yi was perfectly aware that at a distance of twenty zhang, if he let those soldiers condense Qi to the maximum, he’d get badly injured. Therefore, he couldn’t give them the time to do so.

At a distance of ten zhang, he finally took a deep breath and took out two five thunders charms.


A loud explosion sound spread in the air. Lightnings struck ten people. Everybody looked astonished.

When the lightnings dispersed, only one third of them was still standing. The rest had all collapsed. The whole army was astonished and scared suddenly. They feared death. And they were scared, especially when facing someone who seemed to have magic powers.

After the five thunders charm, the army was panic stricken.

Mu Yi was disappointed by the result though, and the group of people had stuck together on top of that, if there had been space between them, the result would have been even more disappointing.

The five thunders charms were powerful, they summoned lightnings, but not enough. In a very vast area, they became almost useless.

Therefore, Mu Yi couldn’t rely on the five thunders charms to kill those five hundred people. Actually, Mu Yi already knew that before even starting. He had used five thunders charms just to kill people and prevent them from condensing Qi.

When Mu Yi summoned lightnings, Yang Yin frowned. He thought it was a legend. he had never seen something like that happen. Luckily, he hadn’t gone to the very front. He could have died otherwise.

Even though Yang Yin was confident, he wasn’t stupid. And luckily, he had brought his best troops, otherwise, the whole group would have died.

“If you kill one of them, two thousand Liang, if you kill the evil Taoist priest, ten thousand Liang!”

shouted Yang Yin suddenly. He perfectly understood that at that moment, only money could motivate the troops.

As expected, when he said that, his troops’ faces became ferocious.


shouted all the troops. And those at the front who had survived the first attack ran towards Mu Yi. They looked at Mu Yi as if they were looking at a huge silver coin. Ten thousand Liang was enough to motivate them, they didn’t fear death anymore.

“Go!” shouted Mu Yi suddenly. Even with the surrounding noise, Big Slave heard him.

Big Slave instantly made big steps towards the elite units who were running towards them.


After a few steps, Big Slave was in the middle of the insane army. Sharp weapons kept hitting Big Slave but they didn’t pierce through his skin, on the contrary, they all broke. Then, Big Slave started beating them up. Blood splashed around on people’s faces, on their clothes and armors, on the ground… everywhere.

Their ardor was broken again.

At that moment, more and more troops were approaching.

Wang Tao was protected by his two guards, he moved forwards.

Mu Yi waited for the enemies to get closer. When they approached, he raised his hands and started throwing evil spirit slaying charms. Each time a white light flashed, an elit unit died. However, even though Mu Yi was quick, there were still more and more soldiers around him. They were fearless. Even though elite units kept dying one after the other, the others continued rushing over to Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was stupefied by the frantic behavior of the soldiers. But he raised his hands and released mind strength. He was fighting with skill and ease.

Not far from him, Big Slave looked like a death god. He was in the middle of the crowd crushing people around him. No matter what they used, spears, blades, swords, nothing could pierce through his skin. And those whom Big Slave hit either died or badly injured.

Wang Tao and his two guards were having a hard time but they were still fine, not to mention that Mu Yi paid attention to them and not many soldiers had the opportunity to get close to them.

Yang Yin looked glummer and glummer, he suddenly shouted,

“Give me a bow!”

His personal guard gave him a bow and arrows and Yang Yin immediately started shooting arrows one after the other. He was aiming at Mu Yi.

He considered Mu Yi as the most threatening one. If he didn’t do anything, Mu Yi would quickly kill his entire army. If that happened, Yang Yin would be in trouble. He had to get rid of Mu Yi as soon as possible.

Mu Yi killed enemies one after the other. He kept throwing evil spirit slaying charms. Their armors were useless against evil spirit slaying charms.

But actually, Mu Yi wasn’t as relaxed as Yang Yin thought. Even though he had many evil spirit slaying charms, he didn’t have more than a hundred. Besides, using evil spirit slaying charms was exhausting because he had to condense mind strength too. If he used a hundred evil spirit slaying charms at once, he’d be exhausted.


Suddenly, a sharp arrow moved towards Mu Yi’s chest at an insane speed. But Mu Yi had seen it, he didn’t even glance at it. He just threw an evil spirit slaying charm and white lights appeared around the arrow. A second later, it had turned into sawdust.

But after that, Mu Yi didn’t wait, he took out his copper lamp and condensed mind strength in it. Suddenly, the copper lamp became dazzling.


All the elite units who were in a circumference of three zhang gave horrible shrieks, they put their hands on their heads and fell down. They didn’t seem injured though.

That sudden change stupefied the elite troops who were running towards Mu Yi behind them. They weren’t frantic anymore. Even though ten thousand Liang sufficed to make them go into a frenzy, if there was no hope at all, they weren’t ready to go to fight a losing battle. They weren’t stupid.

One third of the army had already collapsed. Big Slave was still slaughtering people but much slower than before. Wang Tao and the guards were also starting to be completely surrounded by enemies.

Therefore, Mu Yi used a few evil spirit slaying charms to get rid of the enemies who surrounded Wang Tao and the guards, then, he told Big Slave to get close to Wang Tao. But Mu Yi was going to go to Yang Yin.

If you catch the leader, you usually win a battle. .

Mu Yi was sure that if he defeated Yang Yin, the army would go panic and they would also start running away. That way, he wouldn’t need to continue slaughtering them.

Yang Yin noticed that Mu Yi was running towards him, but he didn’t turn around. He continued shooting arrows calmly. He had lost so many people already, he was furious. He also understood that if he ran away, he wouldn’t obtain anything, and worse, he would be in trouble.

Now, the only solution was to kill Mu Yi. If he managed to kill such an enemy, he’d be rewarded and he would be able to continue rising in the hierarchy.

Some troops surrounded Yang Yin when they saw Mu Yi come. Their duty was to protect Yang Yin. If they died, they would be executed too.

There was also a special envoy from Luoyang behind Yang Yin. He looked at Mu Yi, he hesitated, but in the end, he didn’t attack him because his real target wasn’t Mu Yi. He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would be so strong. He realized the legends were right.

Mu Yi got closer and closer though. He looked at Yang Yin’s personal guards, they started collapsing one after the other. He could see that shooting arrows was useless. Finally, he started being really scared.

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