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Chapter 185: Tragic


He was so terrified, he had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders. His legs felt weak.

Mu Yi was stronger than he had imagined. The special envoy wasn’t a member of the army and he wasn’t as determined and motivated as the army corps. He was even only a second-class fighter. If he had known, he would have attacked Wang Tao directly.

But at that moment, Mu Yi was rushing over to him. The elite troops couldn’t compete with him. Even Yang Yin’s personal guards were already lying on the ground around him. All he wanted to do now was escape.

“I can’t die. I haven’t even accomplished my duty.”

“I must protect myself until I can kill that boy.”

He looked for reasons to convince himself he was right to escape. Then, he turned around and ran away.

When the envoy turned around, Yang Yin looked furious. He was the one who had initiated the whole thing, how could he escape? Anyone could escape but him.

Yang Yin took out his last arrow and aimed at the special envoy.

The envoy hadn’t thought Yang Yin would attack him. He was terrified but he didn’t have time to do anything either. When Yang Yin shot the arrow, it was already too late.


The sharp arrow pierced through his chest and heart.


When he collapsed, he looked extremely unhappy. He had traveled from Luoyang to Kaifeng, and then from Kaifeng to Jinan Prefecture. He had overcome all difficulties and in the end, someone from his own side had killed him. If he had known things would happen that way, he would have never come.

“I’ll wait for you…” said the man in his last breath. And then he died.

Mu Yi was only ten zhang away from Yang Yin. And the troops who were fighting against Big Slave, Wang Tao and his troops rushed over, they wanted to stop Mu Yi, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Yang Yin dropped his bow and took out his broadsword again.

“I haven’t lost yet.”

said Yang Yin pointing at Mu Yi with the tip of his sword. Then he rushed over to Mu Yi.


Yang Yin quickly arrived in front of Mu Yi, he held his sword with both hands and raised it. Then he made a chopping movement in Mu Yi’s direction.

That blade cut the air, a dazzling trail appeared behind, it looked like an unrolled bolt of white silk.

Mu Yi pushed the two soldiers in front of him and then took the Bamboo Tree of Life from behind his back.


The Bamboo Tree of Life and the blade collided. A metallic sound spread in the air. His was now into the ground up to the ankles. But he had managed to stop the attack.

Yang Yin was a top-level second-class, he was almost a top-class one. He was very strong and had lots of experience when it came to battling. He was valiant too. He wasn’t like ordinary fighting travelers.

Therefore, when he used his full strength, Mu Yi remained vigilant. But he didn’t use magic figures to strike back. He used physical strength to stop Yang Yin’s attack.

After having stopped the sword attack, Mu Yi pushed his Bamboo Tree of Life sidewards and then made a cutting motion in Yang Yin’s direction. He aimed at the chest this time.

The Bamboo Tree of Life looked like a bamboo stick, but in Mu Yi’s hands, it was better than any weapon, especially that they were deeply connected, they almost made one. Even if his movements weren’t graceful, or even if they weren’t the best and most exquisite fighting techniques, it was enough to defeat his opponent.

Not to mention that Mu Yi also used mind strength. After Mu Yi’s attack, Yang Yin’s body felt completely numb. He had the impression he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders. His heart was pounding.

And when he saw the bamboo stick was now moving towards his chest, he was terrified. He hadn’t been that scared in a very long time. The last time, he was fighting against rebels with his troops and they had been surrounded.

But this time, it was even worse.

Yang Yin shouted furiously, he tried to come back to his senses. He jumped to dodge Mu Yi’s attack.

His elite troops also jumped to help him, that way, he’d have a few more seconds to react.

Mu Yi turned around and attacked all of them with his Bamboo Tree of Life. He blew them away instantly so they didn’t even have time to get close to him.

Yang Yin fell landed back on the ground. His blood was boiling. He looked extremely determined.


He made another cutting motion with his sword. He wanted to destroy Mu Yi.


Even though Mu Yi had his back turned to Yang Yin, he had acute perceptions thanks to his mind strength. He could sense Yang Yin’s movements perfectly. Therefore, he quickly turned around and stopped his sword attack with his Bamboo Tree of Life.

Big Slave also came over. Wang Tao and the two guards were not under pressure around Big Slave. And they were gradually getting rid of the enemies.

Whenever a soldier attacked Big Slave, it was useless, but each time Big Slave attacked, someone died. The soldiers were terrified, and even hopeless.

They knew that no matter what they did, it was useless. They couldn’t do anything against Big Slave.

Wang Tao and his two guards were stupefied too. They felt even more determined to become strong when they saw Big Slave fight like that.

Anyway, they had to stay focused on the battle, looking at the giant with admiration was useless. They looked at Mu Yi in the distance. They had to finish that battle.

At that moment, it was as if Mu Yi had forgotten he had magic figures. He was fighting against of a group of soldiers using his Bamboo Tree of Life.

He took the advantage of that battle to learn and gain experience.

Spears and swords attacked him from all sides. Yang Yin was waiting for the opportune moment to go into action. Mu Yi was definitely under pressure. But relying solely on his Bamboo Tree of Life, he still manage to get rid of nearby enemies and nobody could get too close.

Even if it was dangerous, Mu Yi didn’t use magic figures.

But luckily, he had mastered the only martial arts technique he knew. And using the Bamboo Tree of Life to fight, his style was improving too. He moved more and more automatically.

At the beginning, Yang Yin and his soldiers could put pressure on Mu Yi, but not things were changing, Mu Yi was the one who put pressure on them. There were more and more corpses around Yang Yin. He suddenly felt powerless. He was shuddering with fear.

But even that way, Yang Yin didn’t intend to retreat. He was determined. Mu Yi was even surprised by his perseverance.

There were less and less soldiers around. Out of five hundred people, only a hundred were left. If Yang Yin hadn’t gotten involved, they would have all died already. The remaining fighters didn’t feel like fighting anymore. They were panic-stricken.

Yang Yin had to do something.

After killing a few more soldiers, Mu Yi took out a five thunders charm.

When Yang Yin saw the five thunders charm, his eyes were wide open, he instantly turned around and started running away.

He had seen how scary five thunders charms were. He couldn’t do anything against them. He knew he’d die if he stayed there, running away was his last hope.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi didn’t give him the time to escape, lightnings were extremely quick. Lightnings appeared in the sky and struck Yang Yin.


The lightnings completely destroyed the remaining fighters’ determination, especially when they saw their general collapse. At that moment, the whole battlefield became completely silent. Everybody was dumbstruck.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

After that, the soldiers dropped their weapons on the ground one after the other, they turned around and ran away. The battle was over. Yang Yin was dead.

Without Yang Yin, why would they fight?

“It’s over?” Wang Tao was still holding his spear, he was trying to control himself not to faint. He was covered with blood. He had several wounds. He was exhausted and dumbstruck at the same time.

Even though most of the remaining soldiers had ran away, many of them were still there, standing and staring blankly, some of them fell down on their knees and burst into tears.

How tragic. Indeed, what a tragedy. Even Wang Tao and his two guards had never seen such a thing. Even though not many people had died, they hadn’t stood a single chance. They had just been sent to fight a losing battle. What a waste for elite troops.

Some generals dreamt of having such troops and yet they knew that dream would never come true.

Big Slave stopped fighting too. The elite troops couldn’t defeat him, they didn’t have powerful weapons, they weren’t top-class fighters, without those things, they couldn’t do anything against Big Slave.

Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to them. He gazed into the distance and said calmly and serenely, “Come out.”

Wang Tao and the guards were astonished. There were more enemies hiding? Initially, Wang Tao wanted to sit down and rest, but now he ground his teeth and forced himself to stand.

“The legends were right. You’re really an evil Taoist priest.”

said a voice in the distance. Then, two silhouettes appeared. One of them was wearing a blue-green robe, he was middle aged. It was obvious that he had a high rank in society. He was the kind of person who gave others orders.

Behind him, there was a younger person, he looked grave and stern. He was carrying r a sword in his back. He looked at Mu Yi angrily.

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