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Chapter 187: Entering Cangzhou


Not going into Cangzhou was the best thing Wang Tao could do, for travelers, it was a holy cultivation place.

Unfortunately, the world wasn’t like a hundred years before.

“General, look!”

said one of the guards suddenly. In front of them, a bundle appeared and opened itself.

“What? What’s that…?” Wang Tao turned around and looked at the big bundle, there were three yellow sheets of paper inside, there were mysterious scriptures on them. Wang Tao and his guards stared at it.

His heartbeat suddenly accelerated because he knew what it was.

“Master, I will always be grateful. I will never forget you.”

Wang Tao and the two guards bowed and gazed into the distance.

Wang Tao then gave two sheets to his guards with the greatest care. “I’ve seen them on the Master’s table, they are body protection charms. Evil can’t get close to you when you use them. They can save you when in danger. One for you each.”

“General, it’s not necessary.” said the two guards refusing. Those magic figures were priceless. Their duty was to protect Wang Tao, how could they accept?

“Take them. Back then, when my father was killed, you protected me. And you took care of me during this journey too. You are like family to me. And on the way to the capital city, we could face danger again, please keep them, not to mention that the Master gave us three sheets, one for each of us.” said Wang Tao firmly.

“General…” the two guards finally took the two sheets with the greatest care. “Thank you so much, General.”

Mu Yi and Big Slave were already in Cangzhou. They had drawn many people’s attention already, it was difficult not to notice a giant and a Taoist priest.

The evil Taoist priest, a Taoist priest who was rising.

Fake Taoist priests who swindled and bluffed people could be considered as evil Taoist priests, but now the meaning of that expression had changed, it was now reserved for Mu Yi, a rising Taoist priest.

Many people didn’t know his real name, he had appeared out of nowhere. People didn’t even know where he was from, they just knew he was cruel.

Usually, people did all they could to kill someone like that, for justice, especially that he had a key of the Yellow River’s ancient road… but he had crushed the Octagon Organization and many people had been scared away after that.

But people weren’t willing to go to fight if they were sure to die, even for justice.

People weren’t all stupid, there were smart people too. Some people were perfectly aware that some people who had higher positions in society were adding fuel to the fire. Many people were just watching in silence. Otherwise, why didn’t the different groups who possessed a key of the Yellow River’s ancient road say anything?

Many people found one thing surprising though, Mu Yi had a key but he didn’t hide. On the contrary, he walked on the streets of Cangzhou with a giant next to him in the open. Did he mean to provoke people?

Therefore, shortly after Mu Yi arrived in Cangzhou, many influential groups learned he was there.

Mu Yi first looked for an inn when he arrived in Cangzhou. He took Big Slave there. He didn’t care whether people knew he was there or not. He didn’t need to hide. Besides, Mu Yi had never intended to hide his presence in Cangzhou.

Besides, he had to do that, otherwise, how would the Xie’s find him?

Mu Yi had never had doubt about the Xie’s, especially Xie Zheng. Even though he had always been working in a small place, Lin’An County, it didn’t mean he was incompetent. Some people just didn’t have the right opportunities to develop themselves.

Besides, Xie Zheng was quite famous in Lin’An County. Xie Miao also benefited from Xie Zheng’s reputation. It would be a shame if two people like that stayed in Lin’An County forever.

Actually, as Mu Yi had thought, after the Xie’s had left Lin’An County, Xie Miao had become much more valiant. He felt like an aquarium fish in the ocean. There were so many things to learn.

But the Xie’s hadn’t forgotten Mu Yi either. They had done their best to travel as quickly as they could to reach Cangzhou.

Besides, in Cangzhou, the Xie’s had quickly adapted. Xie Zheng had even spent some money to change his identity, he had quickly become a member of the inner yamen, he had become the main investigator in charge of smuggling cases.

On top of that, Xie Zheng was smart, he had solved a few great cases but he hadn’t taken all the merit for it, he had praised his colleagues mostly, so quickly, many people had started liking him. In half a month, he had gained a firm foothold in Cangzhou.

Then, he had started investigating about the Tingyu Building and Li the Cripple.

Unfortunately, Li the Cripple wasn’t in Cangzhou. Otherwise, Xie Zheng would have easily found him. But he hadn’t given up and he knew all he needed to know about the Tingyu Building.

And the Xie’s had also heard about Mu Yi, even if nobody had said his name, they knew it was him, a very young Taoist priest with a giant, who else could it be? Besides, Mu Yi hadn’t made a secret of his presence, that was typically him.

The Xie’s were worried when Mu Yi was traveling, when they learnt about his adventures and the fact that he kept defeating enemies, they were extremely relieved.

“Third Uncle, the Master should be here already, shouldn’t he?”

asked Xie Miao. They were in a house. Xie Zheng had gotten that house after arriving in Cangzhou. He wanted to have a private house with Xie Miao so that they could exercise their activities secretly.

“Yes, he should arrive soon. I already sent some people to the city gate, when he arrives, we’ll know about it immediately.” said Xie Zheng slowly.

“We’ve been here for a month and we don’t know where Li the Cripple is, won’t the Master be angry?” asked Xie Miao hesitantly.

They had spent lots of money to look for him but in vain. Would Mu Yi blame them?

Since they had left Lin’An County, Xie Mao knew they’d have to rely on Mu Yi. If Mu Yi was a tree, they’d be branches. If Mu Yi was fine, they’d be fine.

“Don’t worry. And we can’t know what he thinks anyway. Even though we didn’t find anything about Li the Cripple, we still learned some things. When the Master comes, I will explain everything to him.” said Xie Zheng. He already knew what he was going to tell Mu Yi.

When Xie Miao heard his uncle, he forced himself to relax.

At that moment, an investigator came in, “Officer Xie, report.”

When the Xie’s heard him, they instantly stood up and said, “He’s here?”

“Indeed, a giant and a Taoist priest arrived in Cangzhou. They’re in the western part of the city. Xiao Lizi is behind.” replied Zhao Ming quickly.

Zhao Ming realized that his life was improving. Before, even though he was an investigator, he had to struggle to earn extra income, it was difficult to support his family, he could almost never afford to buy fine liquor and good food.

Then, Xie Zheng had come and Zhao Ming had had hope again. He had started earning more thanks to Xie Zheng. He liked that old man. Everybody liked him because he always gave them so much. He was kind, honest, and he was really good at his job.

“Alright, let’s go to the west of the city.” said Xie Zheng happily.

“Third Uncle, clothes.” said Xie Miao pointing at Xie Zheng’s investigator’s clothes. Then, Xie Zheng changed.

Mu Yi was now a little famous, if he wore investigator’s clothes to go and see Mu Yi, it’d drew people’s attention, especially that they had gained a firm foothold in Cangzhou, if anyone saw investigators with Mu Yi, his boss wouldn’t be happy, and Mu Yi would maybe be in trouble.

When Xie Zheng changed, they left. Nobody was surprised to see Xie Zheng like that.

Mu Yi brought Big Slave to a courtyard but after a short time, someone knocked at the door. Mu Yi sensed the Xie’s Qi.

“Come in.” said Mu Yi. The Xie’s finally saw Mu Yi.

“Greetings, Master.” said the Xie’s. They owed Mu Yi. He had done so much for them. He had also given them lots of money. Without the money, it would have been difficult for them to settle in Cangzhou. Money was important.

Mu Yi wasn’t surprised that the Xie’s had found him so quickly. On the contrary, he was just satisfied. If they hadn’t found him so quickly, he would have doubted about their abilities and skills as investigators.


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