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Chapter 186: The Ruthless Butcher in Blue-Green Clothes

“Who are you?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“How shameless!”

shouted the younger man immediately.

“It’s fine!” said the middle-aged man shaking his hand. Then he said to Mu Yi, “He’s a servant in my palace, unfortunately, he’s not very polite.”

Mu Yi glanced at Yang Yin’s corpse, the man in front of him was clearly a high official of Jinan Prefecture.

“Do you want to avenge him?” asked Mu Yi indifferently. Mu Yi had sensed his presence before already, that’s why he had only used the Bamboo Tree of Life and not magic figures.

Even though the man looked calm and serene, Mu Yi could see that he was threatening.

“Why? He’s dead already. It has nothing to do with me.” said the middle-aged shaking his head. He seemingly didn’t care about Yang Yin’s death. Then he said, “I came to see what the evil Taoist priest many people talk about is like.”

“You must be disappointed.” said Mu Yi.

“No, on the contrary. I am happy to meet you. Your reputation is deserved.” said the middle-aged man slowly.

“Nonsense, you think I believe you?” said Mu Yi smiling icily.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, I admire you and I came in peace. Maybe that for other people, the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road is a precious treasure, but to me, it’s nothing. I don’t care about it.” said the middle-aged man confidently.

When Mu Yi heard him, he remained silent. He was a bit confused because the man seemed honest. And it was almost pleasant to be around someone like that.

What was stupefying though was that he didn’t care about the key. He probably had a very high rank in society. Only people at the top of the hierarchy could act so confidently.

The young man behind him released Qi without noticing it, top-class Qi. He was around thirty. And the middle-aged man didn’t look like a fighter at all but Mu Yi didn’t dare underestimate him, on the contrary, he was convinced the man was probably an amazing fighter.

Mu Yi just thought one thing when he saw that man, Enigmatic and unfathomable.

“Alright, since you saw me, can I leave now?” said Mu Yi. He had nothing to do there anymore.

“You can leave if you wish.” said the middle-aged man nodding. He didn’t intend to hold Mu Yi back.

Mu Yi was stupefied, had the man really come only to see what he was like? Mu Yi didn’t believe that that man could be that boring, especially that he seemed to have a high social status.

Not to mention that Yang Yin and the whole army were probably under his orders. Could it be that he really didn’t intend to avenge Yang Yin’s death?

People who had power usually had a bad temper, not to mention that Mu Yi had just killed so many of his people in front of him. It was a humiliation for him.

He was either an extremely kindhearted person or he was an evil plotter.

“I’m off then.” said Mu Yi. He didn’t want to give the man time to take back his words. Big Slave, Wang Tao, the two guards and Mu Yi immediately started walking away.

When the group left, the man’s smile gradually became ice-cold.

“Master, you’re going to let them leave like that?” asked the grave and stern looking young man.

“So what? Capturing him isn’t easy.” said the middle-aged man shaking his head.

“But he has the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road.” said the young man unhappily.

“It’s just a key. If we get it, we’ll get in trouble. It’s too early.” said the middle-aged man raising his head and looked at the sky. He suddenly said icily, “Kill them all!”

“Roger, Master.”

said the young man turning around. He looked at the soldiers who had been lucky enough to survive. Then horrible shrieks started spread around on the battlefield.

“The sound of death is the most beautiful sound.”

When Mu Yi and the others were a few li away from there, they stopped. Wang Tao and the two guards were exhausted. Walking so much after such a terrifying battle wasn’t easy.

“Master, I think I know who that man was.” said Wang Tao to Mu Yi.

“Who is he?” Mu Yi looked curious.

“The first man of the governor-general, Yuan Shikai, of Zhili (translator’s note: Beijing, Tianjin, most of Hebei and Henan and part of Shandong), Yun Xiang, also known as Yun Zhonglu or the Ruthless Butcher in Blue-Green Clothes. Three years ago, he oppressed the Boxers (translator’s note: Yihetuan movement, anti-imperialist movement in Chinese history, for more info, ) in one simple attack. He’s cruel and vicious. He has shed much blood in his life. He’s a butcher, a slaughterer…” said Wang Tao slowly.

“Oh.” Mu Yi nodded. He looked expressionless.

“It’s such a pity that I’m so weak, otherwise, I would have slaughtered him just now, I would have avenged those ordinary people.” said Wang Tao furiously.

“Why avenge ordinary people?” Mu Yi shook his head. He had seen many people in his life who pretended to work for the interests of common people but actually it was just for their own selfish interests.

Even though Wang Tao didn’t harbor evil intentions, he was too naive. The difference between good and bad wasn’t always clear anyway.


The two guards shouted to warn Wang Tao.

Wang Tao looked at Mu Yi and understood he had said something wrong. Besides, some people also said they wanted to eliminate Mu Yi to avenge ordinary people, because he was a killer. He had killed about a hundred people in Western Ji Hill, and he had just killed about two hundred people on the battlefield.

Apart from having listened to Yang Yin’s orders, those people had done nothing wrong. Weren’t they innocent? Even Wang Tao himself had killed many people in his life.

But Mu Yi didn’t mind, he said, “If you want to avenge people, you need to become stronger anyway. Continue making efforts.”

“Thank you very much for your advice, Master.” said Wang Tao immediately.

Mu Yi smiled and sat down. They needed a rest.

Mu Yi sensed someone was watching them though. He didn’t use mind strength this time. He was surprised that the Ruthless Butcher in Blue-Green Clothes had let them go so easily. Initially, Mu Yi was convinced they were going to have a fierce battle.

Mu Yi didn’t really understand what that man’s intentions were but he knew things couldn’t be that easy.

But apart from that, Mu Yi also realized he had gained lots of experience during the battle. And thanks to the Bamboo Tree of Life, he could fight in close combat.

In case magic figures weren’t enough, he’d also be able to use it.

Mu Yi was particularly vigilant after that until they left Jinan Prefecture and even Shandong. The man didn’t follow him though. As he had said, he let them leave.

And something else made Mu Yi even more curious and surprised, nobody seemed to know about the battle in Jinan. It didn’t spread around. Maybe that the Ruthless Butcher in Blue-Green Clothes and the young man were the only ones who knew about that.

Why would the man help him though?

Mu Yi needed to build up his reputation and to scare enemies away. But he could hardly imagine all the consequences his actions could have, maybe that he could attract bigger trouble too, and unless he was strong enough to defeat any enemy, it could be dangerous.

Fighting against the whole army had been exhausting, but what if it had been a thousand elite units? Or thousands? Or even ten thousand? Maybe that it would have been different.

Besides, the soldiers hadn’t used firearms, they had used spears and swords, and it was already extremely difficult for Mu Yi. If hundreds of men had been shooting at him with firearms, what could Mu Yi have done? Hide behind Big Slave? Escape?

Mu Yi had no choice but to admit that times were changing. The times of a valiant general alone at the front of his troops and attacking first were over.

Even Big Slave, if he got shot by big guns, artillery and cannons, he would also die.

It was a flourishing period in terms of martial arts in Cangzhou. Luoyang and Kaifeng weren’t as flourishing. Mu Yi had been there in the past with the old Taoist Priest. Even though it was a few years before, when they arrived, he thought that  that gigantic city hadn’t changed that much.

Unfortunately, when Mu Yi arrived, he didn’t understand what it represented.

Wang Tao remained silent. He knew that Mu Yi and he were going to part ways there. Even though Mu Yi hadn’t taught him anything during their journey, he had still learnt a lot from him. He had become more mature with Mu Yi.

“Master, take care.” said Wang Tao when they arrived in Cangzhou.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t go to the capital city, not now at least.” said Mu Yi to Wang Tao.

“As a son, and as a man, I have no choice. Even though it could be extremely dangerous, I have to go.” said Wang Tao calmly and serenely.

“Since you made up your mind, then go.” said Mu Yi. Then he walked to the big city gate. Big Slave closely followed him. Wang Tao and his two guards didn’t follow.

They weren’t going into that gigantic city.

When Mu Yi and Big Slave disappeared in the distance, Wang Tao turned around, he looked a bit sad for a few seconds, but very quickly, he looked determined again.

“Let’s go.”

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