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Chapter 188: New Identity

“Thank you for your hard work.”

    said Mu Yi happily. He had made the right decision by sending the two to Cangzhou. He wasn’t surprised that they hadn’t found Li the Cripple though.

    If Li the Cripple had been easy to find, it would have proved there was something wrong. Cangzhou was just a first part of the puzzle. And Xie Zheng told Mu Yi everything he knew about the Tingyu Building.

    When Mu Yi heard about the Tingyu Building, he was astonished. From what the hoodlum had told him, he had thought the Tingyu Building would be a powerful and influential group, but actually they were famous embroiderers.

    Everybody knew about them in Cangzhou. Many ladies who were married to high officials and noble lords loved that place.

    The owner of the Tingyu Building was called Leng Yu. Mu Yi thought there were two Tingyu Buildings in Cangzhou initially. He was a but surprised but at the same time, those were good news, if the Tingyu Building had been a very powerful influential group, things would have been complicated.

    Of course, Mu Yi didn’t underestimate them either. The hoodlum and Li the Cripple were connected to the Tingyu Building, or to Leng Yu at least. How could Leng Yu be an ordinary person? Those people probably hid behind the identity of embroiderers.

    Xie Zheng couldn’t check about that obviously. His competences were limited there. Besides, he hadn’t been in Cangzhou long enough to unravel all those mysteries.

    “That was our job, Master.” said Xie Zheng when Mu Yi thanked him. He initially respected Mu Yi a lot but now that Mu Yi had become famous, he respected him even more.

    And he was also grateful because Mu Yi had enabled them to leave Lin’An County, and now Xie Miao had gained much experience.

    “I will spend some time in Cangzhou until we get news from Li the Cripple. You can come to me anytime. Also, please find someone trustworthy who can bring this letter to Luoyang. From now on, you’re in charge of the communication on that side.” said Mu Yi after thinking for a few seconds.

    “Master, Xie Miao can go there. He needs to gain experience. Besides, I bought a house in Cangzhou. You can move in.” said Xie Zheng to Mu Yi.

    “No need. Considering the circumstances, living in your house is not convenient. Besides, if the situation worsens, don’t come to me. Pretend you don’t know me.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

    “Master, I’m not afraid of danger.” said Xie Zheng hastily.

    “No need. I made up my mind. Before I sort out some things, don’t let anyone know we know each other. Your task is to watch the Tingyu Building secretly. Don’t miss any piece of information.” said Mu Yi firmly.

    Troubles weren’t over. He was probably going to have to display his strength in Cangzhou. He had been rising for such a short time, he hadn’t had the opportunity to make people genuinely submit.

    Mu Yi was planning things as if he had been playing chess. If anyone found out the Xie’s were involved, his plans would be ruined.


    said Xie Zheng when he saw Mu Yi had made up his mind. Actually, he knew that Mu Yi would react like that.

    When the Xie’s left, Mu Yi walked to the window. He was lost in thought.

    The Tingyu Building was a like a gap, Mu Yi didn’t intend to act rashly and alert the enemies. Li the Cripple was hiding somewhere. If Mu Yi acted rashly and alerted enemies, finding Li the Cripple would become even more difficult.

    Mu Yi hadn’t forgotten his deal with the hoodlum either, back then, he had agreed to hand over a talisman to his fellow disciple.

    The hoodlum’s fellow disciple was Sir Mo and Mu Yi already knew a little about him. Back in the days when he was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, they had seen Sir Mo. Back in the days, Mu Yi used to think he was just an ordinary old papercutting master. He didn’t know about the Papercutting Sect.

    Mu Yi didn’t underestimate papercutting artists. Back then, the Door God had been able to stop Nian Nuer. Papercutting artists could also use paper as an armor. If Mu Yi hadn’t had the copper lamp, it would have been difficult, he would have definitely lost.

    “It’s time to change my identity.”

    thought Mu Yi sighing. He took out the man’s skin which he had obtained from the hoodlum and he changed his clothes. Mu Yi’s face completely changed. He didn’t look like a teenager anymore, he now had the elegant demeanor of a gentleman.

    Like that, he didn’t need to worry, nobody would be able to recognize him. Unfortunately, it was impossible to conserve the hair of ordinary people after their death, therefore, Mu Yi tied his hair in a kerchief (translator’s note: 方巾 – fangjin, a kerchief worn by scholars during the Ming Dynasty), then he rolled the forehead back onto the kerchief. It looked a bit strange but at least it was impossible to recognize him like that.

    This time, Mu Yi didn’t take Nian Nuer with him. He had to leave her there with Big Slave, otherwise, with Big Slave’s temper, if he stayed alone, anything could happen and that’d be a calamity.

    Then, Mu Yi went out. When he arrived on the street, he saw a merchant of plaited bamboo hats so he bought one. It was even more difficult to recognize him like that.

    Actually, nobody knew him in Cangzhou, without Big Slave, nobody would know that he was in Cangzhou. But he hadn’t tried to be discreet either.

    He had already planned everything. With his new identity, he was now incognito.

    From what he remembered, Mu Yi tried to find Sir Mo’s papercutting shop.

    “Dear guest, how may I help you?”

    said someone when Mu Yi entered the shop.

    “Is Mister Mo here?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly.

    “Scoundrel! The boss is sick! Won’t you let him off?!” Mu Yi hadn’t expected the man to get so angry.

    “Mister Mo is sick?” asked Mu Yi frowning. He had the impression there was something wrong. Being sick was something common for ordinary people, but he wasn’t supposed to be an ordinary person, he was supposed to be a cultivator. Even though Mu Yi didn’t know what Mister Mo’s cultivation level was, the hoodlum had reached the second difficulty, as the hoodlum’s fellow disciple, even if Mister Mo was less talented, he had to have the strength of the second difficulty at least.

    At the second difficulty, except when someone got injured, or in particular circumstances, they usually couldn’t get sick. From the man’s reaction, Mu Yi was convinced he was hiding something.

    “It’s a misunderstanding. Mister Mo is one of my elders. I came to Cangzhou to see him.” explained Mu Yi.

    “Are you really not one of them?” asked Mo Xiao Yu when he heard Mu Yi. He seemed hesitant.

    “Brother, I’m sure you already know I am not from Cangzhou considering my accent. I really came to visit Mister Mo.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

    “Show me evidence.” said Mo Xiao Yu. Of course he had doubts, Mu Yi was wearing a plaited bamboo hat which meant he wanted to be incognito.

    “This.” said Mu Yi taking a Zhong Kui origami. It was one of the things he had obtained from the hoodlum. Mu Yi had taken a few of the hoodlum’s belongings on his journey. That origami looked lifelike. He also had the talisman he was supposed to give to Mister Mo.

    “How come you have a Door God of our sect?” said Mo Xiao Yu. He looked at the origami for a few seconds and then he shook his head, “There’s something wrong, the boss didn’t make that one.”

    “I didn’t say Mister Mo made it, one of his fellow disciples made it. It proves my identity.” said Mu Yi.

    “Alright.” said Mo Xiao Yu nodding happily, “Wait, I’ll take you to the boss.”

    said Mo Xiao Yu. He took something at the entrance and then led the way.

    “What illness does Mister Mo have?” asked Mu Yi.

    “Actually, he’s just injured, he was beaten up.” said Mo Xiao Yu hesitantly. He didn’t doubt about Mu Yi’s identity anymore since he had the origami. The man was almost a fellow disciple of Mister Mo but not entirely. However, he remembered that Mister Mo used to have another fellow disciple, so when Mu Yi took out the origami, he guessed his identity.

    Even if he wasn’t Mister Mo’s fellow disciple, they were probably close, otherwise, why would he have that origami, only members of the Papercutting Sect could recognize them.

    “Injured?” Mu Yi’s look became sharp. Mo Xiao Yu suddenly shivered, but such feelings just last for a few milliseconds.

    Mo Xiao Yu glanced at Mu Yi and then he told Mu Yi everything.

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