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Chapter 190: Old Friends?

Mo Xiao Yu was smart, he had experience, he knew how to carefully weigh a person’s words and closely watch their expression. And from Mu Yi’s expression, he was convinced he was one of them.

    Especially that Mu Yi looked furious when he learnt that Mister Mo had been injured which proved he was one of them. So Mo Xiao Yu told him everything.

    Mu Yi understood one thing, where there were people, there were travelers, and where there were travelers, there were always battles.

    Mo Xiao Yu took Mu Yi to a house. When they entered, Mu Yi smelled medicine. He also saw Mister Mo. He was decocting medicinal herbs.

    Mu Yi recognized him.

    “Ah, boss, I told you, I’d do it when I come back!” said Mo Xiao Yu when they entered the courtyard. He quickly ran towards the old man and took the fan he was holding to fan the fire himself.

    “No need, I’m old but I can move.” said Mister Mo taking the fan back. He sounded firm but as if he had been talking to his own son.

    “Alright, alright, I know you’re not that old. I brought someone who knows you. Greet him.” said Mo Xiao Yu coughing.

    “Oh, he knows me?” said Mister Mo glancing at Mu Yi. But Mu Yi was wearing a plaited bamboo hat so it was impossible to see his face.

    But he understood when Mu Yi entered the courtyard.

    “Mister Mo.” said Mu Yi taking his plaited bamboo hat off. He remained vigilant though, even if Mister Mo could be trusted, Mu Yi couldn’t take the risk to take off the skin.

    “Who are you?” asked Mister Mo. He looked like an ordinary at that moment.

    Mu Yi immediately gave him the hoodlum’s talisman.

    Mister Mo shivered. His eyes gleamed as he stared at the talisman. Mo Xiao Yu’s expression suddenly changed. But he just glanced at Mu Yi and then continued decocting the medicinal herbs.

    Mu Yi waited for Mister Mo to speak.

    After a long time, Mister Mo closed his eyes and tears flowed down his cheeks. Seeing an old man cry and shake was very moving. It was impossible to describe such a situation.

    “How did he die?” asked Mister Mo taking a deep breath.

    “I killed him.” said Mu Yi honestly and straightforwardly.


    When Mo Xiao Yu heard that, he dropped something and looked at Mu Yi. He was speechless.

    “I knew there would be such a day.” Mister Mo didn’t seem angry, he just shook his head, his reaction was beyond expectation.

    “Mister Mo, how do you know he’s dead?” asked Mu Yi. Mo Xiao Yu looked extremely nervous. He was afraid that Mu Yi would hurt Mister Mo.

    Mo Xiao Yu regretted that he had let Mu Yi in. He regretted he hadn’t seen through him. Luckily, Mu Yi didn’t do anything bad. He just made two steps backwards after having given the talisman to Mister Mo.

    “With his temper, he was doomed. How come he asked you to bring the talisman to me?” asked Mister Mo stroking the talisman.

    “Mister Mo, are you angry at me? I killed him after all.” said Mu Yi. No matter what, the hoodlum was Mister Mo’s fellow disciple, and Mister Mo liked him very much.

    Mister Mo knew that the hoodlum used to be obsessive though.

    “He asked you to give me the talisman when you killed him which means he had committed a crime, and he didn’t hate you, so I don’t hate you.” said Mister Mo putting the talisman away. Then he said, “Come with me.”

    Mister Mo didn’t even look at Mo Xiao Yu who was standing up, he said, “Yu, go and guard the door.”

    Guard the door? Was there anything to protect? Mister Mo didn’t want Mo Xiao Yu to hear them, sometimes, it was better not to know too much, he was protecting Mo Xiao Yu by doing so.

    “Alright, Boss.” said Mo Xiao Yu. He didn’t feel like it but he still walked to the door. He knew what Mister Mo meant.

    Mu Yi followed Mister Mo to a room. There were all sorts of origami on the walls and on the pieces of furniture, animals, insects, birds, they all looked lifelike. They were perfect. They looked like another treasure of China.

    When Mu Yi sat down, Mister Mo said, “Even though I knew such a thing would happen someday, I hadn’t thought it’d happen so quickly.”

    “Things can change quickly sometimes. My condolences, Mister Mo.” said Mu Yi. The hoodlum had committed a crime and Mu Yi didn’t regret having killed him. The hoodlum was just a miserable man.

    Mu Yi also earnestly had compassion for Mister Mo. The hoodlum was the hoodlum. Mister Mo was Mister Mo. Mister Mo had seen the father and his female junior fellow disciple die a violent death, the hoodlum was extremely sad about that, so Mister Mo was probably extremely sad about that too.

    He was probably even sadder than the hoodlum.

    “I’ve seen you before, right?” said Mister Mo suddenly.

    “Why do you think so?” Mu Yi didn’t deny but he didn’t confirm either.

    “Even though I wasn’t as skilled as my fellow disciple in terms of papercutting, I have acute perceptions when it comes to Qi. Even if you changed your skin, your Qi hasn’t changed, especially that the skin costume is a specialty of our sect. You can fool others but not me.” said Mister Mo straightforwardly.

    “You’re right. I came to see you with my master years ago.” said Mu Yi honestly. Then he took off the skin.

    Mister Mo seemed lost in thought, he said, “You grew up, little boy.”

    “You remember me, Mister Mo?” Mu Yi was stupefied. Recognizing Qi was one thing, recognizing someone based on his physical traits was another thing.

    “Of course I remember you, why not?” said Mister Mo shaking his head, then he asked, “How’s your Master doing?”

    “He passed away.” said Mu Yi looking glum. Mister Mo was making him remember sad things.

    “He’s dead?” When Mister Mo heard Mu Yi, he frowned. He couldn’t believe it, “How could he be dead?”

    “He was old, traveling so much probably didn’t do him any good. He told me it was time for him to die, I saw him die and then I buried him. But then, something happened, and now I’m looking for something.” Even though Mister Mo wasn’t an old friend, maybe that he used to know Mister Mo better than Mu Yi could imagine. But Mu Yi didn’t talk about the fact that the old Taoist Priest had turned into a zombie.

    He had failed to protect his master’s body, he needed to find it back. Otherwise, he would never forgive himself.

    “How come…” muttered Mister Mo. He seemed to be more saddened by the old Taoist Priest’s death than by the hoodlum’s.

    “Did you know my master well?” asked Mu Yi when he saw Mister Mo’s reaction.

    “He saved my life. Of course we were close.” said Mister Mo shaking his head and sighing.

    When Mu Yi heard that, he was astonished, the old Taoist Priest had never told him about that. Besides, the old Taoist Priest had probably saved Mister Mo’s life before finding Mu Yi, which meant, at least eight years before.

    “Do you know who injured my master back then, Mister Mo?” asked Mu Yi immediately. Back then, the old Taoist Priest was at the top of the second difficulty, and then he had had a great battle and had been injured. That was also one of the reasons why he had died.

    Mu Yi didn’t believe that in the past, so he hadn’t asked the old Taoist Priest anything and he had never thought of chasing the old Taoist Priest’s enemy, but after the old Taoist Priest’s death, Mu Yi had understood it was all true. But then it was too late to ask who had injured him.

    Besides, the old Taoist Priest seemingly didn’t intend to tell him anything. Maybe that he was worried that Mu Yi wouldn’t have a proper measure of himself and would go to fight a losing battle, that would be in vain.

    But now Mu Yi still wanted to know who that enemy was.

    He had always thought he wouldn’t be able to find the one who had injured the old Taoist Priest, but now it seemed that Mister Mo and the old Taoist Priest used to be close, so maybe that he knew? No wonder the old Taoist Priest had taken Mu Yi to see Mister Mo back in the days. But Mu Yi just hadn’t heard their conversation.

    Now, Mu Yi wanted to know the details.

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