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Chapter 191: The Way of Magic Figures


After Mu Yi asked, Mister Mo looked at him in a strange way and said, “Your Master probably had his reasons for not telling you. But I can’t tell you anything without authorization. Besides, I am not very familiar with how the situation used to be back then.”

“My Master has passed away already. Do you also want to take those secrets with you into your grave?” said Mu Yi impatiently. Mister Mo didn’t mind though.

“Well, I initially intended to take these secrets with me into the grave.” said Mister Mo smiling magnanimously.

“Why did my Master take me to see you back in the days? I don’t think it was only to chat about the past, right?” said Mu Yi.

“Even if you didn’t ask, I’d still tell you, don’t worry. Besides, back then, your master gave me some things back in the days. This time, I will give them to you.” said Mister Mo suddenly.

“My master gave you things for me?” Mu Yi was stupefied, he almost couldn’t believe what the man was telling him. He didn’t understand why the old Taoist Priest would have given Mister Mo anything for him either. And why had he hidden those things before dying?

If the hoodlum’s actions hadn’t had an impact on Counselor Peng, Mu Yi would have never killed the hoodlum and so on, he wouldn’t have come to Cangzhou either. He wouldn’t have come to see Mister Mo either… So the things Mister Mo had would have gone lost and forgotten, right?

Or maybe that the old Taoist Priest knew that Mu Yi would come and see Mister Mo at some point?

There was no explanation otherwise. But then again, how could he be so sure that Mu Yi would go there? Not to mention that Mu Yi had chosen Funiu Village himself so the old Taoist Priest couldn’t have planned anything related to Funiu Village before their arrival there.

Mu Yi didn’t understand. Unfortunately, nobody could give him explanations regarding these things.

“Indeed, your master gave me some things for you. Besides, back in the days, he also told me to give them to you whenever you would come.” said Mister Mo straightforwardly.

“What if I had never come?” asked Mu Yi.

“Aren’t you here now?” said Mister Mo. Then he walked away and left Mu Yi alone in the room.

“Aren’t you here now?” Mu Yi thought over Mister Mo’s answer. He had said that as if it was normal.

Indeed, Mu Yi was there, he had come, and he now knew that the old Taoist Priest had left things for him there, but at the same time, if he hadn’t come, he would have never know about that.

Mu Yi thought of the past and of what the old Taoist Priest had done, it really seemed that he had planned something and that Mu Yi hadn’t noticed anything. So what had the old Taoist Priest left for him?

Mu Yi kept discovering new things, the copper lamp became more powerful as he became stronger, if he hadn’t reached the second difficulty, he would have never known about that.

Would he discover even more things with time?

And why had the old Taoist Priest left those things? And was everything he had left for him related to the practice of cultivation?

Mu Yi found the old Taoist Priest more and more mysterious.

After a short time, Mister Mo came back with a box, “everything is inside. I won’t disturb you.”

After that, Mister Mo didn’t let Mu Yi speak, he just left the room

Mu Yi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He gradually felt more and more under pressure. He grabbed the box with the greatest care.

That box wasn’t only something the old Taoist Priest had left for him, it was a symbol, it was a symbol of the old man’s efforts to raise Mu Yi. Maybe that Mu Yi would also obtain answers to his questions after opening the box.

After a long time, Mu Yi opened the box with his shaking hand. The box wasn’t locked. Since the old Taoist Priest had given it to Mister Mo, it meant he trusted him so of course, he didn’t need to lock it. Besides, if Mister Mo had wanted to see, a lock would have been useless.

Anyway, it was useless to doubt about Mister Mo’s intentions.

Mu Yi slowly opened the box. It smelled like mildew and ink in the box.

Some things were wrapped up in a yellow brocade. It looked like a bundle of books.

Mu Yi carefully unwrapped the bundle and discovered a book.

Magic figures!

Those two words were written on the book cover, Mu Yi was stupefied. He suddenly understood that the old Taoist Priest had given the whole thing a lot of thought. He suddenly recalled back in the days when the old man forced him to draw magic figures. He had made him draw those simple magic figures again and again for him to master them.

Mu Yi wondered why the old Taoist Priest hadn’t tried to teach him more about cultivation.

It seemed that the old man didn’t want to teach him too much, he was maybe worried that Mu Yi would bite off more than he could chew back in the days. By teaching him tiny little things step by step, he had helped Mu Yi build up on solid foundations.

If the old Taoist Priest had taught Mu Yi everything he knew, Mu Yi would have never reached such a level so quickly. And he wouldn’t have mastered anything in the end. Even though he had transmitted him only a few magic figures, it was all Mu Yi needed to start properly.

The evil spirit slaying charm was good to attack, the exorcism charm was good to cure, the body protection charm was good for defense.

Regarding the inviting wealth charm and the home-guarding charm, he had used them too. That way, Mu Yi had been able to protect himself and live in safe conditions with those. He could live a normal life thanks to those things.

Regarding the five thunders charm, maybe that the old Taoist Priest had given it to Mu Yi because he didn’t think Mu Yi would be able to learn how to draw with the strength of the first difficulty and that it would become his most improtant asset.

Mu Yi caressed the two words on the box. His eyes were moist.

He hadn’t never been a particularly emotional person. When the old Taoist Priest had passed away, he hadn’t burst into tears and cried for days like most people. Mu Yi was introverted.

“There is no proper way of drawing magic figures, you give them a soul with Qi.”

Mu Yi opened the book and the first line was composed of those few words, simple words which made Mu Yi’s heart race, it felt like a detonation in his brain.

Mu Yi discovered those words at the perfect moment, if he had discovered them too early when he didn’t understand Qi, it would have been useless.

And if he had discovered them later, maybe that Mu Yi would have started following another Way. Mu Yi wasn’t extremely strong yet, and he could still make mistakes in terms of cultivation.

Therefore, he had read those words at the perfect moment.

The eight words turned into a divine light. Even though Mu Yi wasn’t drawing magic figures at that moment, Mu Yi understood that his abilities in terms of magic figures drawing had just increased a lot. He had just made a huge step forward.

That simple sentence was a perfect summary of the four magic figures levels.

The first level was the simple act of being able to create a magic figure with a sheet of paper, a brush, cinnabar, ink, etc.

The second level was when a magic figure had a rudimentary form with Qi inside just like when Mu Yi had started putting Qi inside his five thunders charms and that they had suddenly become much more powerful.

The third level was when magic figures were invisible and intangible. Buddhists chanted mantras, whereas Taoist priests used the nine magic words incantation. And in the body of a human, one of the seven chakras was called Viśuddha, it established a connection between the body and the ten thousand things of creation.

After opening that chakra, people became much more powerful as long as they strictly enforced the principles they learnt in the Holy scriptures.

The third level was really about establishing a connection with the earth and the sky, and that way, they could create magic figures with the strength of the earth and the sky. Mu Yi couldn’t do that yet but it didn’t mean he couldn’t understand the concept.

The first words of that book summed up almost everything someone needed to know to make magic figures, and now. Mu Yi suddenly understood many things thanks to that sentence.

And the fourth level was enigmatic and unfathomable, soul, everything had a soul, the ten thousand things of creation had a soul, magic figures had souls too. That kind of level was already extremely high. Such magic figures didn’t work the same way as the previous ones, they didn’t disperse so easily with time, and they could even absorb the energy of the earth and the sky, the longer they did it, the more powerful they became.

Of course, that kind of level was like another world for Mu Yi. He wasn’t even sure he’d be able to reach such a level during that life.

And to reach the third level, he needed to open his Viśuddha first. The Viśuddha was the fifth chakra already. Opening the Viśuddha would also be the end of the second difficulty.

Regarding the third difficulty, Mu Yi didn’t know anything at all because even the old Taoist Priest hadn’t reached the third difficulty. It was too early to talk about it anyway. Those were unnecessary worries at his level.

Mu Yi read that sentence over and over for half an hour. After he perfectly understood them, he exhaled deeply. He had the impression his perceptions had improved too. He felt clearer too. Even his mind strength was purer than before. In half an hour, he had made the progress he would have made in half a month if he had practiced extremely hard everyday.

“When you’re rich, you progress much faster… You progress much faster when you have precious items than when you have to rely on your own self all the time. That book made me progress ten, if not a hundred, times faster than if I had just practiced on my own. And you can create things too when you understand them.” thought Mu Yi shaking his head. It was too early for him to think of creating things though. Running before knowing how to walk was impossible.

Mu Yi needed to base his practice on other people. That wa a long process. He needed to understand things other people had created. That was the only way. Then, someday, he’d also be able to create things. The only way was to follow others and someday, he would reach a point where nobody would be in front of him anymore, that’d be the right moment to create.

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