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Chapter 193: Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag


When the white lights dispersed, Mister Mo seemed much better. His face wasn’t as pale anymore, it was a bit red again. His Qi was becoming stable again too.

“Manager, are you alright?” asked Mo Xiao Yu running to Mister Mo hastily. What had just happened was mysterious and he was worried about Mister Mo.

“I’m alright.” said Mister Mo, then he looked at Mu Yi and said, “You’re so young and you already have such a level in magic figures. No wonder your master had so much faith in and hope for you.”

“It seems that Mister Mo is…” Mu Yi frowned. Regarding Mister Mo’s compliment, he just ignored it.

“I’ll be fine.” said Mister Mo shaking his head.

But actually, Mu Yi could sense a powerful evil strength was flowing in Mister Mo’s body. That was the reason why he was sick. The exorcism charm was almost useless, his face had just regained some colors but that was all.

Mister Mo was just trying to reassure Mu Yi but nobody understood his situation better than him. He was critical.

When Mu Yi heard Mister Mo, he looked silent. Mister Mo had clearly been injured by the one who had stolen the imperial jade seal which meant the robber was extremely strong, because Mister Mo had the strength of the second difficulty.

And if such a person wanted the imperial jade seal, it meant the item was extraordinary, or maybe that it hid an even greater secret or treasure.

“Xiao Yu, go and buy some meat and fine liquor.”

“Boss, how could you drink alcohol? You’re sick!”

“Obey orders! Otherwise, I won’t give you your salary this month.”

“Alright, alright.”

After scolding Mo Xiao Yu, Mister Mo and Mu Yi went back into the room.

“What do you want to know? I can’t tell you everything, but there are some things I can tell you if you want to know more.”

said Mister Mo. Mu Yi understood that Mister Mo wasn’t willing to tell him more about the imperial jade seal or the person who had injured him. And there were probably some things regarding the old Taoist Priest that he wouldn’t tell Mu Yi.

“Do you know Leng Yu from the Tingyu Building?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly.

Since Mister Mo wasn’t willing to tell him too much, Mu Yi wasn’t going to force him to tell him things about things he didn’t want to talk about. Therefore, he asked about the Tingyu Building which was probably his next step. He needed to get some pieces of information about Leng Yu first though.

“Tingyu Building?” Mister Mo looked perplexed but said, “Of course. The Tingyu Building is the best group of embroiderers. Everybody knows them.”

“Are they just embroiderers?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly. He didn’t believe that the Tingyu Building were just embroiderers, and he didn’t believe the hoodlum had lied to him either.

“If you ask them, they will tell you they’re just embroiderers, indeed.” said Mister Mo nodding.

“But it’s not the case, right?” said Mu Yi.

“The women of the Tingyu Building are poor girls, for the greatest part. When they join the Tingyu Building, they’re just dispirited. And the leader of the Tingyu Building is extremely strange. Besides, apart from leader of the Tingyu Building, she has another social status.” said Mister Mo slowly.

“What social status?” asked Mu Yi.

“Back in the days, the strongest group was called the Ear Group, and she used to be the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag.” said Mister Mo.

“Ear Group? Those who watched the whole world?” Mu Yi was stupefied. He hadn’t thought she would have such a powerful background. But Mu Yi didn’t care much. Regarding the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, he didn’t know anything.

“Not bad, unfortunately, things have changed, and the Ear Group collapsed. They’re now just a vestige of the ancient times.” said Mister Mo sorrowfully.

“What kind of social status is it to be the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag?” asked Mu Yi.

“Back then, the Ear Group was everywhere, there was one leader, four envoys, twelve chiefs, twenty-four Taoist priests, seventy-two temples, Xuan Ming is the God of Water, the god of the north.” said Mister Mo slowly.

Mu Yi looked grave and serious. It didn’t matter whether the Ear Group had collapsed or not, they were almighty back in the days. They had countless members, they controlled a whole territory. They were probably extremely strong.

Luckily, Mu Yi was learning about it, otherwise, he could have been in trouble if he had acted recklessly. The hoodlum had pointed Mu Yi in that direction, and he also hoped he would bring his talisman. And if Mu Yi hadn’t been looking for Li the Cripple, he would have fulfilled his promise but much later.

The hoodlum had just given him a little tip, and Mu Yi had decided to come. The hoodlum probably didn’t even know whether the Tingyu Building knew anything about Li the Cripple’s whereabouts but with Leng Yu’s background as the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, even if the Ear Group had collapsed, she probably had ways to find him.

If she agreed to help Mu Yi, she’d probably be able to find Li the Cripple. However, whether she’d accept to help Mu Yi or not had nothing to do with the hoodlum.

No matter what, the hoodlum had succeeded.

Mu Yi wasn’t furious though because without the hoodlum’s tips, he would have wandered aimlessly. Maybe that he would have decided to wait idly for opportunities in Luoyang. That would have been really boring and unproductive.

“I strongly advise you against asking her about whom caused your Master’s death. The Ear Group collapsed back in the days because they knew too much and it infuriated many people.” said Mister Mo.

As he saw it, Mu Yi would probably want to learn things from her because she used to be the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag in the Ear Group.

Mu Yi didn’t explain anything. Li the Cripple had probably stolen the old Taoist Priest’s body. Mu Yi didn’t want anyone to know about that, so he just said, “I have one last question.”

“Tell me.” said Mister Mo nodding.

“Is my Master’s enemy still alive?” asked Mu Yi staring at Mister Mo.

“He’s alive.” said Mister Mo after having remained silent for a few seconds. He replied only because Mu Yi looked so determined.

“Thank you very much, Master. I won’t disturb you any longer. If you need my help, send someone to find me.” said Mu Yi. He picked up things he had left in the room and left.

After Mu Yi left, Mister Mo looked pensive. Then, Mo Xiao Yu made him come back to his senses.

“Eh? Boss, where is he?” asked Mo Xiao Yu glancing around.

“He’s gone.” said Mister Mo sighing.

“He’s gone? He left so quickly.” said Mo Xiao Yu. He seemed saddened.

“What? You wanted to follow him because he’s very strong?” said Mister Mo. Mister Mo had encountered Mo Xiao Yu a few years before. He had stayed because Mister Mo was reliable and smart, but even though he fed him and paid him a salary, he had never taught him anything about cultivation.

And Mo Xiao Yu just knew a tiny little bit about the arts of papercutting, and Mister Mo had taught those tiny little things only because Mo Xiao Yu had begged him.

“How could I, boss? I’m staying with you.” said Mo Xiao Yu shaking his head. Mister Mo fed him. He couldn’t offend him. Money wasn’t the most important thing, Mister Mo was also the only person he had in life.”

“Go, make the origami I taught you a few days ago a hundred times, when you’re done, you’ll get something to eat.” said Mister Mo indifferently.

“Ah!” Mo Xiao Yu looked stupefied.

“Hurry up!” said Mister Mo. Mo Xiao Yu ran out of the room and started folding and cutting paper.

When Mo Xiao Yu left the room, Mister Mo shook his head, “That silly boy almost has a family, I can die content.”

After that, Mister Mo looked at the talisman he had been holding firmly the whole time and whispered, “Teacher, I admit I made a mistake.”

Mu Yi went back to his inn but there he discovered a few people were sneaking. They were watching him.

“Brother, I am so bored here. When do we go for a walk?”

When Mu Yi went back, Nian Nuer was on Big Slave’s shoulder. When she saw Mu Yi, her eyes twinkled. She was so happy to see him, she instantly jumped into his arms and hugged him.

Even though the previous time at the temple hadn’t been such a good experience, she still preferred being with Mu Yi, and she loved taking walks on big streets with him.

“I have a few things to sort out but in a few days, we can got for a walk.” said Mu Yi smiling and caressing her hair gently.

“Alright.” said the little girl nodding. Only the fact Mu Yi was showing her some affection sufficed to make her feel better. Even if Mu Yi had had no time at all, she wouldn’t have been angry anyway.

“By the way, brother, brother, after you left, someone knocked but I made Big Slave scare him away.”

“Someone knocked?” Mu Yi’s eyes gleamed coldly.

Mu Yi had already anticipated that someone would come, he just hadn’t thought they’d come so quickly. It probably wasn’t related to the Octagon Organization because they were so far from Cangzhou, but he was already known there.

Regarding the martial arts circles in Cangzhou, they kind of despised the martial arts circles of the Central Plain (translator’s note:, and those tensions weren’t the kind that could be solve in one or two days. And if they bumped into each others, they didn’t mind fighting.

Mu Yi had cold-bloodedly killed people not far from the Central Plain, people were struck with terror when they heard about him. But considering some people’s failures, didn’t it prove that Cangzhou was more powerful than the Central Plain?

Of course, that was only one reason. The other reason was that Mu Yi had one of the keys of the Yellow River’s ancient road. Even if people didn’t believe in the true dragon’s Qi stories, the keys of the Yellow River’s ancient road were definitely precious items and there were definitely great mysteries behind them.

It was obvious only by seeing who the owners of the five other keys were.

Anyway, there were several reasons so the fact that some people watched Mu Yi wasn’t a surprise, but there was still something Mu Yi didn’t understand, nobody knew about the battle in the Jinan Prefecture, it didn’t spread anyway. Mu Yi remembered the person the blue-green robe.


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