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Chapter 194: Defeat

That night the copper lamp was shining brightly on the table. The whole room smelled like burning oil.

In the room, Big Slave remained motionless while Nian Nuer was on his shoulders playing with him, poking him and teasing him.

Mu Yi was in front of the table, he had a brush in his hand and he was drawing. There were many paper balls at his feet.

Suddenly, Big Slave started shaking. A paper ball started burning in his third eye and then it turned into ashes.

“Eight seconds? It’s too short.” whispered Mu Yi frowning but he didn’t wait for Big Slave to do anything, he grabbed another charm and threw it at Big Slave.

The charm moved towards Big Slave extremely quickly and crashed onto his third eye. He was about to move but he stiffened again.

“Brother, that’s the meditation body charm? Why is useless against me?” asked Nian Nuer next to Mu Yi and looking at his charm. She was curious.

Mu Yi had been practicing the arts of magic figures since the beginning of the evening. The meditation body charm and the mountain carrying charm were not as difficult as the five thunders charm but since Mu Yi had just learnt them so his success rate at making them wasn’t very high yet.

And he was using Big Slave as a guinea pig, of course, he was just trying the meditation body charm on him. The meditation body charm reminded Mu Yi of Qu Yang’s bronze mirror. That item could make people’s souls stiffen. Even though the meditation body charm was different, the consequences were a bit similar.

It also lasted for a short time, it wasn’t really satisfying. It also depended on the target though, Big Slave had some incredible natural abilities. Mu Yi was even convinced that Big Slave wasn’t weaker than some first-class fighters.

If Mu Yi had used the meditation body charm on an ordinary person, it would prevent them from moving for a few hours at least.

And Mu Yi had even tried on Nian Nuer, he was completely astonished though because it was useless on her, maybe because she was a ghost and didn’t have a corporeal body. Now he knew that he could use the meditation body charm only on humans and maybe some weird creatures as well.

After eight seconds, the meditation body charm in Big Slave’s third eye burnt and turned to ashes, but this time, Mu Yi didn’t continue, he knew that at his cultivation level, that was the best he could do. He needed to level up for the meditation body charm to become more powerful.

After having made a few meditation body charms, Mu Yi continued studying magic figures. He had obtained a lot so he needed time to understand and master them all well. Therefore, Mu Yi had to be patient.

Back to life charm!

It was the second charm Mu Yi decided to study because it would be useful after a battle in case he got injured. The back to life charm would be extremely useful in such circumstances, it would become his trump card.

The back to life charm was even more complex than the meditation body charm but it wasn’t too difficult for Mu Yi. He looked at it for a second and instantly remembered everything.

But remembering didn’t mean know. When he drew magic figures, he couldn’t make mistakes otherwise it wouldn’t work. Back in the days, the old Taoist Priest used to make him practice and practice the same ones unceasingly so he was now used to studying hard.

Of course, the hard work paid off. The fact that Mu Yi mastered them after a short while was his biggest reward.

After Mu Yi started drawing back to life charms, Nian Nuer crawled onto the table and stared at him focused.

Big Slave glanced at Mu Yi and saw that Mu Yi didn’t intend to try using charms on him again, he looked more relaxed. Then, he started walking around the room and each time Mu Yi made a movement, Big Slave stopped moving.

Big Slave understood that Mu Yi condensed mind strength in his magic figures so he could know if Mu Yi was going to use on them or not but he just pretended he didn’t because he found that funny.

At that moment, Mu Yi frowned and stared at the back to life charm on the table, it was flawless but he had failed.

It felt empty, dead, Mu Yi didn’t know why he thought of it in such terms but he didn’t understand why that back to life charm was like that, it seemed dead.

Each time he managed to make a five thunders charm, he had a special feeling, there was a special aura around it, same with the evil spirit slaying charm, at least for a few seconds.

Mu Yi took the back to life charm and inspected it with mind strength and threw it away. Then he continued drawing.

Big Slave was standing there, Nian Nuer jumped back onto his shoulder and looked down at Mu Yi while he was drawing.

Ten seconds later, Mu Yi stopped and frowned again. He failed again, the back to life charm seemed empty and dead again even though it seemed flawless.

Mu Yi couldn’t understand why it didn’t work which kind of made him angry. Everything was fine with the meditation body charm, was there something special about the back to life charm?

There was absolutely no introduction at all in the book.

“What is the problem here?” thought Mu Yi.

“Maybe I should try using Qi?” thought Mu Yi. So far, with level four magic figures, when he used them, they didn’t have the power of the fourth level but of the second. Mu Yi had used Qi on his five thunders charms before and it had worked a little bit better.

Thinking about that, Mu Yi took another blank sheet and calmed down. Then he slowly released some Qi and the brush flashed.

Mu Yi started drawing without hesitation. The tip of his brush danced over the paper. Threads of white Qi penetrated into the paper. The magic figure had a completely different appearance suddenly.

“It works.”

thought Mu Yi happily. He continued releasing mind strength, he looked pleasantly surprised. Then, Mu Yi looked at the paper on the table, it turned into powder as if that thin paper couldn’t handle that strength.

“How is that possible?” thought Mu Yi scratching his head.

He was sure it would work but he failed once again. He didn’t understand what the problem was at all.

Since Mu Yi had started practicing cultivation, it had always been smooth. He had never bumped into any major obstacle. And he had been able to reach the second difficulty at such an early age, it definitely proved he was extremely talented.

And his five thunders charms, evil spirit slaying charms, exorcism charms etc. were all perfect. And after he had obtained the magic figures book, his level had increased even more. He couldn’t make level three magic figures but level two ones didn’t pose a problem at all.

And the fact that he had managed to make meditation body charm made him feel confident. He hadn’t thought he’d end up in a dead-end with the back to life charm though. It made him feel a little bit dispirited first but it also made him come back to his senses.

“Brother, are you alright?” asked Nian Nuer when she saw Mu Yi looked nervous. She was worried about him.

When Mu Yi heard her, he didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt much less nervous. He smiled at her and said, “Your big brother is fine. Don’t worry.”

Even though Mu Yi was alright, Nian Nuer still looked worried. She had never seen him like that.

After trying to reassure her, Mu Yi took a deep breath and tried to calm down. At the same time, he realized even more that he was a bit too worried and also that the path of magic figures wasn’t easy.

He started thinking that if he had leveled so easily before, it was partly thanks to the old Taoist Priest’s teachings but also due to some lucky coincidences. If he hadn’t made one with nature, he wouldn’t have been able to make five thunders charms. Initially, the old Taoist Priest had given it to him to show him some things could be extremely difficult as well.

The back to life charm was the first difficult charm Mu Yi had to face and he knew something, one cannot get what is denied by nature no matter how hard one tries.

Mu Yi didn’t continue to draw magic figures because he knew that he couldn’t succeed at that moment. He took out the book the old Taoist Priest had left for him and read it.

Nian Nuer sighed. She was worried when she saw Mu Yi draw and draw persistently and incessantly but she didn’t dare disturb him in such circumstances. She tabbed Big Slave’s head to make him stop walking, she feared the sound of his steps would bother Mu Yi.

Mu Yi gradually became immersed in the book without even realizing it. Big Slave lied down on the ground and fell asleep. Nian Nuer went back into the Bamboo Tree of Life. She could grow up quicker in the Bamboo Tree of Life.

In the room, everything seemed completely static and motionless, except the flickering of the flame of the copper lamp, and when Mu Yi turned the pages of the book.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and made Mu Yi come back to his senses. Even Big Slave sat up. Nian Nuer didn’t come out of the Bamboo Tree of Life but the tree gleamed which indicated she was paying attention to what was going on out there from inside.

When Mu Yi heard that, he put the book away and walked away, he crossed the courtyard and walked to the door, he sensed a familiar Qi. He had sensed that Qi during the day.

“Master, the manager is dying, please come and save him!”

When Mu Yi opened the door, someone rushed into the courtyard worriedly. He was on his knees, it was Mo Xiao Yu.

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