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Chapter 195: Mysterious Man

“Don’t worry and speak slowly.” said Mu Yi. Mu Yi hadn’t even had time to put the skin mask back on or the plaited bamboo hat. If someone was watching in the darkness, then they now knew who he was.

At the same time, Mu Yi released some mind strength to make Mo Xiao Yu calm down.

Mu Yi was a bit startled though because he knew Mister Mo was injured but he hadn’t thought his injuries were life-threatening. And considering Mo Xiao Yu’s reaction, he didn’t seem to be exaggerating. Besides, during the day, Mu Yi had told Mister Mo where he lived so it meant Mister Mo had told Mo Xiao Yu Mu Yi’s address. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have found that place.

In other words, it meant that Mister Mo was really in danger, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Mo Xiao Yu come to him. Of course, there was another possibility but Mu Yi didn’t dare think about it.

“To… today, in the evening, I was sleeping in my room and suddenly I heard a loud sound, it woke me up, I rushed out of the room and the manager was lying on the floor. The offender had already disappeared. I wanted to go and find a doctor but the manager told me to come to you.” explained Mo Xiao Yu.

When he saw Mu Yi’s real face, he was stupefied, not because he was a Taoist priest, but because he was so young. He seemed even younger than him.

But Mo Xiao Yu didn’t dare underestimate Mu Yi, Mu Yi had to be an extremely strong person, otherwise, the manager wouldn’t have sent him to him.

Even though it was the first time he saw Mu Yi’s real face, he knew it was the same person he had met earlier. it was like a sixth sense.

“Stay here. I’ll go and save him.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“No, I’m coming.” said Mo Xiao Yu shaking his head.

Mu Yi ignored him, he threw a meditation body charm at him preventing him from moving.

Then, Mu Yi grabbed Mo Xiao Yu and took him into his room.

“Nuer, go and get rid of all the people who are watching in the darkness.” said Mu Yi.

The Bamboo Tree of Life gleamed. Nian Nuer came out, her silhouette instantly flickered and she disappeared from there.

“Big Slave, stay here and guard the room. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” said Mu Yi to Big Slave.

When Big Slave heard Mu Yi, he stood up and looked at Mo Xiao Yu who couldn’t move anymore.

Mu Yi didn’t waste any time though, he put his skin mask and plaited bamboo hat, then he grabbed the Bamboo Tree of Life and left the room.

When Mu Yi arrived on the street, Nian Nuer appeared next to him and said, “Brother, there were four people, I got rid of them all.”

For Nian Nuer, dealing with a few ordinary fighters was a piece of cake.

“Alright.” said Mu Yi nodding. Then he rushed over to Mister Mo’s residence.

At that moment, it was between 11PM and 1AM so there was absolutely nobody on the street so Mu Yi didn’t need to be worried, nothing earthshaking would happen. He ran as fast as he could, it was impossible to follow him with bare eyes, he just looked like a flickering shadow.

After a short time, Mu Yi arrived in Mister Mo’s house. When he arrived, he didn’t see any enemy, and Mister Mo had disappeared.

But in Mister Mo’s room, Mu Yi noticed a fight had happened in there, there were blood stains in the room, it was probably Mister Mo’s blood.

Mu Yi released some mind strength and inspected the room with it. He didn’t find anything. He took out a few blank sheets from his purse, he bit his finger and dropped some blood drips on them, then he started drawing magic figures.

He was in a rush, he had no time to prepare ink for brush painting or to use a special brush for magic figures, so he did things in a simpler and more straightforward way.

Then, he put his finger on the paper and red strokes appeared. The strokes diffused a pale red light. When Mu Yi finished it, lights flashed and then the charm looked like an ordinary paper sheet.

Mu Yi looked at the charm and smiled. He hadn’t thought he’d succeed on his first attempt. That charm was called the tracking charm, as the name said, it was used to track people and things. Mister Mo was in danger, he had disappeared, the whole situation was extremely strange.

According to Mo Xiao Yu, when he had heard the sound, he had rushed out of the room and Mister Mo was already injured so he had rushed over to Mu Yi. The enemy had already left then though, so why had Mister Mo disappeared too?

Mister Mo had kept the magic figures book for such a long time for the old Taoist Priest, Mu Yi couldn’t stay aside and watch such things happen. Mister Mo was the only person he knew who used to know the old Taoist Priest and there were some secrets he hadn’t told him about the old Taoist Priest because he was still too weak, for example the one who had injured the old Taoist Priest. Mister Mo was worried that if Mu Yi knew who he was, Mu Yi would look for him and attack him recklessly and would die. That definitely wasn’t what the old Taoist Priest would have wished.

Back in the days, the old Taoist Priest had already reached the top of the second difficulty and the enemy had managed to injure him. If Mu Yi tried anything against him now, he’d definitely get killed in one slap.

Mu Yi had reached a point of no return though.

“Magic charm, find him.”

Mu Yi used the tracking charm, it shook, then lights surrounded the blood stains which started burning. A few seconds later, the tracking charm and the blood stains disappeared. At the same time, Mu Yi’s eyes gleamed. Some traces of energies appeared in his field of vision.

Those traces were Mister Mo’s Qi traces, Luckily, a short time had elapsed since Mister Mo had disappeared, if Mu Yi had come to find him on the days after, he probably wouldn’t have been able to find traces of Mister Mo’s Qi. That was the biggest problem of the tracking charm.

Mu Yi followed the tracks without the slightest hesitation.

The traces led him to the west of Cangzhou.

The city gate was closed but it wasn’t a problem for Mu Yi. With the help of the Bamboo Tree of Life, he managed to climb over the city wall. When he passed above the wall, he saw more Qi traces.

“That’s an unmarked common grave?” Finally, Mu Yi stopped in an abandoned field. Under the moonlight, there was a succession of bumps on the field.

There were some gloomy will-o’-the-wisps floating around the bumps. It made the atmosphere look even more gloomy.

“Come out.” said Mu Yi expressionlessly.

Mister Mo’s Qi stopped there. Mu Yi knew there was someone hiding there and he was convinced someone wanted him to come there.

When Mu Yi said that, a dark silhouette came out. It was between three and five zhang away from Mu Yi, above a tomb.

“As expected, it’s you.” said the dark silhouette hoarsely. He was wearing a black robe. Mu Yi didn’t sense any human Qi emerge from him.

But at the same time, Mu Yi had the impression that he was neither a ghost nor a zombie.

It meant that Mu Yi’s cultivation level was lower than his.

“Do you know me?” asked Mu Yi frowning. He was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, the skin costume, and wasn’t wearing a Taoist robe, the Bamboo Tree of Life was even hidden in his sleeves, how could that person know him?

“Of course, I know you. Your name is Mu Yi, you come from Qingjiang Prefecture, Lin’An County, Funiu Mountain, you were lucky to find one of the keys of the Yellow River’s ancient road, then you went to Jinan, then to the north, then to Cangzhou. If I’m not mistaken, Cangzhou was your target destination.” said the person indifferently.

Mu Yi’s heart started pounding. The fact that that person knew who he was was surprising, but the fact that he knew everything about his whereabouts, including Funiu Mountain, was terrifying.

Mu Yi didn’t think that the Far Ink Professional Organization had sold him out. And the person had even mentioned Jinan Prefecture, he had been watching him in the darkness. Nobody knew about Jinan Prefecture, he did. He was telling Mu Yi he knew everything about him.

Mu Yi had never tried to hide anyway because it was impossible anyway. As long as he traveled and became more and more famous with time, he couldn’t hide, some people knew about him, some people followed him, he knew that some people would know about him and his past sooner or later. However, Mu Yi was afraid that someone would hurt the Su Clan because of him.

Besides, the Su Clan had enemies already, they didn’t need more.

Mu Yi hadn’t thought such information would spread around so quickly. It was so sudden. He had been in Cangzhou for only a day and that person knew so much about him already. Of course, that person had probably been following for a long time.

Besides, he maybe knew about the old Taoist priest too.

“Who are you?” asked Mu Yi icily. Since that person was telling him everything, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate and asked.

However, as expected, he didn’t reply, he suddenly asked, “Are you here for that thing too?”

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