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Chapter 196: Pressure

“That thing? What thing?” asked Mu Yi. There was definitely a misunderstanding, realized Mu Yi.

Mu Yi thought of what had happened at Mister Mo’s. Mister Mo had been injured because of an imperial jade seal, was it an extremely important and precious item?

“You have the imperial jade seal?” asked Mu Yi. He couldn’t be sure the man had it but he asked anyway.

Mu Yi understand that that man had told him everything he knew about him to put him under pressure. He had also done all that to attract him there, his purpose probably wasn’t just to talk.

“I don’t.” said the man straightforwardly.

“You don’t? So why did you make me come here?” said Mu Yi.

“So that we can cooperate naturally.” said the person.

“Cooperate? Your Excellency, do you always put so much pressure on people with whom you would like to cooperate?” said Mu Yi smiling coldly.

“Indeed.” said the man nodding as if what he was saying was completely normal.

“You think you can force me to commit crimes because of Mister Mo?” said Mu Yi slowly. Even though Mister Mo was very important to him, Mu Yi pretended he didn’t care, that way, the man couldn’t blackmail him using Mister Mo.

Especially that Mu Yi didn’t understand that man’s background. He didn’t know who he was or where he was from. However, Mu Yi was convinced that the man intended to blackmail him using Mister Mo. He probably wanted him to bring the imperial jade seal back. That mysterious person in black clothes probably wanted the imperial jade seal.

What could that imperial jade seal be? If it was so important, how come it had ended up in Mister Mo’s hands?

The one who had stolen the imperial jade seal had managed to injure Mister Mo which meant he was really strong. And now the person in front of Mu Yi also seemed enigmatic and unfathomable. What kind of mystery did that imperial jade seal hide? Why would a succession of strong people try to find it?

Mu Yi was convinced, since the beginning, that that man had kidnapped Mister Mo and had done that on purpose to attract him there, but Mu Yi thought it was because of the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road, not the imperial jade seal.

“Alright, you can try and gamble. You’ll see whether I dare kill the old man or not.” said the man in black clothes as if he had nothing to fear thanks to his strong backing.

When Mu Yi heard him, he remained silent. He couldn’t take that risk. His interlocutor had the situation in control. Besides, from the way the man spoke, Mu Yi understood he wasn’t too old, because he called Mister Mo an old man, so he was, at most, a middle-aged man.

Besides, he was ready to do anything to get what he wanted.

“You win. Release Mister Mo and I will do what you want me to do.” said Mu Yi slowly. Mister Mo couldn’t die, even if Mu Yi had to take risks.

At the same time, Mu Yi also wanted to waste time, and if he had the opportunity to do so, he’d show the man what it meant to contradict himself. In other circumstances, maybe Mu Yi would have attacked immediately.

“You think such a high-ranking group as mine is stupid?” said the man in black clothes suddenly.

“High-ranking group?” Mu Yi understood something when the man said that, because someone who didn’t have a high social status couldn’t say that.

Even provincial government officials wouldn’t say “high-ranking” talking about their group, they would say prefecture or townhall… like a Taoist priest said “I, poor cleric”… and ordinary people didn’t use any literary jargon to talk about themselves.

By saying my “high-ranking group”, the man was trying to tell Mu Yi that his social status was extremely high. Maybe he was the leader of an influential group.

Of course, maybe he was also trying to make Mu Yi confused.

“So tell me your conditions.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly. He was convinced that no matter what that man was trying to hide, Mu Yi would know everything sooner or later.

“Find the imperial jade seal, then when you give it to me, I’ll release the old Mister Mo.” said the person.

“I don’t know where the imperial jade seal is though. I just arrived in Cangzhou, you know it yourself. I don’t even know much about this place. How could I know who stole the imperial jade seal?” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He really didn’t know. He wasn’t lying.

Making him find something which had never seen was a difficult task. Unless the robber shouted and called Mu Yi, “Hello I have the imperial jade seal! Come here!”, Mu Yi would never be able to find it. Even Xie Zheng wouldn’t be able to help on such a case.

“Qian Butong has the imperial jade seal, he’s in Ten Li Palace.” said the man immediately.

“Your Excellency, you are not weak. Since you know where the imperial jade seal is, why don’t you go and take it yourself?” asked Mu Yi. He initially thought his interlocutor needed him to find the imperial seal…

Mu Yi didn’t understand, especially that he was convinced that the man was stronger than that Qian Butong, why did he need someone to help him?

“Are you trying to teach my high-ranking group how to do their job?” said the man icily.

“Alright, I’ll do my best to get the imperial jade seal back and as soon as possible.” said Mu Yi nodding. He stopped asking questions but he really didn’t understand. That man was really mysterious and enigmatic. There were only two explanations though, the first one was that that mysterious man couldn’t compete with Qian Butong, the second one was that he maybe couldn’t do it himself because he was afraid his social status would be revealed.

Those were the only possible explanations because otherwise, why would the man have made so much effort to make him come and threaten him? And why would he need an extra enemy for no reason? That wasn’t very wise. If he  wasn’t strong enough to fight against that guy, then alright, fine, that was understandable. However, if he was afraid that his social status would be revealed, didn’t it mean that it was probably extremely easy to recognize him based on his fighting style, skills and techniques?

Thinking about that, Mu Yi felt like attacking and checking that guy’s fighting style but in the end he controlled himself. That guy had captured Mister Mo after all. He couldn’t act blindly without thinking.

“Hehe, not as soon as possible, you have two days. If you don’t come back to me with the imperial jade seal within two days, all you’ll get is the old Mister Mo’s dead body.” said the man arrogantly.

“Two days? It’s not enough.” I don’t even know where Ten Li Palace is. I don’t even know how strong Qian Butong is. If I go there without being careful, I may alert the enemy, and then it’ll be impossible for me to find and take the imperial jade seal.” said Mu Yi honestly but he was also still trying to waste some time.

“Mister Xie is one of your men and you don’t understand my group?” said the man immediately. He knew that Mu Yi was trying to waste time.

“Alright, two days then, but when I’m done, how do I find you?” asked Mu Yi. He knew the man knew what he was thinking.

“When you find the imperial jade seal, my group will find you. Remember, two days.” said the man. Then, he didn’t let Mu Yi say anything else, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared.

Mu Yi was stupefied, how had the man left? Besides, he hadn’t been able to follow the man’s movements with his mind strength either. And each time he had tried to get close to the man with mind strength, it hadn’t worked, and Mu Yi had tried a few times during their conversation.

When Mu Yi used mind strength to inspect the man, it was as if he had been in an abyssal and pitch-black hole.

He could neither prevent the man from moving with mind strength nor see his movements clearly. That was scary.

And now the man had disappeared just like that to show Mu Yi that he couldn’t mess with him, because he was really strong.


Mu Yi looked at the grave hesitantly but then he turned around and left.

Actually, he wanted to inspect the surroundings but he was too scared, it wasn’t worth the risk.

After Mu Yi left, two silhouettes slowly came out from the ground.

“Are you sure it’s a good solution?” said one of them while looking at Mu Yi leave.

“Why not?” said the other one. That one was actually the black silhouette with whom Mu Yi had been speaking just before, but now his voice didn’t sound so hoarse anymore, he even sounded like a young man.

“I hope you’re right.”

The two people chatted for a while and left.

Mu Yi didn’t know what was going on there. He went back to his place, when he entered the room, he saw a tall and a short silhouette.

Big Slave and Mo Xiao Yu, obviously.


Mu Yi was surprised when he saw that Mo Xiao Yu could move again. There were traces of a meditation body charm on the ground, it was burnt. Mu Yi looked puzzled.

He thought of Mo Xiao Yu as an ordinary person, someone who practiced neither cultivation nor martial arts. He even thought that Mo Xiao Yu was extremely weak. And against very weak and ordinary people, the meditation body charm’s effect could last for a few hours, so Mu Yi hadn’t thought that Mo Xiao Yu would be able to move again after he came back.

There were two possible explanations, the first one was that Mu Yi’s meditation body charm wasn’t very effective, the second one was that Mo Xiao Yu wasn’t as weak as Mu Yi had thought.

“Master, you’re back.”

said Mo Xiao Yu standing up when he saw Mu Yi. Then he ran towards him and opened his arms.

“Stop moving.”

Mu Yi raised his left hand and walked to the table. And Mo Xiao Yu looked astonished, his body stiffened, and a meditation body charm appeared in his third eye. Mu Yi didn’t do it to annoy him, he wanted to see why the meditation body charm hadn’t been very efficient, if it was because he didn’t draw them properly, or if it was because Mo Xiao Yu was stronger than he had thought.

Mu Yi sat down, Nian Nuer came out of the tree.

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