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Chapter 198: Deliberately Causing Trouble


 When Mu Yi saw the man look at him disdainfully, he didn’t care. He hadn’t come to make friends with him and he didn’t need to curry favor with him.

“I came to see the leader of this workshop,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“You’re looking for my second uncle?” said the burly fellow.

 He seemed surprised. He looked Mu Yi up and down. The big fellow’s name was Qian Tieniu. He was Qian Butong’s nephew. He seemed rash but actually he wasn’t stupid. He was the leader of a whole team of blacksmiths so he was quite smart.

As soon as Mu Yi had entered, someone had informed him. He had hidden behind some of the machines and watched Mu Yi. When he saw Mu Yi was wearing a plaited bamboo hat and kept glancing around, Qian Tieniu decided to see how he would react to him and his hammer.

He hadn’t thought Mu Yi was there for his second uncle. Everybody knew that Qian Butong wasn’t in the workshop very often. If Mu Yi had been a friend of his, he wouldn’t have come to the workshop to see him.

“Who are you? What do you want with my second uncle?” said Qian Tieniu straightforwardly.

“I can’t tell you. Hurry up and call Qian Butong,” said Mu Yi firmly.

“Eh? You came here to cause trouble?!” Qian Tieniu said. 

 He was furious. Mu Yi dared call his uncle by his name without using sir or mister.

Qian Tieniu was a very skilled blacksmith. Some of the officials in town even called him “brother”. The Qian’s even had good relations with the army. All the blacksmiths in Ten Li Palace respected the Qian’s and everyone gave them face.

Even some extremely strong travelers gave the Qian’s face. It had been a very long time since someone had dared come to the Qian’s workshop to cause trouble. The person who had dared to cause trouble before had disappeared and nobody had ever found his body.

A dozen burly fellows rushed over after hearing Qian Tieniu’s shout. They were all carrying hammers. They looked at Mu Yi angrily.

“If you think I’m here to cause trouble, that’s fine. I don’t care but go and call Qian Butong,” said Mu Yi glaring at the men.

 He was causing trouble on purpose. He knew it was the only way for him to see Qian Butong.

“You want to die!” shouted Qian Tieniu furiously.

He walked towards Mu Yi and stretched out a hand to grab him. It seemed as if Mu Yi hadn’t moved but he had leaned away. Qian Tieniu was knocked back though. He crashed to the ground and rolled a few times.

The entire area became quiet. They hadn’t thought Mu Yi would strike one of them. They hadn’t even thought he wouldn’t be able to survive a single attack. Qian Tieniu was physically strong. He also knew some basic martial arts. It was necessary as the leader of a group of blacksmiths.

“Come, let’s attack him altogether and kill him!” said Qian Tieniu.

Qian Tieniu didn’t scream or anything when Mu Yi kicked him. He got up from where he had fallen and looked at Mu Yi ferociously. This wasn’t just about face anymore.

When Qian Tieniu had spoken all the other blacksmiths had raised their hammers and ran towards Mu Yi. Even though Qian Tieniu couldn’t compete with Mu Yi, there was no way Mu Yi could compete with a whole group of strong men. They even had hammers.

Mu Yi glared at them. They seemed to be people used to bullying weaker people. They were definitely evil. What kind of blacksmiths were they to use their hammers against people?

Mu Yi attacked without the slightest hesitation. A blacksmith moaned in pain and was knocked back. He wasn’t as strong Qian Tieniu so after he crashed to the ground he put his hands on his belly and cried. The other blacksmiths were knocked away too. Some of them were hit with their own hammers and started bleeding.

Nobody had ever come and caused this much trouble. It was the first time someone as fierce and tough as Mu Yi had showed up. Qian Tieniu had just gotten back onto his feet, but when he saw the scene in front of him he fell back down to his knees. Even though he was proud and arrogant, he wasn’t stupid. Mu Yi was strong and he couldn’t compete with him.

“Stop!” shouted someone furiously.

Mu Yi planned to stopped fighting them anyway. It wasn’t like they could fight anymore. Some people had been watching the events unfold to the side. They were all shaking. They had no plans to mess with Mu Yi.

Mu Yi looked in the direction of the voice. He saw a middle-aged man rushing over. He looked angry. He quickly glanced at the blacksmiths lying on the ground. Then, with a tight grip on his emotions, he turned and greeted Mu Yi respectfully with his hands clasped.

“Your Excellency, may I ask you what the members of Ten Li Palace did to you to offend you? We must have done something terrible for you to teach them such a lesson,” the middle-aged man said.

The middle-aged man was wise. He mentioned the whole palace when he spoke not just the Qian family. The man seemed to be around forty. He wasn’t as tall and sturdy as Qian Tieniu. His skin was white and his hands weren’t large.

“Who are you?” asked Mu Yi.

“I am Qian Buyong, Venerable Master. I am also a manager here,” said the middle-aged man.

“Qian Buyong? What is your relation to Qian Butong?” asked Mu Yi.

“What do you want from my second brother, Your Excellency?” Qian Buyong said.

“Third Uncle, you can’t let him off,” said Qian Tieniu.

“Insolent brat! Who allowed you to talk? You’re just making a fool of yourself. You’re a disgrace to the family,” said Qian Buyong.

 He glanced at Qian Tieniu and at all the blacksmiths angrily. When Qian Tieniu saw how furious his third uncle was, he didn’t act arrogantly anymore. He walked over to the blacksmiths and kicked them. Mu Yi had been a bit brutal but they were only in pain. If he had wanted to kill them, he could have done it easily.

The blacksmiths were really in pain, but they were also exaggerating how bad it was. Qian Buyong was angry because he could see that they were pretending. When the blacksmiths stood up and left, Qian Buyong took a deep breath and looked at Mu Yi.

“Are you going to justify yourself, Your Excellency?” He asked.

“Justify myself? You want me to justify myself?” said Mu Yi.

“Of course, you think you can harass the members of Ten Li Palace or the Qian family as you wish? What do you think will happen to if my family members find out what you did?” said Qian Buyong firmly.

“I’ll give you an explanation, but you have to call Qian Butong first,” said Mu Yi.

 He had just caused trouble to draw Qian Butong’s attention. If he didn’t show up, Mu Yi wouldn’t be able to accomplish his task.

“In the Qian Family’s workshop, I am qualified to act as the leader,” said Qian Buyong.

 If anyone had a problem related to the workshop, they could talk to him. They didn’t need to find his older brother for something so trivial. Qian Buyong was already frowining but Mu Yi didn’t seem to care.

“But you can’t replace Qian Butong as a person, can you? You’re not him,” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

“I see. You really came to cause trouble, Your Excellency,” said Qian Buyong glumly.

 If Mu Yi wasn’t concealing himself so well, Qian Buyong would have gotten him arrested already. However, they didn’t know what Mu Yi’s background was. Even if a few blacksmiths had been humiliated, it didn’t mean that the Qian’s were weak.

 How could they have become the main family of blacksmiths in Ten Li Palace if they were? How could Qian Butong have become the leader of Ten Li Palace?

“So what? What do you intend to do?” asked Mu Yi.

“Where are the boys of the Qian Family?” shouted Qian Buyong.

“Here!” someone shouted.

Mu Yi heard quick steps. A man with a blade entered the workshop and stopped behind Qian Buyong. In a short time, almost a hundred people stood behind Qian Buyong. They all looked at Mu Yi. They were ready and waiting for Qian Buyong to give them the order to attack.

Most people in Mu Yi’s position would have been completely terrified. However, Mu Yi had fought against a hundred members of the Octagon Organization at the top of Western Ji Hill. He had also fought against five hundred elite soldiers from the Jinan Prefecture. The people in front of him were nothing in comparison.

If he wanted to, he could destroy them all in the blink of an eye. They were just ordinary people after all. They only looked sturdy.

Mu Yi glanced at them and smiled. Qian Tieniu wasn’t in the group of people. He had probably gone to inform higher authorities in the family. That was probably why Qian Buyong had made him leave.

The person he had gone to find had to be either a member of the Qian family or they had to be extremely close to them. Mu Yi was convinced that the first option was more likely. It was even more likely that the person was Qian Butong.

Mu Yi had come to see him. He was extremely strong and was causing trouble. If Qian Tieniu didn’t go and inform Qian Butong, it’d be strange.

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