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Chapter 201: Terrifying Flames! 

Actually, Mu Yi hadn’t believed Qian Butong since he’d started talking. But he also knew that the black dragon was a great reward.

Especially that Qian Butong’s skill was initially from the black dragon.

“Little boy, die!” said the black dragon finally. He looked ferocious and scary.

The energy of the copper lamp which protected him broke apart.

Qian Butong finally seemed convinced he was going to win. After he had studied the black dragon’s skill, he had never been disappointed. Even though the skill was extremely evil and slowly absorbed people’s lives, who could find out about it?

Actually, Qian Butong didn’t want to kill Mu Yi immediately. He was curious about Mu Yi. Where was he from? He may even be able to use Mu Yi to feed his black dragon. That would make the black dragon become stronger. He wouldn’t need to kill him that way, Lin Feng would die slowly and progressively.

Mu Yi saw Qian Butong’s ferocious expression. He even knew he was in danger but he remained completely expressionless.

He was experienced. He had fought many battles already. Mu Yi remained calm and indifferent. He was growing up. He managed to keep calm even when he was in danger.

The black dragon broke the protective lights of the copper lamp. Mu Yi staggered and was pushed back of a few steps. The black dragon now had more space.

In the end, Mu Yi threw an evil spirit slaying charm at the black dragon. His evil spirit slaying charms were much more powerful now. White lights kept flashing. There were several consecutive explosions. The black dragon couldn’t move any closer, he was even pushed back.

Then, Mu Yi threw his Bamboo Tree of Life at the black dragon. Suddenly, the Bamboo Tree of Life turned into a green light and surrounded the black dragon.

Mu Yi raised his copper lamp with two hands and looked grave and solemn.

When Qian Butong saw that, he was stupefied. He had just seen how powerful and explosive the copper lamp was. Even though Mu Yi couldn’t defeat the black dragon solely relying on the copper lamp, the black dragon couldn’t be too careless when facing it, and now it was even worse because he was tied up with the bamboo stick.

The bamboo stick was clearly a Taoist tool. It kept attacking the black dragon.

Qian Butong didn’t know what Mu Yi was doing and he had a very bad feeling. He understood that the battle couldn’t continue like that. He had to do something to stop Mu Yi.

“Double Dragon Pearl Drop!”

shouted Qian Butong. Then, he bit his tongue and spat out a drop of blood.

The drop of blood made the black dragon duplicate.

Initially, Nian Nuer was controlling the Bamboo Tree of Life to resist against the black dragon. But now there were two black dragons so she was a bit worried.

Especially that one of the black dragons moved straight towards Mu Yi. She was worried the dragon would injure him.

But at that moment, it was as if Mu Yi hadn’t seen it. He was fully focusing on the copper lamp. The black dragon was getting closer and closer to him.

Nian Nuer wanted to go and protect Mu Yi but the other dragon was insane and and extremely agitated so she couldn’t leave him alone.

At that moment, Nian Nuer had no choice but to pray for Mu Yi.

Regarding Mu Yi, actually, he knew everything that was happening around him, including that a dragon was charging him but he didn’t move. He solely focused on his copper lamp.

Actually, a moment before, when the black dragon had destroyed the protective light screens of the copper lamp, Mu Yi had felt something. Since he had started practicing cultivation, Mu Yi kept refining the copper lamp. It was as resistant as a hard rock. Blades couldn’t pierce through it. No matter what.

Therefore, Mu Yi had no choice but to do it, and he did it tepidly. He kept giving his copper lamp warmth. He kept refining it using his own mind strength. It was a method which took time but as time passed, Mu Yi was gradually starting to understand some of the copper lamp’s kinds of strength.

It would just take him a long time before he was able to control it.

Mu Yi had thought that it would continue that way but he hadn’t thought that a black dragon would destroy the protective energies of the copper lamp and that it would actually turn out to be something good because it increased the control he had over the copper lamp.

Naturally, Mu Yi didn’t give up. He was in danger but he had to take the risk. He couldn’t miss that opportunity. So he threw the Bamboo Tree of Life to save time but he hadn’t thought that Qian Butong could make the black dragon duplicate. The black dragons were much weaker than when there was only one dragon but it was more difficult to fight two dragons, and together, they were still stronger than one dragon.

The dragon moved closer and closer to Mu Yi. Mu Yi didn’t give up.

He kept releasing mind strength into the copper lamp. He could sense that the copper lamp was resisting against his mind strength. It seemingly didn’t want to be refined.

Finally, Mu Yi looked resolute and determined. He released all his mind strength and put it all in the copper lamp.


shouted Mu Yi explosively. One could see blue veins on his temples. They were pumping extremely quickly. It almost looked as if his veins were going to explode.

“Boom boom!

Suddenly, Mu Yi heard an explosion above him. He was startled. His mind strength almost collapsed but luckily, it just lasted for a few seconds. He quickly calmed down again.

Then, Mu Yi felt as if all the obstacles had been overcome. Suddenly, the darkness dispersed. It was replaced by a soft and gentle flame. Around it, everything was white. At that moment, it was as if Mu Yi had been in another world. The black dragon had disappeared. The Bamboo Tree of Life wasn’t there either. It was as if everything had disappeared around him.

All he could see was the small flame which was floating in midair.

“I’m inside the copper lamp?” whispered Mu Yi. That was the only solution.

“This flame is the original source of the copper lamp?” thought Mu Yi. Even though it was the first time he saw that flame, he felt very close to it.

But then, suddenly, he felt under pressure. The pressure was terrifying, almost unbearable. His mind strength was being oppressed. It was as if something had been trying to wreck it.

Mu Yi understood that it was an incredible opportunity. Such opportunities were rare. Therefore, he stopped hesitating and took out a Mark of the Path like he had done back then with the Bamboo Tree of Life and put it into the flame.

Suddenly, the pressure was even worse. Mu Yi felt as if consciousness had been about to collapse.

When his consciousness collapsed, he came back to his senses. His brain kept buzzing as if it were about to explode.

But at that moment, Mu Yi had no time to deal with this because the black dragon was already extremely close to him. Mu Yi could already see its gigantic mouth. It was wide open. It wanted to devour him alive.

If the black dragon bit him or absorbed him, even if Mu Yi didn’t die, he would at least be severely injured.

When Mu Yi was about to dodge, his copper lamp, which he was still holding, became dazzling. A flame emerged from the copper lamp and moved straight towards the black dragon.

When Qian Butong saw that flame, he didn’t care. He looked more and more ferocious because he could already imagine Mu Yi’s corpse lying on the ground.

Since he had studied black dragon skills, he had never lost. So he was convinced Mu Yi would be no exception.

However, his face suddenly stiffened.

When the flame reached the black dragon, it didn’t disappear. On the contrary, it was as if it had fallen into oil. Suddenly, it turned much bigger.

The white fire surrounded the black dragon and kept becoming bigger as if it had been fanned.

Mu Yi was stupefied. Even though he already knew how explosive the copper lamp was, he still found it amazing that the copper lamp could destroy a black dragon whose strength could be compared to the second difficulty.

If that was the case, he could now kill people of the second difficulty easily?

Mu Yi didn’t have time to be surprised though. The black dragon had already disappeared but it wasn’t over. The big flame suddenly turned into a small flame again after that. And Mu Yi didn’t even need to do or say anything that the flame was now moving towards the second dragon already.

“No! My dragons!” shouted Qian Butong furiously. It had taken him twenty years! Twenty years to raise that dragon. And during that battle, he had made it duplicate, and now they were going to be destroyed?! What a catastrophe!

When he saw the flame move towards the other dragon, he looked panic-stricken.

The black dragon was his trump card. If he lost the dragon, his overall strength would decrease drastically. For him, that meant the end, his own destruction, because it could potentially be fatal.

He knew that without the black dragon, he couldn’t compete with Mu Yi anymore. And he may not even be able to run away.

So he continued watching, he had no time for anything else anyway. He couldn’t get his black dragon back unfortunately. He had been too slow. Even though the black dragon had already broken free from Nian Nuer’s constriction and was already flying towards Qian Butong, at that moment, the flame landed on its tail.

Suddenly, the black dragon’s tail started burning. The flames quickly moved all over his body.

When Qian Butong saw that, his legs started shaking, his heart twitched and he coughed blood. At that moment, he already understood he had completely failed.

Even though he wasn’t happy, he also understood that if he didn’t escape now, he would die there. Therefore, he stopped looking at the black dragon which was already burning and turned around to escape.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi wasn’t going to let him escape.

And Mu Yi didn’t even need to move for that. The Bamboo Tree of Life flickered and appeared in front of him.

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