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Chapter 202: The Mystery of the Imperial Jade Seal! 

Even though Qian Butong practiced martial arts, he was far from being as strong as a second-class master. His power had mainly lied in the black dragon skill. It was a skill, it was an attack, he always won with it. So he had never thought too much. He hadn’t felt the need to study other skills.

Before Mu Yi learnt the punching technique, close combat was his weakness. Luckily, he had body protection charms back then. He also had a few offensive charms. But Qian Butong had nothing.

That was why most cultivators weren’t good. They solely relied on mind strength and skills.

Therefore, Qian Butong couldn’t escape from the Bamboo Tree of Life. He blocked a few attacks but then the Qian Butong got through and hit him in the chest which made him fall on the ground.

At that moment, the last black dragon had completely disappeared. The flame suddenly became small again and then it went back in front of Mu Yi.

Mu Yi looked at the flame. He was feeling a bit nervous and stiff, what if the flame touched him by accident?

Luckily, the flame was on his side. It didn’t attack Mu Yi. It calmly floated back towards the copper lamp and went back inside of it.

At that moment, Mu Yi looked at the copper lamp and realized there was something differnet. It was as if the copper lamp looked newer. And patterns appeared at the base of the copper lamp. But those patterns only covered ten percent of the total area of the lamp.

At the same time, Mu Yi sensed that his connection to the copper lamp had become deeper.

When he saw that the copper lamp was stable and the flame had stopped causing trouble, he was relieved. Then he put the copper lamp away.

Even though Mu Yi had many doubts, for example, why was the copper lamp changing like that? What about the flame? But Mu Yi also understood that it wasn’t time to study the copper lamp. He had to take care of Qian Butong first. Besides, he also had to study the imperial jade seal.

In any case, after all this, Mu Yi had a new trump card.

If he wasn’t mistaken, that flame was the same flame which had burnt Qu Yang but back then, Mu Yi was using life strength to activate the copper lamp. There were always powerful explosions before but just now, with the tiny little flame, it looked less dangerous but the flame had still destroyed two black dragons.

Mu Yi had risked his life to kill the first one. He saw them as the symbol of his new success.

Mu Yi suddenly felt dizzy. He blinked. The Bamboo Tree of Life quickly flew back to Mu Yi’s hand and thanks to it, he didn’t fall.

Luckily, after that, Mu Yi felt less dizzy. He still had a headache but he was getting better. He had used too much mind strength. Luckily, the flame had destroyed the black dragons because without the flame, he would have lost the battle.

“What a pity!” said Mu Yi looking at Qian Butong who was lying on the ground. He didn’t sit up, he looked at Mu Yi furiously. He had almost won and all of a sudden, he had lost.

Besides, Mu Yi was like an arrow at the end of its flight at that moment. He seemed exhausted. If Qian Butong had managed to resist a little longer, he may have had a chance to win even without the black dragons.

“What a pity!” When Qian Butong heard Mu Yi, he sighed because he understood he had lost.

“Tell me what I can do so that you don’t kill me?” Qian Butong didn’t want to die. Even though he had lost, it didn’t mean he had to die. Mu Yi wanted the imperial jade seal so he could use it to negotiate.

“Give me the imperial jade seal.” said Mu Yi impolitely and straightforwardly. He had come for the imperial jade seal after all.

“Alright. If you spare my life and let me go, I will naturally give you the imperial jade seal.” said Qian Butong straightforwardly. He knew that he had to be magnanimous. If he infuriated Mu Yi, it would be over.

When Mu Yi heard him, he didn’t reply at first. He just silently looked at him.

“Trust me. If you kill me now, you will never find the imperial jade seal, even if you explore every single inch of Cangzhou to find it.” said Qian Butong to Mu Yi.

“You mean that the imperial jade seal is not in Cangzhou?” said Mu Yi.

Qian Butong smiled. He wasn’t seized with panic when he heard Mu Yi’s answer, “Let me go and the imperial jade seal is yours. Otherwise, you will never find it.”

“It seems like you don’t care about the Ten Li Palace and the Qian Clan.” said Mu Yi.

“Of course I care. Therefore, I want to live. If I die, the Qian Clan will be destroyed by other clans or absorbed. If I die, they die, we all die. All I care about is my own life. I want to live.” said Qian Butong naturally.

Even if Mu Yi used the Qian Clan to threaten him, it didn’t work. All he wanted was to live.

He knew he was selfish.

“No need to torture me either. Even though I can’t fight now, I can also kill myself.” said Qian Butong.

“Alright, I can accept. Give me the imperial jade seal and I’ll spare your life.” said Mu Yi nodding happily. He had destroyed two dragons, that was a tragic loss for Qian Butong so Mu Yi was convinced making Qian Butong submit to him wasn’t going to be difficult.

“Unfortunately, I don’t trust you so you have to do it as an oath. You must make an oath and swear you will let me go and won’t kill me after I give you the imperial jade seal.” said Qian Butong to Mu Yi. He didn’t look scared at all.


said Mu Yi nodding. Then he took an oath and swore. Qian Butong was relieved. Nobody wanted to die, especially people who were ambitious.

“Tell me where the imperial jade seal is.” said Mu Yi ignoring Qian Butong’s reaction.

“The imperial jade seal is buried at the seaport at the foot of the iron lion statue. There is a button in the left eye of the lion, press on it three times and it will activate the mechanism.” said Qian Butong cheerfully.

“The iron lion statue at the seaport?” Mu Yi was surprised. He believed him. He didn’t think Qian Butong would take the risk of lying to him. Because Mu Yi didn’t care about the oath, he could still kill Qian Butong if the latter lied to him.

“Yes.” said Qian Butong nodding.

“I was wondering, what is so special about that imperial jade seal?” asked Mu Yi.

“You don’t know?” asked Qian Butong raising his head and looking at Mu Yi with surprise.

“Of course I don’t. I just arrived in Cangzhou, how could I know what that imperial jade seal can be used for?” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

“Haha! You don’t know? You surprisingly don’t know?!” said Qian Butong to Mu Yi bursting into a loud laughter.

“Is it that strange?” said Mu Yi.

“Not strange. Not strange at all. I am just wondering who told you I had the imperial jade seal?” said Qian Butong staring at Mu Yi. He was convinced nobody had seen him steal the imperial jade seal back then.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know who he is either but he captured me and then he said I had to steal the imperial jade seal and he told me you had it.” Mu Yi immediately talked about the mysterious man. Actually, he wanted to see if Qian Butong knew him.

When Qian Butong heard Mu Yi, he looked glum.

He hated Mu Yi? For sure. But at the same time, he also hated the man behind the curtains because if that man hadn’t told Mu Yi, Mu Yi wouldn’t have found him and he wouldn’t have lost his black dragon. And now he had no choice but to give the imperial jade seal to someone without even fighting for it.

But who was the mysterious man behind the stage? And when Qian Butong had stolen the imperial jade seal, who was there?

“You know who that person is, right?” Qian Butong suddenly looked at Mu Yi. He wasn’t stupid. He knew what Mu Yi’s goal was.

“Not bad. Of course, you don’t have to tell me.” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“Well, I would tell you if I knew who he was!” said Qian Butong glumly. He wasn’t worried to infuriate Mu Yi at that moment. He also knew what Mu Yi’s goal was. Why didn’t he ask Mu Yi to help him kill the man behind the stage?

He didn’t know who it was though. He couldn’t make up a name either. He didn’t think Mu Yi was that stupid.

Unless he could prove it?

“Don’t worry. I will find out who sold me out.” said Qian Butong icily.

“Alright, tell me what the power of the imperial jade seal is? Since someone wants me to steal the imperial jade seal, it means it must be special. You better tell me what you know. Don’t think he’s cheap.” said Mu Yi.

“Hmph! He, cheap? Could it be that you are cheap?” said Qian Butong smiling icily and mockingly.

“In any case, both sides suffer tragic losses.” said Mu Yi ignoring Qian Butong’s expression. He just wanted Qian Butong to reply to his question.

“Alright, since that’s what you think, why wouldn’t I be willing to tell you?” said Qian Butong struggling to sit up. Then he crawled to a chair. Such simples moves made him turn completely pale and he was panting.

“Listen with respectful attention.” Mu Yi sat down in front of Qian Butong. If anyone saw that, they wouldn’t believe those two were having a potentially fatal battle just a moment before.

Qian Butong was severely injured. He had practiced the black dragon skill for such a long time and now he didn’t have it anymore. It would be difficult for him to forget but he also knew that he was lucky to live, however, it would take a very long time before he could get his revenge.

Therefore, the best was to sow discord amongst people and make all sides suffer tragic losses. Both Qian Butong and Mu Yi knew it was an evil plot.

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