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Chapter 203: The Mystery Imperial Jade Seal 


 Liu De, Han Jing Di’s son, called He Jian Xian Wang by the monarchy, King Xian by the people.

At the time of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the renowned erudite scholar Dong Zhongshu dismissed the hundred schools and revered only the Confucian, he burnt the books of the three previous generations because he wanted Confucianism to become the sole dominant ideology. Brilliant scholars became rarer and rarer. Back then, King Liu De started rising.

Ten years later, Liu De didn’t care and spent a huge sum of money on ancient books because he revered people of the ancient times.

The imperial jade seal Mu Yi was looking for was King Liu De’s. At the same time, it was also a key to King Xian’s grave.

If Liu De had just been a renowned erudite scholar, people wouldn’t have been interested in him. At most, people would think a few of his personal belongings were buried with him and such things didn’t attract extraordinary and powerful people. But now, Mu Yi had just learnt a secret from Qian Butong.

Liu De, at the end of his life, had obtained a mysterious book. It was called the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. Of course, it had nothing to do with the charms Mu Yi knew. It was a Sutra about rest. The most important thing was that that Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu was part of an incredible mystery.

That’s why people like Qian Butong or the mysterious man were ready to do anything to obtain it.

Regarding the secret, only two words, HEAVENLY CURSE!

When Mu Yi heard that, his heart suddenly started pounding. He couldn’t help but think of what the hoodlum had told him back in the days before dying, “Heavenly Curse, people’s Misfortune, life and death, salvation”.

It wasn’t the first time Mu Yi heard that because when he had obtained a book from Xugui, it was also written Heavenly Curse on it, people’s misfortune on it.

Even though it was less than what the hoodlum had said, Mu Yi was convinced that they all meant the same and all came from the same thing.

Therefore, Mu Yi remembered that sentence. He hadn’t thought he would hear those two words, “Heavenly Curse” again.


“Heavenly Curse?” asked Mu Yi taking a deep breath.

Heavenly Curse, people’s Misfortune, life and death, salvation.” said Qian Butong straightforwardly.

Mu Yi’s heartbeat accelerated, not only because of what Qian Butong had just said but because he had the feeling something or someone was trying to lead his way to them.

Since he had left Fu Niu Mountain and until he arrived in Cangzhou, it felt as if everything had been happening according to a mysterious and celestial plan. Besides, the old man had left so many clues for him which Mu Yi now followed but the old man had never told him about that before.

And now, Mu Yi was feeling his way around.

“You know about Tingyu Building?” asked Mu Yi taking a deep breath.

“Tingyu Building?” Qian Butong was stupefied but he replied, “Of course I do. It’s the best embroidery place of Cangzhou. Everybody knows about it.”

“That’s all?” asked Mu Yi. He didn’t know why he had suddenly thought of Tingyu Building but he had a feeling, an intuition, it felt as if something had pushed him to ask that.

But Qian Butong didn’t any detail about Leng Yu, the leader of the group.

“Is there anything mysterious or secret about Tingyu Building?” asked Qian Butong when he saw Mu Yi’s expression.

Qian Butong was a prominent person in Cangzhou. He had reached the second difficulty. There weren’t many things he didn’t know. So how could the hoodlum know more than him?

Back then, the hoodlum had escaped because he had caused a calamity in the papercutting clan. When he had left, he had only reached the first difficulty. And after those years, he hadn’t spent any time in Cangzhou. But he knew about Tingyu Building!

Mister Mo knew about Tingyu Building and that wasn’t surprising, he had lived in Cangzhou for a very long time after all. And besides, the papercutting clan was extremely strong back in the days, but the hoodlum? Had Mister Mo or another of his teachers told him about it?

Mu Yi didn’t reply to Qian Butong’s question, he asked, “You know about the papercutting clan?”

“Pappercutting clan? Of course. I stole the imperial jade seal from Mister Mo.” said Qian Butong straightforwardly.

“Thank you very much for telling me.” said Mu Yi nodding. He had reached all his goals so far. He had also learnt a lot about the situation. At least, he wouldn’t trust Mister Mo unconditionally anymore.

What was Mister Mo’s role in all this? Mu Yi was at a loss. he didn’t know how to find out the truth.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but think of what had happened on the night before with Mo Xiao Yu.

Mu Yi didn’t want to think that everybody was involved in those stories, especially someone who had known the old Taoist Priest and had helped a lot.

But now he could find the imperial jade seal immediately. If he gave the imperial jade seal to the man, then he would see Mister Mo again, and then he would learn more about the truth.

Besides, before, Mu Yi wasn’t really interested in getting involved in all this but now that Qian Butong had told him about the mystery of the Heavenly Curse, he was excited. He also wanted to know more about the Heavenly Curse.

Qian Butong looked at Mu Yi angrily when Mu Yi thanked him. Mu Yi didn’t stay there, he quickly left with the Bamboo Tree of Life.


After Mu Yi left, Qian Butong smiled icily and looked glum. A drop of water was on his face. He looked evil.

“How are you, second brother?” Qian Buyong entered. Before, he was outside and he had heard everything, but he didn’t dare enter when Qian Butong wasn’t there. He was relieved Mu Yi had left too. When he arrived, he saw Qian Butong who was bleeding and on a chair.

“I’m alright.” said Qian Butong when he saw Qian Buyong looked glum.

“That guy injured you? I will gather everybody and make them destroy him even if they all have to sacrifice themselves.” said Qian Buyong when he saw his second brother like that. He was furious.

“Forget it.” said Qian Butong shaking his head.

“Forget it?” Qian Buyong was stupefied. He didn’t understand.

“You know who he is?” asked Qian Butong glancing at Qian Buyong.

“Who is he?” asked Qian Buyong.

“A legendary Taoist priest. He even has a key of the Yellow River’s ancient road. Who is he?” said Qian Butong indifferently.

“Yellow River’s ancient road? The… The evil Taoist priest?” Qian Buyong was astonished.

“Indeed, the evil Taoist priest Mu Yi. I thought the rumors were probably exaggerated but I underestimated him.” said Qian Butong sighing. Even though he had reached the second difficulty, his two dragons had been destroyed. It felt as if his hands had been cut. Even if he healed, he wouldn’t be as strong as before. He would be half as strong at most. Even though he didn’t first-class people, it would still be difficult to get his revenge.

Unless he recovered his original strength within a short time and then managed to improve again. That was the only solution he had but it wasn’t realistic.

“But, but…” Qian Buyong paled because he knew what “Evil Taoist priest” meant. Even though he had just become famous in the region, he had also destroyed the members of the Octagon Organization extremely easily.

“Second brother, there is absolutely no enmity between him and the Qian Clan, why did he come to us in Cangzhou?” asked Qian Buyong. He didn’t understand.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about it. In three days, we’ll make a sacrificial ritual for our ancestors using the blood of every member of the Qian Clan.” said Qian Butong. His eyes gleamed as if he had thought of something.

“Ancestors?” Qian Buyong shook from head to foot. He looked astonished.

“Second brother, do you really want to do that?”

“Yes. We have no choice. I’ve been waiting for a long time and I can’t miss this opportunity.” said Qian Butong straightforwardly.

“Second brother, you forgot about the instructions?” asked Qian Buyong paling. He seemed terrified.

“The instructions? I haven’t forgotten them, no. Of course not. But the Qian Clan is in imminent danger. It’s our last resort.” said Qian Butong resolutely. He didn’t intend to give up.

“I don’t agree.” shouted Qian Buyong suddenly.

“You want to betray me too?” said Qian Butong icily.

“Second brother.” Qian Buyong stared at his second brother. He didn’t understand why but his second brother was like a stranger at that moment. He didn’t act like his second brother anymore.

“As the leader of the Qian Clan, I order you to proceed with the ritual for the ancestors in three days!” said Qian Butong aggressively. His eyes were filled with murder. Qian Buyong was shaking even more. He was terrified.

At that moment, Mu Yi had already left Ten Li Palace. He walked towards the seaport as quickly as he could.

Ten Li Palace was not in the city center of Cangzhou. It was close to the seaport so Mu Yi wasn’t too far. After half an hour, he arrived and saw the iron lion statue.

It was an oceanic trench. It looked like it had been put there. It was two three li.

In the oceanic trench, there was water. And there were gigantic stones on the shore. The statue was there amongst the big stones and stood high up in the air. It was facing the seaport. Its mouth was open. It looked like it was roaring.

The lion was three four zhang big and five six zhang long. Mu Yi thought it looked majestic. Suddenly, it felt as if the lion were alive. He saw a black dragon and the lion, the lion defeated the black dragon which turned into an oceanic trench.

But Mu Yi was lost in thought for a short time only. Besides, he also understood that he had hallucinated because of the statue. And it was just a hallucination, it wasn’t necessarily true.

But he had still seen it. And the lion was extremely powerful. How awesome! 

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