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Chapter 204: Obtaining The Imperial Jade Seal


 Mu Yi shok his head. He had the impression he was going to hallucinate again. He slowly walked towards the lion statue.

Even though it wasn’t too big, it seemed majestic and it made Mu Yi feel tiny in front of it.

Mu Yi loked at it. From head t foot, the statue was about four zhang. And ordinary people couldn’t climb it without using any tool. But it wasn’t difficult for Mu Yi because the lion statue looked lifelike and there were many holes he could grab to climb, not to mention that the Mu Yi didn’t need to make too much efforts t climb. He managed to climb up a leg easily.

Very quickly, Mu Yi was n the lion’s head, the highest point of statue.

At that moment, he looked in front of him, his heart started pounding and it felt as if an infinite amount of knowledge had suddenly started filling his brain and his heart.

But luckily, Mu Yi didn’t forget why he had come there this time. He tilted aside and landed on the nose of the lion so the eyes of the lion were closer to him.

One didn’t see anything particular from there but Mu Yi decided to trust Qian Butong and he pressed on the left eye slowly.


When Mu Yi pressed with enough force, he suddenly heard a sound. Then he took his hand back and did the same movement three times.

“Ka! Ka! Ka!”

Suddenly, he heard some sounds come from the inside of the lion. He even sensed the statue shake under his feet.

Mu Yi jumped off the statue without the slightest hesitation. Then the front of the lion statue started opening itself and a pitch-black corridor appeared.

When the hole appeared, Mu Yi didn’t go inside immediately. He waited calmly first. He wanted to make sure nothing dangerous was going to happen first. Then he took out his copper lamp and entered the passage.

The light of his lamp wasn’t too bright at that moment. There was a flight of stairs, Mu Yi went down. He could see that people probably came there often because the flight of stairs was clean. There was no dust in the passage.

Down the stairs, there was a secret room. Inside, there was water and food. There was a bed too. Qian Butong probably practiced cultivation there quite often. Mu Yi looked at the table. He saw a box, he directly opened it and found the imperial jade seal inside.

It had probably been buried for a very long time. It was dirty and dusty. But it was the symbol of emperors and monarchs in the Han Dynasty.

When Mu Yi looked at the imperial jade seal, he was sure it was the item he was looking for, the imperial jade seal Qian Butong had stolen from Mister Mo.

Therefore, Mu Yi took the talisman, put it away and then looked around in the secret room.


Suddenly, Mu Yi heard something. He looked around but the noise seemed like it had come from the walls.

Mu Yi hesitated. He slowly released mind strength. After a few seconds, he smiled. Then he moved aside and faced the wall. Then he put his hand on the wall and pushed.

The wall crackled. Dust and dry clumps of earth fell down and a secret door appeared. Mu Yi opened it and a horrible smell came out of it.

Mu Yi frowned but he held his breath and entered the room.

Even though Mu Yi had already gotten prepared to see something unpleasant, he was still startled when the light of the copper lamp illuminated the room.

On the ground, there were dark blood-red stains but there were also fresh blood stains. It seemed like blood had been dripping there for ages and had never stopped, so old blood dried but fresh blood kept dripping.

There was an extremely thin silhouette curled up in a dark corner. It looked like a skeleton. His arms and legs were chained to the wall. One couldn’t see his face clearly. And when the person heard someone had just come in, he barely moved, he didn’t even raise his head.

In the secret room, there was only one person but Mu Yi knew that that person was only one of many people there used to be. And he probably wasn’t going to be the last one.

When Mu Yi saw how miserable the person looked, he didn’t feel angry. Qian Butong had told Mu Yi about that secret place which meant he didn’t mind Mu Yi finding out about it. He had chained him to the wall which meant he didn’t really need him anymore and he wasn’t afraid that other people found out about that.

Qian Butong had told him everything because he didn’t want to die but also because he probably didn’t intend to use that place again after that.

The person didn’t say anything. The person was initially in a fetal position but now they sat up, maybe because of Mu Yi or maybe because of the light of the copper lamp.

Mu Yi looked at that person’s face and noticed that he had no eyes. His orbits were empty and looked terrifying.

“You’re not him.” said that person. He sounded like he hadn’t spoken for a very long time, his voice was extremely hoarse. His throat was probably extremely dry. It wasn’t a pleasant voice to listen to.

“I just came to take something. Do you need me to release you?” asked Mu Yi after a few seconds.

He wasn’t a saint but that person was blind, the muscles of his legs and arms were atrophied. He had become a piece of trash. Even if Mu Yi saved him, he would never be able to become strong. He probably didn’t want that kind of life.

“Did you kill him?” asked the man. He seemed excited.

“No. I just destroyed his two black dragons.” said Mu Yi.

“What a pity!” said the man shaking his head. Was it a pity that Mu Yi hadn’t managed to kill him or was it a pity that he had killed his two dragons?

“What a pity, indeed.” said Mu Yi nodding.

“Can you help me?” asked the man suddenly.

“Doing what?” asked Mu Yi.

“Kill me.” said the man.

“Kill you? You don’t want to live anymore?” Mu Yi didn’t sound surprised. He also looked calm and serene.

“You destroyed his two black dragons. I am useless now. And being dead or having my life is the same thing. He’s going to kill me sooner or later anyway so I’d rather die right now.” said the man. It didn’t seem like he was talking about himself when he asked Mu Yi to kill him.

“Don’t you want to get your revenge?” asked Mu Yi.

“Revenge? Will you help me kill him?” asked the man.

“No.” said Mu Yi after having remained silent for a few seconds. Qian Butong hadn’t offended him yet so Mu Yi had no reason to kill him. And even if he went back, he wouldn’t necessarily find Qian Butong again anyway.

“Then no. Do you think I can get my revenge with this crippled body?” said the man indifferently.

“Where’s there’s life, there’s hope.” said Mu Yi.

“Hehe. You already ruined his years of painstaking efforts. For me, that’s already a revenge. I don’t need to live anymore. In my situation, living is worse than death. Death would be clean and peaceful.” said the man smiling. He seemed sad.

Indeed. His life was horrible. He would feel honored and happy if Mu Yi killed him.

“Alright. I can help you.” said Mu Yi finally nodding.

“Thank you!”

Mu Yi took out an evil spirit slaying charm and threw it. Then he turned around and walked away. He didn’t know what the man’s name was, why Qian Butong had captured him or why he had tortured him. Because for Mu Yi, all those things were completely unimportant.

And for that man, nothing was important.

When he asked Mu Yi to kill him, he had already given up on life. He felt empty. He didn’t feel hatred for Qian Butong anymore because he didn’t have energy anymore to feel hatred. He had wanted to die for a long time. He just wasn’t willing to ask Qian Butong to kill him.

Mu Yi left. However, he didn’t know why he suddenly felt glum. He felt oppressed. He wanted to destroy everything there but he didn’t do it.

Mu Yi walked back to Cangzhou but he didn’t go straight back to the small courtyard. He went into a restaurant and ordered a jug of alcohol and two sorts of pickles. He sat down close to the window and drank alone.

Mu Yi didn’t know what was wrong with him. Did he feel sad because he had helped a poor guy kill himself? But there were many people to feel sorry for in the world. And Mu Yi had never been a good person. He had also killed many, many people.

Some people deserved to die but they also had families, parents, children… At least, those people were innocent and Mu Yi had made them suffer by killing their family members.

To them, Mu Yi was naturally a murderer, an evil and cruel murderer.

In the past, Mu Yi had never thought of that. He may have neglected that aspect on purpose. But this time, that man had calmly and serenely asked him to help him die and Mu Yi had been touched and moved.

The Bamboo Tree of Life may have felt Mu Yi was feeling bad so it flashed on the table but Nian Nuer didn’t come out. She just wanted to cheer Mu Yi up by telling him she was there for him.

“Don’t worry, I’m alright.” said Mu Yi smiling at the Bamboo Tree of Life gently and kindly. Then he downed another glass of alcohol.

At that moment, the waitress who had just brought alcohol and pickles to Mu Yi came back and put a letter on his table, “Dear guest, someone just left this letter for you.”

“Alright, thank you very much.” said Mu Yi nodding at the waitress. Then he took the letter but he didn’t open it. He threw it out of the window.

Then the wind blew it away.

Mu Yi didn’t feel like reading its content. However, his lips moved as if he had just thought of something.

“Dear guest, someone just left this letter for you.” After a short time, the waitress came back. She had a weird expression and she brought another letter to Mu Yi.

“Throw it away.” said Mu Yi.

“Throw it?” The waitress was astonished. She didn’t know what to do.

“Yes. Throw it away. If someone gives you another letter for me, tell them that I will be waiting for them at our usual place tonight.” said Mu Yi. Then he stopped looking at the waitress and continued drinking and eating pickles. 

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