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Chapter 205: Mysterious Man’s Social Status


 Mu Yi was seated on a chair. He looked at his copper lamp in front of him. It gradually looked less and less like an ordinary lamp. The patterns at its foundation were multiplying. There weren’t too many so far but the lamp had already started changing.

The most important was that the lamp was becoming a unified entity. It was becoming impossible to open it. The cavity which existed before to put oil inside had disappeared but there was some black oil inside created by Mu Yi’s mind strength.

Mu Yi remembered that small flame which had absorbed the two black dragons. The copper lamp had started changing from that moment. Even though Mu Yi could sense his connection to the copper lamp had become deeper and stronger, he still felt a resistant strength when he tried to put his mind strength inside. It prevented his mind strength from completely entering the lamp where the flame was.

And he was the kind of person who learnt from his mistakes. He didn’t act rudely and impetuously this time, especially when he remembered the seal he had seen in the end. He knew he would control the copper lamp sooner or later and at that moment, the copper lamp would have no secret for him anymore.

After that, Mu Yi tried to light the copper lamp but he realized that ordinary fire didn’t work anymore. Only mind strength worked to light the lamp. Besides, after lighting it, its light was gentle and whitish.

Even though the flame wasn’t that big, it illuminated an area of one zhang. And when the light illuminated Mu Yi’s body, he felt warm from head to foot. He could also sense some sort of strength penetrate into his body.

And illuminated by the copper lamp, his mind strength became purer. The light was refining his mind strength. And Mu Yi also realized that his mind strength was being refined much faster than when he meditated. And the best was that both could be combined. He could meditate while being illuminated by the copper lamp so his cultivation speed could become much faster than before that way.

“As expected, it’s a precious treasure.”

thought Mu Yi looking at the lamp. He felt excited. He knew what it meant. Now, in one year, he could achieve what he thought he would achieve in several years. The word “precious” or “valuable” didn’t even suffice anymore to describe that lamp in such circumstances.

And not only was the lamp extremely useful to practice cultivation but it could also make Mu Yi’s power more explosive in battles.

The only thing that was a bit unfortunately was that he needed fuel for his lamp but he didn’t have an unlimited access to black dragons. On top of that, he couldn’t control the small flame inside the lamp.

If Mu Yi didn’t use the copper lamp to fight and just used it to practice cultivation, the oil inside the lamp would last two months. If he used it to battle, it would run out more quickly.

That was the only thing which made Mu Yi feel a bit annoyed. For the time being, he didn’t know how to create more combustible for the copper lamp.

In any case, Mu Yi was much stronger now that he had the copper lamp. At the same time, in the afternoon, Mu Yi started meditating and calmed down.

Not only was the copper lamp helpful for Mu Yi’s cultivation but Nian Nuer also liked getting closer to the copper lamp. Then, she closed her eyes and inhaled. At that moment, Mu Yi clearly sensed that the flame was moving towards her. And silky white smoke slowly penetrated into Nian Nuer’s body.

Mu Yi looked pensive. It seemed like the copper lamp was even more useful for Nian Nuer.

“What exactly is this lamp oil?” thought Mu Yi. He had a vague idea but that’s all. He couldn’t verify or prove it.

In the evening, Mu Yi brought some joss paper (translator’s note: for more information, see ) to the unmarked common graves.

He had had time to obtain some pieces of information about those unmarked common graves. When the world had sunk into chaos a few years before, many, many people had died so many corpses had had to be buried.

And people who were buried in the unmarked common graves were people who had been killed unjustly and unfairly. That was sad.

And when Mu Yi had thought about what had happened at the unmarked common graves, he had bought some joss paper to cheer those souls up.

In the evening, the moon was bright. Mu Yi was standing in the middle of the unmarked common graves. There was a fire in front of him. The fire illuminated the area around him. And the darkness around the non illuminated area looked gloomy and dangerous.

“Pa pa pa!”

At that moment, Mu Yi heard something and then he saw the mysterious man. Mu Yi had no idea how he had shown up. He was standing on a tomb. Mu Yi hadn’t even felt his presence.

“I hadn’t thought that the Evil Taoist priest was a kindhearted person.” said the mysterious man to Mu Yi.

Even though the fire illuminated the area around Mu Yi, he still couldn’t see the mysterious man’s face clearly. It was as if light stopped when it got close to him.

Actually, in the restaurant, when Mu Yi had received the letters, he hadn’t even needed to try and think of who had given them to him. He also knew that as soon as he had defeated Qian Butong and obtained the imperial jade seal, the mysterious man already knew about it. Since the mysterious man knew that Qian Butong had the imperial jade seal, it meant he could easily spy on him.

And when Mu Yi had entered Ten Li Palace, the mysterious man also already knew about it.

“I’m just burning joss paper, what does that have to do with being kindhearted?” replied Mu Yi indifferently.

“Are you sure it’s just that?” said the mysterious man smiling:

Mu Yi ignored the man’s question and asked straightforwardly, “Where is he?”

“Give me the imperial jade seal and I will release him. Why did you want to meet me here? That wasn’t really necessary. Why bother yourself?” said the mysterious man shaking his head.

“Very easy. I don’t intend to hand the imperial jade seal over.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly.

“You don’t intend to hand the imperial jade seal over? Aren’t you worried about Mister Mo’s life?” asked the mysterious man. He didn’t seem surprised but he continued using Mister Mo’s life to threaten Mu Yi.

“Of course I am. But Mister Mo was my Master’s friend, not mine, not to mention that I killed his fellow disciple. How close do you think we are?” said Mu Yi indifferently.

“You think you can fool with me?” said the mysterious man calmly and serenely as if he had the whole situation under control.

“I’ve never intended to fool with you. I initially intended to give you the imperial jade seal but now, I am also interested in that mystery so I’m sorry, but I have to go back on my word.” said Mu Yi.

“A man of virtue doesn’t go back on his word.” said the mysterious man.

“A man of virtue? “You’re over-thinking, Your Excellency, I’ve never thought of myself as a man of virtue.” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

When the mysterious man heard Mu Yi, he looked at him seriously and shook his head, “I underestimated you. Since you don’t care about Mister Mo’s life, what about Xie Zheng’s life? And what about the giant’s life? The giant you left at the inn.”

“Sometimes, you have to give up on something to obtain more. Am I wrong, Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag?” said Mu Yi suddenly. He suddenly called the man by his title.

“Hahaha! Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag? “You’re talking about me?” said the mysterious man bursting into laughter.

“Indeed. Leng Yu, Leader of the Tingyu Building. Back in the days, the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag of the first group, the Ear Group.” said Mu Yi resolutely.

“Mu Yi, I’m really surprised. But how did you find out about my real identity?” asked the mysterious man. He now admitted Mu Yi had guessed right. His voice now sounded like a female voice. Soft and gentle.

“Was it difficult to guess? You know so much about me. You even knew that Qian Butong had stolen the imperial jade seal even though he had been very discreet. Apart from the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, who else could know about that?” said Mu Yi.

“You’re not saying everything. If that was all, you would still have doubts. You wouldn’t have stated I was the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag like this, so certainly, so calmly and unhurriedly.” said the mysterious man.

“Who cares? If you don’t try, how can you be sure sometimes?” said Mu Yi. Then he charged the mysterious man. Even though he was ninety percent sure who the mysterious man was, he had to make sure. Even if the man had just admitted who he was.

Therefore, he needed to try and check.

That was the reason why he had chosen that place, because he could attack and fight there.

Mu Yi was very quick, especially when he attacked. He had already thrown a godly movement charm because he had already gotten ready to fight. After what had happened on the previous day, he knew his opponent was extremely fast. If Mu Yi just relied on his own speed, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

So Mu Yi decided to use a godly movement charm.

Besides, after what he had gone through in the afternoon, Mu Yi felt very confident. That godly movement charm made Mu Yi thirty to fifty percent faster. Even it didn’t seem like much, with Mu Yi’s foundations, it was a lot.

Not to mention that it was just one of his trump cards!

And luckily, this time, the godly movement charm just increased his speed of thirty percent, if his speed had increased too much, Mu Yi probably wouldn’t have been able to stand it. It would have been too explosive.

Thirty percent was perfect.

Mu Yi arrived in front of the mysterious man. At the same time, he raised his Bamboo Tree of Life.

His Bamboo Tree of Life flickered. Mu Yi tried to smash the mysterious man but the mysterious man disappeared from there. He was much, much faster than Mu Yi.

Besides, Mu Yi’s mind strength couldn’t stop him. So now he couldn’t use a five thunders charm either because he couldn’t aim. 

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