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Chapter 206: Leng Yu 


 “Tee-hee! How cruel!”

Mu Yi heard the mysterious man’s sly voice. It was making his mind strength shake. Mu Yi couldn’t do anything but rely on his determination to block it.

However, the influence of the mysterious man wasn’t too powerful. Mu Yi could react.

But it was if his opponent didn’t have a body though so Mu Yi felt annoyed.

“All you can do is escape and dodge attacks?” said Mu Yi mockingly.

“Come and fight!” Mu Yi heard an ice-cold voice in his head. Then, without realizing it, he moved away from where he was. A slender white hand appeared in the air and attacked Mu Yi’s central part of his back.

Luckily, Mu Yi reacted quickly, otherwise, his opponent would have reached him.

“As expected, it’s a woman.” thought Mu Yi when he saw the hand. It wasn’t a mysterious man but a mysterious woman. Now, Mu Yi was ninety nine percent convinced he had guessed that person’s identity right.

Actually, on the day before, Mu Yi had already started having doubts but she had put pressure on him so Mu Yi hadn’t really had time to think. And she had forced him to act which meant she was either too weak to defeat Qian Butong or she was afraid someone would find out about her identity.

Mu Yi had thought she was afraid to reveal her identity but now, he realized she was strong. She was stronger than Qian Butong. In terms of cultivation levels, Mu Yi had just reached the second step of the second difficulty, but he wasn’t weaker than those who had already reached the third or fourth step.

And that mysterious woman, if Mu Yi wasn’t mistaken, had the strength of the fifth step, if not more.

If Mu Yi didn’t have different trump cards, he wouldn’t have been willing to offend someone like that. But the mystery of the Heavenly Curse was also important to Mu Yi so he couldn’t give up.

The reason why he chose to fight wasn’t that he didn’t care about Mister Mo, Xie Zheng or Big Slave. It was because the woman had used their lives to threaten Mu once, so there would be a second time, and a third and many others.

Mu Yi hated it when people threatened him. He would never allow others to seize him without putting up a fight. So he had to do all he could to prevent her from threatening him again.

Therefore, the first step was to verify his opponent’s identity. That was the only solution. Since the woman was using people Mu Yi knew to threaten him, then Mu Yi would also be able to use her people to threaten him.

Tingyu Building, Leng Yu, Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag!

That was what Mu Yi thought. She even knew Mu Yi had come from Fu Niu Mountain which meant she had various ways of obtaining information. And according to what Mister Mo had said, even though the Ear Group had collapsed back then, they still had some members operating behind the scenes.

Therefore, if the woman was the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, spying on Mu Yi was easy for her.

Of course, that was only one of the reasons so Mu Yi couldn’t be a hundred percent sure she was the envoy.

Mu Yi had doubts because of what the hoodlum and Mister Mo had said. They knew about Tingyu Building’s secrets, especially the hoodlum. He had left Cangzhou for many years but he still knew about Leng Yu. Besides, back then, it seemed like he had made him leave for Cangzhou on purpose.

The old Taoist Priest and Mister Mo used to be friends so did he know the hoodlum as well? So did the hoodlum have contacts with the Ear Group back then?

When Mister Mo mentioned the Ear Group, Mu Yi noticed his expression had changed which was strange. That was the second reason.

And then, the third reason was what he had learnt from Mo Xiao Yu. And then he had gone to see Mister Mo. And Mister Mo had disappeared. So Mu Yi had immediately decided to use a tracking charm and he had come there and found the mysterious woman.

First, from what Mu Yi knew about Mister Mo, , even if he were in danger, Mister Mo wouldn’t save him. He had just made Mo Xiao Yu come. Besides, Mo Xiao Yu had found Mu Yi and nobody had stopped him. There was a huge problem.

Of course, Mu Yi had seen that with his own eyes.

But then, why had the mysterious woman been convinced that Mu Yi would definitely come to that place? Unless that person knew Mu Yi would use a tracking charm?

That kind of charm was initially in Mister Mo’s hands. If Mister Mo knew, then the mysterious person also knew. Therefore, Mu Yi didn’t disappoint her and used a tracking charm.

Mister Mo also had doubts. That was what Mu Yi thought at the beginning. He wasn’t willing to believe it but after what had happened, it was becoming difficult not to.

At the same time, when Mu Yi had left on the night before, he had detected another thread of Qi emerge in the unmarked common graves. And he had been even more convinced after seeing Qian Butong’s two black dragons because Mister Mo had been injured by Qian Butong back then.

But back then, since Qian Butong needed someone strong to raise his black dragons, why hadn’t he kidnapped Mister Mo straightforwardly? He probably wanted to but couldn’t!

Therefore, Mu Yi had guessed who that mysterious person could be, the leader of Tingyu Building, Leng Yu, the former Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag!

Mu Yi really didn’t mind that the mysterious person used Mister Mo to threaten him because Mister Mo and that person were on the same side.

Not to mention that since he knew that person’s social status, Mu Yi naturally didn’t need to worry that they would use Big Slave or Xie Zheng to threaten him because Tingyu Building was there. Mu Yi didn’t think she didn’t care so he didn’t need to worry. If she wanted to obtain the imperial jade seal, she had to rely on her own strength to steal it.

After dodging the woman’s surprise attack, Mu Yi took out an evil spirit slaying charm and attacked his opponent again.

But she raised her hand, a light ball flashed. Then the evil spirit slaying charm dispersed in the air and turned into many smaller white light balls.

Thanks to his mind strength, Mu Yi could see the attack in detail, she used thin needles.

At that moment, Mu Yi had no more doubts. She was definitely the leader of Tingyu Building, the former Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag.

No wonder she had asked Mu Yi to attack Qian Butong, with thin needles as weapon, anyone could know who she was. It wasn’t a common weapon. Of course, Mu Yi didn’t think that was her only way of fighting. She just didn’t care about Mu Yi knowing her identity anymore.

“Ding, ding!”

Then, she threw some needles at Mu Yi again. She aimed at his eyes.

“What a cruel, evil and sly woman.” thought Mu Yi. Then he took out his Bamboo Tree of Life and struck the needles. At the same time, he also took out some evil spirit slaying charms and one meditation body charm.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi’s attacks couldn’t pose a single threat to his opponent. It was as if the needles had been alive. They thoroughly destroyed Mu Yi charms.

But Mu Yi hadn’t thought he would win thanks to evil spirit slaying charms or a meditation body charm either. What he really wanted to do was save time and then use his copper lamp.

This time, he had dared come there and attack solely thanks to his copper lamp, especially since it had oil. Mu Yi had never really used it in a battle. Now, he wanted to see how explosive it could really be.

When his opponent destroyed his magic figures, Mu Yi had already released mind strength into the copper lamp. The small flame was calmly flickering. It didn’t move quickly even if Mu Yi was in a hurry.

After the lamp was lit, it was completely different, Mu Yi also realized he controlled it much better. It was also much more explosive than before.

The small flame illuminated the area around him. In front of Mu Yi, a black-clothed silhouette was forced out. Mu Yi hadn’t noticed his opponent had gotten close to him before, neither with his eyes nor with his mind strength.

But that was that person’s function in the past. She used to be a spy and investigator for the Ear Group. As the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, she had to have extremely powerful attacks.

She hadn’t thought Mu Yi had something like a copper lamp which was so powerful. She felt like she had just been caught unprepared. Even though one couldn’t see her expression, Mu Yi was convinced she wasn’t calm and serene.

And Mu Yi didn’t intend to let such a great opportunity slip. He tilted aside and threw his Bamboo Tree of Life at her like a spear. Back then, Mu Yi had seen Mo Ruyan refine spears and they had exchanged two attacks.

As Mu Yi had thought, under the lights of the copper lamp, Leng Yu couldn’t hide anymore. She was stupefied. She hadn’t thought Mu Yi’s copper lamp would completely ruin her hiding attack. She had just lost her biggest trump card.

Initially, she wasn’t too worried. She just wanted to play around with Mu Yi but she had to be extremely careful and she knew Mu Yi could now compete with her.

Especially that he was quick-witted. Now she had no choice but to confront him directly though.

Leng Yu’s Qi increased. Her black robe fluttered in the wind and then she raised one finger.

At that moment, it was as if Mu Yi and the Bamboo Tree of Life had fused together. He was confident. Besides, his opponent wouldn’t be able to hide anymore. Mu Yi saw her raise one finger. 

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