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Chapter 208: The Curtain Finally Falls 


 When Mu Yi heard that, he was speechless.

After a short time, he finally spoke, “Tell me where Li the Cripple is and I will give you the imperial jade seal.”

Even though Mu Yi really wanted to know about the mystery of the Heavenly Curse, he cared even more about the old Taoist Priest. If someone used the old Taoist Priest’s corpse as a zombie fighter, he would feel humiliated and he wanted to protect the old Taoist Priest’s honor and dignity. Besides, since the old Taoist Priest used to be the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, why didn’t the Ear Group do anything about it? Why didn’t they try to find the old Taoist Priest’s corpse back?

Since they had started spying on him since the beginning, Mu Yi was convinced that they also knew everything about the old Taoist Priest’s death but they had surprisingly continued hiding and hadn’t done anything to help. The chances of Mu Yi developing a sense of belonging for the Ear Group dropped even more at that moment, not to mention that for him, the position of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was just troublesome, he wasn’t interested at all.

Mu Yi wanted to find the old Taoist Priest’s corpse back and then go back to Fu Niu to live peaceful days. The situation of the world, whether there was war or peace, had nothing to do with Mu Yi.

“Even if you don’t hand the imperial jade seal over, I will also tell you about Li the Cripple. Unfortunately, if your Master hadn’t forbidden us from getting involved, a piece of trash like Li the Cripple would have never managed to steal your Master’s corpse.” said Mister Mo sighing. He could feel that Mu Yi was concerned about that.

“But do you know why your teacher forbade us from getting involved?” asked Mister Mo indifferently.

Mu Yi suddenly understood how the old Taoist Priest felt. He had done all this to challenge him, to make him face difficulties. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought Mu Yi would become so strong so quickly. Because of that, the whole plan had failed.

The old Taoist Priest probably thought that in the process of chasing Li the Cripple, Mu Yi would become strong and would forget about the corpse. He may have thought it was just a stinky useless corpse and that even if people used it, it didn’t really matter.

Mu Yi had no choice but to admit that the reason why he made such great efforts was also to become strong but it didn’t mean he would forget about his Master.

The old Taoist Priest may not care about a stinky corpse but Mu Yi did because the old Taoist Priest used to be the only person in his life, his only family.

“Well, to each their own.” said Mu Yi icily and taking out the imperial jade seal. Then he threw it at Mister Mo.

Mister Mo caught it but he was astonished. He hadn’t thought Mu Yi would stick to his convictions, especially after knowing the truth. He couldn’t help but look at Mu Yi and smile wryly.

“I failed.”

whispered Mister Mo. In his opinion, it was a failure. Initially, he had thought that Mu Yi would accept to become the envoy after knowing the truth. Besides, with his current strength, he couldn’t do much on his own. But the most important thing was that he was young and everything was still possible for him.

Mister Mo saw hope when he looked at Mu Yi. He understood why the old Taoist Priest had invested so much time and efforts in Mu Yi. If the old Taoist Priest hadn’t taken Mu Yi on a journey around the country for eight years and if they had settled in a calm and peaceful place and hadn’t done anything, then the old Taoist Priest would have lived a dozen more years.

But he had been willing to give up on a dozen years of his life. But it wasn’t as simple as something being passed on from Master to disciple. Mu Yi considered the old Taoist Priest as family. And that feeling was reciprocal.

“Alright. Even though I haven’t had news of Li the Cripple recently, I know that on the fifth of May, he will show up somewhere in Xiangxi. You can go there and wait idly for an opportunity. Your chances of finding Li the Cripple will be higher that way.” said Mister Mo.

“Fifth of May? Xiangxi?” Mu Yi remembered the date and the location. Then he curtsied in front of Mister Mo, thanked him and said goodbye.

After that, he walked away straightforwardly. He looked confident and at ease, natural and unrestrained. However, Mister Mo and Leng Yu didn’t look confident and at ease.

When Mu Yi disappeared in the distance, Mister Mo said, “When I know how he is really, I will be able to do something.”

“Mister Mo, you’re thinking too much and nobody can predict the future. Besides, some things are inevitable. Alright, I’ve been active tonight. I need to go back and have a good shower.” said Leng Yu. Then she slowly walked away and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Mister Mo remained at the unmarked common graves alone. He lowered his head and looked at the imperial jade seal in his hand which made him smile suddenly.

“Brother, do you think it was worth it?” Finally, Mister Mo sighed and also left.

The atmosphere became calm again at the unmarked common graves, except somewhere in a corner where a flame suddenly started burning.

Suddenly, the wind started blowing. The flame disappeared. The wind swept away the ashes of the joss paper Mu Yi had burnt before. Then a silhouette appeared. It was floating in midair. It was surrounded by a gloomy, ghastly and ghostly.


At that moment, someone giggled stridently.

The floating silhouette suddenly looked startled. Then they flew away.

Unfortunately, he was too slow. A slender white hand appeared and grabbed him. That person thought they could steal other people’s joss paper and escape? Nothing was free. .

The slender white hand then shook him violently. The ghastly silhouette shouted stridently. His voice reverberated far away. At the same time, ghost Qi appeared.

“How noisy!”

shouted an explosive voice. Then the atmosphere at the unmarked common graves became calm again. Then the slender white hand shook the silhouette again and they stopped struggling. Then they became smaller and smaller until they were as small as the palm of the slender white hand.

“Not bad. Not bad. I managed to capture an adult fierce ghost. Since you took his money, you also need to pay it back.” Then the slender white hand disappeared. The ashes around hadn’t even landed back on the ground yet. It seemed as if nothing had happened.

Much later, the ghost Qi which had been oppressed earlier reappeared. If someone had been there, they would have seen a ghost silhouette form itself in the depths of the field.

Mister Mo was already far away but he suddenly turned around and looked in the direction of the unmarked common graves. He had a kind of feeling but he shook his head, “Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag and still like a child.”

Mu Yi didn’t know what was going on there. He was walking back to the inn when he saw Mo Xiao Yu and Big Slave.

“Master, you’re back.” said Mo Xiao Yu when he saw Mu Yi. Then he hastily stood up and looked at Mu Yi with his eyes wide open. Even though he didn’t ask anything, it was easy to understand what he wanted.

“You can go home.” said Mu Yi to Mo Xiao Yu indifferently.

“Go home?” Mo Xiao Yu was stupefied. He seemed extremely happy, “Master, you mean the manager is back??”

“He’ll come back soon too.” said Mu Yi nodding.

“Awesome!” said Mo Xiao Yu. He was overjoyed. Then he ran away frantically but when he arrived at the gate, he stopped. He turned around and bowed and looked at Mu Yi, “Master, I know you saved my manager, I feel infinitely grateful. In the future, if I can ever help you, feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best, even if I have to destroy mountains and oceans. I, Mo Xiao Yu, will never raise the eyebrows if you ask me for help.”

Even though Mo Xiao Yu didn’t know the truth, he wasn’t stupid. He was vivid and smart. He kept coming and going like a shadow. Now he was back and he said his manager was going to come back so Mo Xiao Yu was convinced that Mu Yi had saved him.

“Hurry up and go back.” said Mu Yi smiling. Regarding Mo Xiao Yu’s long and kindhearted statement to thank him, Mu Yi didn’t take it to heart. Besides, Mo Xiao Yu was too weak to help him with anything, not to mention destroy mountains and oceans.

“Alright, see you, Master.” said Mo Xiao Yu nodding. Then he walked away.

When Mo Xiao Yu disappeared in the distance, Mu Yi shook his head. Actually, he didn’t blame Mister Mo. Besides, he had even told him what he knew about Li the Cripple. But there were two more months until the fifth of May. He definitely had time to go to Xiangxi.

But Mu Yi sighed. He had spent so much energy going back and forth for nothing. At least, he knew that Li the Cripple would show up in Xie Zheng on the fifth of May. He didn’t need to continue what he had decided to do in Luoyang anymore. He couldn’t even use Xie Zheng anymore.

Of course, be it as it may, Mu Yi wasn’t going to tell him anything about it. Since the Xie’s had gone on a journey, he could let them gather experience. Besides, he may also be able to use Chong Jiayi someday in the future.

Mu Yi still didn’t know what to do though. Should he pack his luggage and leave on the day after?

Mu Yi shook his head. He had much time but he also thought that he still had things to discover in Cangzhou. So he decided to stay a little bit longer. Besides, he was still curious about the mystery of the Heavenly Curse. He had handed the imperial jade seal over but it didn’t mean he couldn’t learn more about the Heavenly Curse.

Heavenly Curse, people’s Misfortune, life and death, salvation.

As Mu Yi was pensive, Nian Nuer came out of the Bamboo Tree of Life and landed on the table.

“Brother, do you miss your Master?” asked Nian Nuer.

“Yes, I do. I don’t know how he is doing now.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He had given a lot of thought to the old Taoist Priest’s story and plan, he understood, but he didn’t think it was necessary. Besides, the Ear Group had been destroyed, even if Mu Yi became the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, so what? It would be useless.

He had the strength of the second difficulty, he wasn’t qualified to get involved in such great and important matters.

But how was the old Taoist Priest doing right now? He was just a corpse, a stinky corpse. Some people didn’t care, but some people cared a lot.

“Grandpa, why not continue working as conmen and steal money from people while pretending to be Taoist monks? Why make so many unnecessary things happen?” Mu Yi couldn’t help but recall the good old times when the old Taoist Priest and he traveled the world, swindling and bluffing people. Thinking about it, he felt stupid though. 

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