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Chapter 209: Mo Xiao Yu’s Apology 


 Mu Yi remained the silent during the rest of the night. Early in the morning, when he opened the door, he saw Mo Xiao Yu. The latter was on his knees.

“What are you doing?” asked Mu Yi.

Actually, Mo Xiao Yu had arrived before the sunrise. And when Mu Yi had detected his presence, he had wondered what he was doing there. He hadn’t thought he’d surprisingly be on his knees in front of his door though. That was also why he was wasting a little bit of time too.

Mo Xiao Yu surprisingly stayed on his knees.

He looked at Mu Yi. Mu Yi’s eyes were wide open. Mo Xiao Yu said hastily, “Master, my manager ask me to come and apologize. He said that I wasn’t allowed to get back up until you said you forgave him.”

said Mo Xiao Yu. He didn’t seem happy. He hadn’t done anything wrong so why did HE have to come and apologize?

But who was the boss?

“Oh? What did you manager say?” asked Mu Yi.

“He said he didn’t want that. Besides, the mystery of the imperial jade seal is crucial.” said Mo Xiao Yu.

“Alright, I understand.” said Mu Yi nodding.

Of course, he knew how important the imperial jade seal was. It had to do with the mystery of the Heavenly Curse after all. Unfortunately, Mu Yi couldn’t accept that kind of test.

It also showed how Mu Yi really was, his real personality. Personal interests weren’t the most important thing for him. Otherwise, he would have accepted his destiny with open arms. For him, emotions were much more important.

“And?” asked Mo Xiao Yu staring at Mu Yi.

“And what?” asked Mu Yi.

“So do you forgive my manager or not?” said Mo Xiao Yu.

“If the closest person you have in life fooled you, what would you do?” asked Mu Yi.

“Me?” Mo Xiao Yu was surprised but he genuinely pondered over the question and then he said, “If the closest person I had in life fooled me, I would be extremely furious at first but after a short time, I would stop being angry. It also depends on their motivation to fool me. If it were for my own good, it wouldn’t matter at all. All methods are good to help someone.”

“All methods?” repeated Mu Yi.

“Master, you refuse to forgive my manager because he fooled you?” asked Mo Xiao Yu.

On the night before, the manager was already back when Mo Xiao Yu arrived and he didn’t give Mo Xiao Yu time to ask anything.

And he had naturally told everything he thought about Mu Yi. He thought Mu Yi seemed cold from the outside but warm from the inside. It wasn’t easy to get close to him but once one was close to him, he was very caring.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decided to help as soon as he had heard of what was happening to Mister Mo. He had made such great efforts to save the manager.

When the manager heard him, he remained silent. Then he didn’t wait for him to ask the reason, he told him to go to Mu Yi and to kneel down in front of him until he forgave him.


Mo Xiao Yu wanted to refuse. Mu Yi was so young. Even though he was extremely strong, kneeling down in front of Mu Yi was barely conceivable.

But the manager had given him an order so he had no choice but to accept. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to come back ever. The manager would kick him out. And thinking about that, Mo Xiao Yu had felt sad.

So he had come, absent-minded and had knelt down absent-minded.

But now he started guessing some things. He even started thinking his manager was wrong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made him kneel down there.

Besides, Mu Yi’s expression was the proof he didn’t intend to forgive the manager. But did it mean Mo Xiao Yu would have to stay there on his knees forever?

Thinking about that, Mo Xiao Yu looked even more depressed.

“Alright, you can stand up now.” said Mu Yi.

“Really? Master, you forgive my manager?” asked Mo Xiao Yu. He was pleasantly surprised.

“Your manager doesn’t owe me anything so I don’t need to forgive him. We just have different points of view, that’s all.” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

“Different points of view?” Mo Xiao Yu was even more confused. A moment before, it was about Mister Mo having fooled Mu Yi and now it was about a different point of view?

Did it mean there were a good one and a bad one in the story? But who was the good one and who was the bad one then?

Mo Xiao Yu looked at Mu Yi. Mu Yi looked graceful, elegant and charming and then he recalled how his manager looked like when he came back. Suddenly, Mo Xiao Yu’s hair started bristling.

“But my manager said that if you didn’t forgive him, I wasn’t allowed to stand up.” said Mo Xiao Yu.

“You really won’t stand up?” asked Mu Yi.

“If you refuse to forgive my manager, I won’t stand up.” said Mo Xiao Yu stubbornly.

“Alright. Stay on your knees then.” said Mu Yi. Then he walked back to his room leaving Mo Xiao Yu on his knees.

And at the door, Mo Xiao Yu pulled a long face. What could he do now? If he stayed on his knees, it would be for nothing, and if he stood up, then everybody would think he wasn’t a man of his word.

Mo Xiao Yu hesitated now but suddenly, something black flashed in front of his eyes. He instinctively raised his head and saw a big head above him. He was so startled he fell on his bottom.

He moved back and saw who it was. On the day before, when Mu Yi had left, he had tried to be friendly with Big Slave. Unfortunately, no matter what he said, Big Slave didn’t reply to him, and even worse, he just stared at him in a strange way as if he had been watching a child about to be mischievous.

In front of Big Slave, he didn’t dare do or say anything. He wanted to leave a few times but Big Slave had kept catching him and dragging him back.

In the end, all they could was sit down and stare at each other until Mu Yi’s return.

When Mu Yi went back in his room, he had a shower and then he sat down and started reading the magic figures book Mister Mo had given to him. He felt like he could learn a lot from it. Besides, there were things he didn’t understand before and did now.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he didn’t feel motivated at all. It was as if those words had lost their meaning.

Mu Yi knew why. It was because he felt like it was all part of Mister Mo’s test. Of course, the most important was that the old Taoist Priest had planned everything for him.

In the past, he thought he understood the old Taoist Priest really well but now he realized he didn’t understand him as well as he thought. In the past, the old Taoist Priest kept telling him that the world was cruel and dangerous, he had even told him that in the future, the best would be to live in a small place, to have a simple lifestyle, to grow their own fruits and vegetables, to find a good wife, and then to have a peaceful life.

Back then, Mu Yi took what the old Taoist Priest said extremely seriously. All those things had become part of his goals. He had never thought he would lose the old Taoist Priest someday and then go on a journey during which he would understand how naive he had been.

Since the old Taoist Priest had placed high hopes on him and had planned his entire future, why had he told him those things over and over again in the past?

Wasn’t it contradictory? And how could Mu Yi believe anything the old Taoist Priest had said now?

He had always believed the old Taoist Priest and thought that having a peaceful and simple life was the best.

Unfortunately, Mu Yi forgot that if the world was chaotic, it wasn’t easy to find a peaceful peach orchard. Especially that the world had really sunk into chaos. If someone had no way to protect their own life, then life wasn’t an easy journey.

“Nuer, go and call him.” said Mu Yi suddenly putting the book down.

Then, Nian Nuer came out of the Bamboo Tree of Life and flew towards the door.

A few minutes later, Mo Xiao Yu came in, he looked completely terrified, besides, he was limping.

“Master!” said Mo Xiao Yu. Then he was about to kneel down again. Mu Yi hadn’t forgiven his manager after all so he had to continue kneeling down.

“No need to kneel down.” said Mu Yi before Mo Xiao Yu had time to kneel down.

But Mo Xiao Yu continued moving down and suddenly, he realized he couldn’t move his legs anymore. He couldn’t kneel down. Some kind of invisible and intangible strength was preventing him from kneeling down.

He tried several times but he couldn’t. Suddenly, he looked at Mu Yi as if he had suddenly understood.

He had always considered Mu Yi as a strong cultivator. So he wasn’t that surprised that Mu Yi could prevent him from kneeling down.

After Mo Xiao Yu entered the room, Big Slave also entered but at that moment, Nian Nuer was on his shoulder, so he had to bend down to enter the room.

Mo Xiao Yu looked at Nian Nuer. He didn’t understand. Where was that little girl from?

Why had he never seen her? Besides, Big Slave seemed to listen to her. Who were they to Mu Yi?

He didn’t understand so he just looked at Mu Yi.

“I told you clearly that there were no tensions between your manager and me, it’s a misunderstanding at most. Besides, Mister Mo is older than me so I can’t blame him. However, some things cannot be forced.”

“When you go back, tell your manager that my strength is limited for the time being. I can’t become the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, find someone else for the job.”

said Mu Yi to Mo Xiao Yu. He was convinced Mister Mo would understand.

Besides, even though Mo Xiao Yu had come to apologize, Mister Mo probably still hoped Mu Yi would accept to join the Ear Group.

But Mister Mo had forgotten one thing. How long had it been since the old Taoist Priest had been the envoy? And with his strength and age, how could Mu Yi make people submit? 

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