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Chapter 211: 


 On the second day, Mu Yi looked at the invitation card he had received in the afternoon. And next to “inviter”, it was written “Tingyu Building, Leng Yu”.

On the day before, after Mo Xiao Yu had left, Mu Yi hadn’t had any news from him, and he had been worried Mister Mo would go back on his word. He hadn’t thought he would hear about Leng Yu so soon.

Regarding that Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, if Mu Yi had to use one word to describe her, he would say “mysterious”.

Mu Yi found her mysterious. Regarding Tingyu Building, it was probably only one of the places she used to hide her real identity. Regarding embroidery, even though everyone said Tingyu Building’s embroidery was the best, at least, Mu Yi had never seen it so he couldn’t say or think anything about it.

But he remembered on that evening when she had used needles to attack him.

Mu Yi was the old Taoist Priest’s heir. He had his copper lamp, a precious magic tool. So, what was Leng Yu’s precious magic tool since she was the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag? What about the two other envoys? Where were they? And what about the leader of the Ear Group, who was he?

Unfortunately, Mu Yi knew nothing about the Ear Group even if he had accepted to join them. Besides, he was curious, why had Leng Yu invited him on that night? Was it to lay the cards on the table?

In the evening, Mu Yi cleaned the room and left with Big Slave.

During those two days, the assassins had completely disappeared. It was probably because of Nian Nuer. They were either terrified or there was something else. But it just felt unusual.

Mu Yi didn’t like being spied on, but he liked to understand what was going around him. The key of the Ancient road of the Yellow River was still something people thought of, not to mention that some people were ready to die for their own benefits. Such people didn’t give up easily. There wouldn’t chaos in the world if people didn’t fight for their own benefits.

Someone may have been higher up watching all this. And some people were waiting for him to act?

Mu Yi was at a loss for the time being.

He wasn’t worried though. He was progressing steadfastly and regularly. In a short time, he would be even stronger. Regarding the dangers of having an unstable cultivation caused by a progression which was too rapid, Mu Yi didn’t need to worry either. He was ready to to open his third chakra.

Even though it was nighttime, there were many torches in Cangzhou. There were many people on the streets too. Mu Yi brought Big Slave aside so that people wouldn’t pay too much attention to them.

But with Big Slave’s height, no matter where they went, people noticed them.

The reason why Mu Yi had brought Big Slave wasn’t that he was afraid Leng Yu would plot against him. He wasn’t thinking of an attack either. He brought Big Slave because Big Slave was his partner. And he hadn’t had any opportunity to take him out those days. He was worried about drawing people’s attention, but he couldn’t let Big Slave stay in a hotel room all the time.

And in any case, those who really wanted to cause trouble to Mu Yi would do it even if Big Slave wasn’t there. Those who wanted to harm Mu Yi didn’t intend to let him off. They were definitely going to destroy him. Therefore, this time, Mu Yi had obtained an invitation to a banquet and he had decided to take Big Slave with him.

Even though the Tingyu Building wasn’t the finest place of Cangzhou, ordinary people couldn’t afford to live in that area. The Tingyu Building had three floors. It wasn’t a high building. But it had a huge area. In the distance, it seemed like a gigantic beast was crouching.

At that moment, there were torches on all floors of the Tingyu Building. They kept flickering but they sufficed to illuminate the building.

When people passed by, they looked at the building skeptically. Tingyu Building was a discreet organization. What was going on there? It seemed like something big was happening.

That’s what many people thought. For ordinary people, Tingyu Building was just an organization and a building, a place where embroiderers worked. A place where women loved to go.

The big door of Tingyu Building opened itself and four beautiful women appeared and welcomed the guests.

When Mu Yi and Big Slave arrived nearby, many people were startled when they saw Big Slave. Then, some people started looking at Big Slave mockingly as if he were some zoo animal.

Some people tried to get in using a fake identity, but it didn’t work. The four women at the entrance were extraordinary. Even second-class cultivators couldn’t get through.

Regarding the prince who had refused to submit before, he was strong thanks to his servants. Then, he was crushed, destroyed and thrown on the street like a trash bag. In the end, that prince asked his brother to go and avenge him. But he failed. He didn’t even dare mention it anymore. But people had esteem and respect for Tingyu Building.

Besides, gradually, it also became a symbol of success.

Very quickly, those who had come to watch the fun were stupefied. Because when Mu Yi and the giant arrived, the four beautiful hostesses didn’t stop them, on the contrary, she greeted them respectfully.

“What’s going on?”

“Have the rules of Tingyu Building changed?”

some people thought the rules had changed and rushed over to the door. Unfortunately, they were as special as Mu Yi and when they arrived at the door, they were stopped.

“Why could those two people go in but not me?” shouted someone flying into a rage from shame and pointing at the hostesses with his finger.

The four women ignored him. They looked away and said coldly they wanted him to leave. Then, he even got ready to fight but suddenly, he remembered Tingyu Building was a powerful organization, so he just left.

Those who had come to watch the fun didn’t make fun of the one who had just thought a bit too highly of himself. They were curious about the boy and the giant though.

“A giant. A Taoist priest. I think I know who they are.” said someone suddenly in the crowd.

“Who? hurry up and tell me?” said some people around him looking at him imploringly. When the man saw so many people looked at him imploringly or with admiration, he felt proud.

“They are mysterious but famous.”

“Famous? Why have I never heard of them in Cangzhou then?” asked someone immediately.

“Because they are not from Cangzhou.”

“He’s a foreigner and he dares act arrogantly here??”

“Because he can afford to be arrogant. You’ve heard of the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road and the incredible battles which happened because of it recently, right?”

“I’ve heard about them yes. It’s that precious treasure which only the wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation could buy.” said someone else.

“Indeed, but the Yellow River’s ancient road has a very complex history. Let me tell you about it!”

Suddenly, everybody started talking in the crowd. They loved hearing about national news, not to mention news which had something to do with a precious treasure. Even if they knew they would never obtain such a precious treasure, they enjoyed the stories.

At that moment, Mu Yi walked towards the second floor.

On the path, Mu Yi noticed some women looked at him in a very strange way as. They were naturally curious about them, especially that their leader had invited them.

Mu Yi didn’t mind. He passed by the women. Big Slave kept looking around. That kind of thing was new for him.

“Welcome, dear guests.”

said a hostess opening a sliding door and pointing to the inside. Mu Yi and Big Slave entered the room and the hostess closed it again.

Mu Yi glanced around. The great hall was gigantic. It was the first thing he thought. There were two rows of torches, from both sides of the entrance door to the end of the room. And they were ornamented by embroideries with all sorts of patterns.

It was the first time Mu Yi saw the embroideries of Tingyu Building. He couldn’t help but sigh with admiration on the inside. They looked like scrolls slowly opening themselves. Mu Yi was almost bewitched by them.

At that moment, Mu Yi and Big Slave were the only people in the room. In front of them, there were two tables with fruit bowls on them. Mu Yi entered the room without putting on airs, then he sat down on the right side. He occupied a commanding position from there because he faced the whole great hall.

Leng Yu hadn’t arrived. Mu Yi wasn’t in a rush. He couldn’t wait to know the purpose of that meeting though.

“Pa pa pa!”

Mu Yi had just sat down, and he heard people clap. The sound came from outside. Then, the door was opened once again.

Mu Yi saw two rows of hostesses come in. There were twelve in total. They were about seventeen eighteen. They were all beautiful, especially those at the front.

Those women light clothes yet not transparent. And the ornaments on their clothes were embroideries. There were twelve people, twelve different clothing styles, twelve flowers.

“The leader asked us to perform a dance for you since you are waiting.”

said the most beautiful of the dancers and all of them curtsied in front of Mu Yi.

When she spoke, suddenly, Mu Yi started hearing zither music. Even though he couldn’t see where the zither player was, he loved the music.

The twelve women suddenly started dancing. They looked like elves.

Mu Yi’s seat allowed him to see them extremely well. He didn’t really love music and dance shows but occasionally, why not? The music was good. The dance was beautiful. It was an opportunity to meditate and calm his mind. Mu Yi narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the music.

Big Slave couldn’t care less about a music and dancing show, he looked excited, yes, but because of all the fruits on the tables. 

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