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Chapter 212: The Four Great Envoys of the Flag


 Mu Yi calmly enjoyed the show. Big Slave remained silent. They didn’t disturb the show.

They finished!

The twelve women then walked away. When they left, Mu Yi felt as if he could still hear their music and see their dances.

“If you agree, all those women can be yours tonight.” said a voice suddenly at that moment.

Mu Yi opened his eyes. Someone had appeared in front of him. It was someone in black clothes. Mu Yi couldn’t see that person’s face. And from that person’s voice, they sounded like an extremely beautiful woman.

“Well, that’s nice for an Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag! Since when are you a pimp in a brothel?” said Mu Yi fearlessly.

“What? Not nice enough for you?” Leng Yu was angry but she still asked if he was interested.

Mu Yi didn’t reply. His Bamboo Tree of Life flashed and appeared on the table. Nian Nuer came out and looked at Leng Yu angrily. She had just heard what Leng Yu had said.

When Nian Nuer showed up, Big Slave put down the fruit he was holding and closed his mouth and looked in a way which meant, “I haven’t eaten anything”. Unfortunately, Nian Nuer couldn’t care less about that.

“Mental abilities?” Leng Yu looked at Nian Nuer. She was astonished. Even though she asked, she sounded sure already.

Actually, it wasn’t the first time that Leng Yu met Nian Nuer. During her previous battle against Mu Yi, Nian Nuer had also attacked her once. But Nian Nuer wasn’t strong enough to pose a threat to her.

And after the attack, Nian Nuer had gone back into the Bamboo Tree of Life so Leng Yu had realized that Nian Nuer was different. And this time she could see her clearly.

Usually, when ghosts became fierce ghosts, their mental abilities formed themselves but Nian Nuer was different because her Qi was extremely pure. She couldn’t be compared with ordinary fierce ghosts. Therefore, she noticed Nian Nuer’s innate mental abilities at first glance.

“I see.” Leng Yu nodded as if she had suddenly thought of something.

“Bad woman.” said Nian Nuer to Leng Yu.

“Bad woman?” said Leng Yu smiling.

“You’re a bad woman. I won’t let you teach my big brother bad things.” said Nian Nuer.

“Little girl, are you in love with your big brother?” asked Leng Yu.

When Nian Nuer heard that, she didn’t reply immediately. She blushed. She looked extremely shy and pouted.

“Don’t worry.”

said Mu Yi tapping Nian Nuer’s head affectionately. Then he looked at Leng Yu, “Leader Leng, thank you for your kindness. But in any case, you wanted to see me. Here I am. What do you want?”

“No rush.” said Leng Yu smiling. Then someone opened the door of the great hall. The same woman who had danced before but this time they were holding places. They walked quickly and with agility. Then they put those delicious dishes on the table in front of Mu Yi.

And the most beautiful one came next to Mu Yi and poured some alcohol in a glass for him. Then she took a step backwards and stood slightly behind Mu Yi. It seemed like she didn’t intend to leave.

And when the woman showed up, Nian Nuer even started transforming on purpose.

“Come, cheers, to you!” said Leng Yu raising a glass and looking at Mu Yi.

“Forget about the alcohol. I don’t drink. If you have nothing to talk to me about, I’m leaving.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly. Leng Yu was astonished, that banquet was for him but Mu Yi didn’t care.

But Mu Yi was annoyed. What did she want? She hadn’t invited him just to have a drink, so what did she want?

“Why are you in a rush, Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” Don’t you want to know why I invited you today? Or are you not curious about the imperial jade seal?” asked Leng Yu playing with her glass of alcohol and looking at Mu Yi jokingly.

When Mu Yi heard Leng Yu, he first remained silent and then said, “Since you call me Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, then stop beating about the bush. There is no harm in saying what you think.”

“Alright, since you don’t like it, then I can’t force you. I invited for only one reason today, I want to cooperate with you.” said Leng Yu straightforwardly.

“Cooperate?” repeated Mu Yi.

“Yes. Cooperate. How much do you know about the Ear Group?” asked Leng Yu.

“They used to be the best group in the world back in the days. They had one leader, four envoys, twelve fighters, twenty four Tao, seventy two Tang, that’s all.” said Mu Yi. He didn’t know much.

“That was back in the days. Nowadays, nobody knows where the leader is. There were four envoys back then. I am one of them. With you, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, we’ll need to find the two others, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and the Envoy of the Cyan Dragon’s Flag.” said Leng Yu.

Mu Yi was now Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. He had fought against her and had passed the exam to become the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Regarding Mu Yi’s natural endowments, she had no doubts. He was very smart. His teacher was smart so Mu Yi had to be smart.

“Is the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag still alive?” asked Mu Yi skeptically. He thought Leng Yu was the only one alive. But now that Leng Yu talked about cooperating, Mu Yi had a feeling.

Her relations with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag couldn’t be described as peaceful. The leader had disappeared so all the envoys tried to get the advantage over the others.

“Of course, the leader is also alive. Unfortunately, our leader has disappeared.” said Leng Yu.

“Since he’s alive, he may come back.” said Mu Yi.

“He won’t.” said Leng Yu shaking her head. She sounded confident.

Mu Yi didn’t insist. He looked at Leng Yu and said, “And?”

“Out of the twelve fighters, only three are left. On your side, there is one. Won’t you think about it? If you agree, she can follow you.” said Leng Yu.

“She’s one of the twelve fighters?” Mu Yi was stupefied. He hadn’t thought that woman would be a figther of the Ear Group. She seemed only older than him of two three years and she was already one of the twelve fighters? He couldn’t afford to underestimate her then.

But at the same time, Mu Yi forgot he was extremely strong himself. She seemed so weak in comparison to him. A mere fighter couldn’t compete with an envoy.

Leng Yu told him the truth.

“Anything else?” asked Mu Yi ignoring what she had just said.

“The twenty four Tao and seventy two Tang were the most affect by the great battle back in the days. They were destroyed. Some of them recovered after so many years but they would never become as strong as they used to be. Then, there’s the issue of the Vermilion Bird and the Cyan Dragon flags’ envoys. So the two influential groups have sunk into chaos. They are extremely weak. And now you want to become the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but it is not just a privilege. There’s something you have to do first.” said Leng Yu.

“What is it?” asked Mu Yi.

“The territory of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag is close to the south. Therefore, even though the influential groups of the territory of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag seem dispersed, actually, many people are close to that place. Therefore, you can imagine that if you want to officially become the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, you have to convince them to come back and to listen to you.” said Leng Yu.

“I see. You’re trying to sow discord between the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and me. That’s your real purpose?” said Mu Yi to Leng Yu. He didn’t need to think further.

“What you’re saying is not totally wrong because we don’t have great relations. And if you don’t care about those influential groups, then forget what I just said.” said Leng Yu indifferently.

Mu Yi smiled and said, “Why is the issue of the Envoy of the Cyan Dragon’s Flag not solved? Is there no descendent?”

“More precisely, the reason why the Envoy of the Cyan Dragon’s Flag hasn’t chosen anyone is due to the fact that he lost his precious magic tool. And without the precious magic tool, transmitting his position to someone would be illegitimate.” said Leng Yu.

“Are precious magic tools so important?” Mu Yi thought of his copper lamp.

“Of course. The precious magic tools of the Four Great Envoys of the Flag are extraordinary. Without a precious magic tool, a person cannot become an Envoy of the Flag. You’ll understand why soon.” said Leng Yu.

“It seems like I’m quite lucky.” said Mu Yi. Those precious magic tools seemed extraordinary. Mu Yi’s was even more curious about his copper lamp.

And now, he would be the new Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, his territory would be the south, fire type, same type as his copper lamp.

So what about the god of the north’s precious magic tool then? The god of the north was the river God or a tortoise, so did his weapon have anything to do with the water element? What kind of defense did he have? Tortoises were very good at defense after all.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know all those things yet.

“But you have to be careful because the Envoy of the Cyan Dragon’s Flag is insane. If he’s ever angry at you, then get ready to suffer.” said Leng Yu suddenly. 

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