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Chapter 213: No Need


 Regarding Leng Yu’s “good intentions”, Mu Yi didn’t need to think further but he didn’t mind cooperating with her because they could both benefit from such a relationship.

After becoming an Envoy of the Flag, Mu Yi would be able to talk to her on equal terms and to a certain extent. Mu Yi was just a bit too weak for the time being, but who knew what was going to happen? Besides, Mu Yi was very intelligent, plus the transmissions he had received from the previous Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, Leng Yu was convinced that Mu Yi wouldn’t disappoint anyone.

“Back in the days, who destroyed the Ear Group?” asked Mu Yi suddenly. It was an important question because he had to understand who their enemies were. He also wanted to know who had injured the old Taoist Priest. Even though he hadn’t insisted when Mister Mo didn’t want to tell him, Mu Yi was still curious about that.

He really wanted to know who the enemy was.

“Technically, what destroyed the Ear Group back wasn’t just an influential group. It was also a great loss, the leader disappeared. Without anyone else, the Ear Group would have collapsed as well. And it’s not over, those influential groups even helped the Ear Group not to completely disintegrate! They didn’t reunite but I think it was a good thing. A group or a person in a high position is liable to be attacked and the Ear Group had already become everybody’s target. Everybody wanted to destroy the Ear Group.” said Leng Yu indifferently. She didn’t sound resentful at all. It even sounded as if she didn’t care.

“Who injured my Master?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly when he saw Leng Yu didn’t face his question directly.

“Even though I really would love to tell you, Mister Mo begged me not to tell you. At least, not until you’ve reached the top of the second difficulty. But before you completely and thoroughly control the copper lamp, we can’t tell you. Of course, I could tell you at one condition.” said Leng Yu.

“What condition?” asked Mu Yi.

“Easy. Take that girl and I’ll tell you.” said Leng Yu pointing to the young woman standing next to her.

When Qi Yu heard Leng Yu, she blushed and didn’t dare look at Mu Yi so she lowered her head and looked at her shoes.

“I’m sorry.” said Mu Yi shaking his head. He refused straightforwardly and categorically.

“What? Isn’t she beautiful?” asked Leng Yu. She was speechless.

“She is breathtakingly beautiful.” said Mu Yi honestly.

“Since she’s beautiful, why wouldn’t you be willing to have her? Don’t worry. I don’t mean like use her or anything. I think she’s old enough to have a husband now and of course, I want her husband to be a good one.” said Leng Yu softly and honestly.

“I just focus on the Great Tao. I took a vow of chastity.” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

Qi Yu glanced at Mu Yi angrily and sadly.

“Stubborn.” said Leng Yu smiling icily.

Mu Yi smiled but didn’t contradict her because his decision was surprising indeed. But he really wanted to solve the issue of the old Taoist Priest, then he would settle in Fu Niu Mountain and would live as a hermit.

“I will stay here, support and serve you forever.” said Qi Yu suddenly. It was a kind of reply to Mu Yi. She was one of the twelve fighters, her social status wasn’t low.

“Silly girl.” said Leng Yu shaking her head. Then she looked at Mu Yi and said, “Since you don’t want her, regarding what you want to know, even if I told you, it would be fine, it wouldn’t make me break any promise.”

said Leng Yu. Mu Yi was speechless. She had told him she couldn’t tell him because of Mister Mo and then she had angered him? And she still hadn’t replied.

Mu Yi naturally wanted to know who the enemy was but Mister Mo didn’t want him to know. He was too weak for the time being. Besides, he would understand everything sooner or later.

“Alright, let’s continue talking about our cooperation then.” said Leng Yu changing the topic. “You know about the history of the imperial jade seal, right?”

“I know a few things. According to legends, it’s a key to open a grave. It belonged to Liu De. And back in the days, he also obtained one of the mysterious groups. One of them contained Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu. And the Heavenly Curse is mentioned inside.” said Mu Yi. He said everything he had learnt from Qian Butong.

“It’s kind of wrong and right at the same time.” said Leng Yu.

“Please explain.” said Mu Yi.

“The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu refers to the Tao of the mind. Back in the days, that book wasn’t useful if the cultivator was too weak. Nowadays, only extremely strong ones can use it. It’s useful in terms of Tao of godly soul. Regarding the Heavenly Curse, it is not explicitly in the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.” said Leng Yu.

“What? It’s not inside?” asked Mu Yi. He was astonished. The reason he knew about it was the Heavenly Curse but now Leng Yu told him the secret of Heavenly Curse wasn’t inside. Had Qian Butong tried to fool him?

But Mu Yi remembered what Leng Yu had said at the beginning. Since it was right and wrong at the same time, then Mu Yi felt like he was getting anxious. But he continued waiting for her to talk.

And Leng Yu looked at Mu Yi. She was surprised Mu Yi didn’t say anything unpleasant. But she didn’t tease him and said straightforwardly, “The so called Heavenly Curse is actually a calamity which falls from the skies. It becomes a curse. When people come to life, they all have the same body and the same way of functioning. They all have the potential of unleashing the power the Heavenly Curse has granted their body. Everybody has the Heavenly Curse in themselves, even ordinary people can transcend worldliness.”

said Leng Yu glancing at Nian Nuer. Then she said, “People, ghosts and other creatures all have to face calamities but at the same time, a calamity is like the love of the skies for you. Some people have innate talent, some ghosts had innate mental abilities, some creatures could transform but they also have to face the power of the ten thousand things of creation. But it doesn’t matter because that’s love.”

Even though Nian Nuer hated Leng Yu on the inside, she also listened to what she said carefully. When Leng Yu finished, she was pale. Actually, it wasn’t the first time she heard about such things. The hoodlum had said such things. For this reason, she had to come out.

She hadn’t thought Leng Yu would mention those things again on that night. At that moment, Mu Yi thought it was late.

“You won’t go into more details? I don’t believe you.” said Mu Yi determinedly. He wasn’t talking to both Nian Nuer and Leng Yu. He didn’t want them to be rude or inappropriate.

“Hehe, little girl, what do you think? You want to come next to me? I am not afraid of sparing you the details.” said Leng Yu to Nian Nuer.

“I just want to be with my brother.” said Nian Nuer. She didn’t want to refuse straightforwardly.

“Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, why are you scaring a little girl? You would lose your status if people heard about that.” said Mu Yi suddenly. He knew the details were important and kept secret but he couldn’t let Leng Yu disrespect Nian Nuer.

“As expected, you’re like your Master. Boring.” said Leng Yu shaking her head, then she said, “The ten thousand things of creation are the sun, the moon, the earth and the sky, the Yin and the Yang, black and white, righteousness and evilness. If you ever manage to raise that little girl and make her become strong, then you may be able to use that opportunity to break through to the third difficulty.”

“Third difficulty?” asked Mu Yi. Even the old Taoist Priest had failed to break through to the third difficulty? And when Mu Yi heard such a cultivation level, he immediately thought of one person, the leader of the Ear Group.

Even though Leng Yu hadn’t told him everything, she had involuntarily revealed some elements. The leader had probably reached the third difficulty already. And why some people had innate abilities or not, he would understand with time. He didn’t have much hope regarding the future though.

“Did you hear me? Don’t get distracted. I can show you something.” When Mu Yi heard that, he turned to Nian Nuer to cheer her up and the little girl clenched her fists and looked resolute.

Especially when she heard Mu Yi. She nodded with a heavy heart. She didn’t say it but everybody knew what she was thinking.

Therefore, Mu Yi felt relaxed. As long as Nian Nuer was fine, he didn’t mind. He had already gone through so much during his journey.

“The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu can help people reach the third difficulty?” asked Mu Yi. The Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu didn’t contain the secrets of the Heavenly Curse but it could help cultivators become stronger faster. 

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