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Chapter 215: Great Gift! 


 And it would be beneficial for Nian Nuer and Big Slave too.

Mu Yi obtained an agility technique called Yu’s Steps. It was based on the position of the Great Bear. When the user used it, his position suddenly changed which could lead to an abrupt turn in the course of events, as said in the Book of Changes, The man who walks, the essence of the sky, the spirit of the earth, the truth of human movement, the fusion of the three powers together, and the fusion of the nine Qi.

Clearly, the Yu’s Steps agility technique wasn’t easy at all. When a cultivator mastered it, they could invoke spirits and gods, they also had the godly Qi of the seven stars, they could exorcize evil spirits and understand their true nature.

And for Mu Yi, it was a great way to become explosively strong.

The Yu’s Steps technique was one of the most incredible gifts he had ever received.

She also had a gift for Nian Nuer. She got her a soul jewel. It was made of alive fierce ghosts. If Nian Nuer broke it, her strength would increase and would be equivalent to Mu Yi’s. Besides, Nian Nuer and the Bamboo Tree of Life were together so the Bamboo Tree of Life would also become much more explosive.

And regarding Big Slave, he obtained a technique. Even though Big Slave was extremely strong, he didn’t control his strength properly. Besides, his body was gigantic. He moved slowly. Therefore, he preferred big battles because he didn’t need to move too much, enemies came to him. But when he fought against only one person and that that person was fast enough, then Big Slave couldn’t do anything.

And the technique Leng Yu had given him would allow him to benefit from his full potential. And according to Leng Yu, he may even become normal again someday. Big Slave was a giant after all, that wasn’t something normal.

And if he did, then his cultivation level would also reached the acme of perfection. Big Slave would become truly terrifying.

And according to Leng Yu, the best for Big Slave’s future wasn’t an incredible Vajra Dhammapala.

When Mu Yi heard Big Slave would become normal again someday, he was excited. It would be great for Big Slave but also for him. They would also be able to travel far away that way. At the moment, it was a bit difficult with his size. And people noticed them everywhere. Even if Mu Yi changed his face, people would still recognize him if he stayed with a giant. That’s why he had tried the human skin mask once and then never again.

Leng Yu also told Mu Yi that within two weeks, he may become extremely strong.

“Why do you think so highly of him?”

asked Qi Yu after Mu Yi left. She looked at Leng Yu. Leng Yu was seated. She knew admitted Mu Yi was extremely strong and extraordinarily talented but what were her true reasons?

“He hasn’t risen yet. But when he does, we’ll want to be friends with him. We’ll benefit from this friendship.” said Leng Yu with a faint smile. Then she put on a plaited bamboo hat and a hat. She was still wearing a mask though. The mask of the river God.

“So you really think highly of him?” said Qi Yu. She stared at Leng Yu’s mask. Even though many people knew Leng Yu was the leader of Tingyu Building, less than five people had ever seen her real face.

She was extremely beautiful. But even if she was beautiful, she still felt ashamed and shy.

“Little YU, don’t play tricks on me. You know I could kick you out?” said Leng Yu narrowing her eyes and smiling. She looked at Qi Yu from head to foot.

Qi Yu felt under pressure. She shivered and blushed.

“I’m sorry, Leader.” said Qi Yu with great sadness.

“Alright, I forgive you this time. I’m tired today. Come and stay with me while I have a bath.” said Leng Yu standing up and walking away.

Qi Yu shook from head to foot but she lowered her head and followed her. Her face became redder and redder. She even seemed weaker and weaker.

At that moment, Mu Yi was already back in the inn. He didn’t know that everybody in Cangzhou already knew about his visit to Tingyu Building.

Even though Tingyu Building was just an embroidery company, they had many very beautiful women. Some men dreamt of marrying a woman from Tingyu Building. If Tingyu Building wasn’t so famous and influential, some people would have already invaded their territory and raped their women.

Of course, apart from those beautiful women, they also had strong cultivators so people didn’t dare attack them.

Sometimes, the way people thought was mysterious. If the balance were broken, then it would draw some greedy people’s attention. And now, Mu Yi had been inside, what would people say? He can go inside, why couldn’t?

That was something everybody had in common so without even noticing it, Mu Yi had already become everybody’s public enemy.

They didn’t care if Mu Yi had the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road but they cared about face. There were many princes and young masters in Cangzhou. And there was something noble people weren’t allowed to do, why could Mu Yi, an insignificant Taoist priest?

Besides, they didn’t think Tingyu Building had made a mistake. They were just furious at Mu Yi, that foreigner.

Especially that Mu Yi’s reputation wasn’t exactly great. And since he had been to Tingyu Building, everybody now knew who he was and there was nothing Mu Yi could do to hide his real identity. Everybody considered him as the Evil Taoist priest, he had dared grope women from Tingyu Building, how despicable and detestable.

Therefore, Mu Yi didn’t notice anything and everybody had already formed an alliance against him.

Three steps, nine marks. That was thanks to the Yu’s Steps technique!

In the courtyard, Mu Yi’s way of walking was extremely strange. But actually, he also noticed there was something weird. He had no choice, he had to apply the principles of Taoist astrology to every single step he took. Each angle, each coordinate, everything was important. The user couldn’t just walked as they wished.

If it had been that easy, then everybody would know it. Actually, many people knew the Yu’s Steps technique, even some third-class Taoist priests, but few people reached the peak of perfection, very few.

Besides, the Yu’s Steps technique has to be coupled with the breathing technique. That’s the authentic Yu’s Steps technique.

Even if Mu Yi was extremely talented, he wouldn’t be able to learn it quickly. He would need at least two weeks. Even if he understood it only a little, it’d be great. He would be able to move faster and hide better in any case.

Regarding Big Slave, Mu Yi left him to Nian Nuer. She accepted to help Mu Yi. At that moment, she was holding a ruler. Each time Big Slave didn’t understand something or made a mistake, she hit him violently on the head. Even though he didn’t feel pain, each time, he looked at Nian Nuer sadly, like a child looking at his parents.

“I’m sorry, dear guest, this place is not for rent anymore.” said the waiter at noon. He seemed perturbed.

“Not for rent? So the money I gave you wasn’t enough, uh?” said Mu Yi standing firmly. At that moment, the waiter didn’t dare look at him. He hoped Mu Yi would understand it was an order from her boss.

“If you want me to leave, alright, then give me my money back.” said Mu Yi. He wasn’t being like that on purpose. He wanted to see how much they wanted him to leave. Actually, when the waiter told him that, Mu Yi had already understood he was in trouble. Besides, he was their most wanted target.

Mu Yi had had lots of time before, it was even surprising that nobody had come but now things had changed. Unfortunately, Mu Yi was wrong. He thought those people attacked him for the key of he Yellow River’s ancient road but actually they attacked him because he had been to the Tingyu Building and had infuriated everybody.

“No problem. No problem.” said the waiter twice consecutively and hastily. Giving him his money back was definitely worth it. Making Mu Yi was cruel so it was worth it. Mu Yi didn’t mind but they were ordinary people. They didn’t want to offend those famous people.

When Mu Yi heard the waiter, he understood. If he hadn’t put pressure on him, he wouldn’t have been like that.

“So tell me, who is it?” asked Mu Yi straightforwardly.

When he asked that question, Nian Nuer was on Big Slave’s shoulders and Big Slave was slowly walking towards Mu Yi from behind. When the waiter saw Big Slave, he paled and started shaking violently from head to foot.

“Wh… What?” replied the waiter unnaturally.

When Mu Yi saw that, he shook his head, “If they had come and faced me, I would have felt some admiration for them. But they’re a joke. So I guess it must be a young master? If the person were well-traveled and virtuous, they wouldn’t resort to such despicable methods.”

“Dear guest, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” said the waiter . He looked panic-stricken and Mu Yi could see it.

“Go. Bring me to that person.” said Mu Yi straightforwardly. His dark eyes gleamed. The waiter’s face stiffened. He was lost in thoughts thinking about what Mu Yi had just said.

“You two, wait for me here.” said Mu Yi. Then he followed the waiter. They arrived in front of a room, some people were talking inside but the waiter suddenly opened the door and the voices abruptly stopped.

“Bastard! Who allowed you to come in?” shouted someone furiously pointing at the waiter. 


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