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Chapter 216: Public Wrath 


 “I let him come in.”

Mu Yi then entered the room.

At that moment, in the room, there were two people. They were seated. One was the owner. The other one was a manager, a middle-aged man. They looked proud and arrogant. They were drinking tea but when Mu Yi entered the room, they were astonished.

He had also heard of Mu Yi’s status. He hadn’t thought he would ever see Mu Yi.

That man’s eyes were filled with terror. He wasn’t like waiter or the leader, he had some knowledge, he also knew a lot of things about Mu Yi. He had heard Mu Yi could be even more demoniac than demons when killing his enemies.

Regarding what he had been told about Mu Yi, he didn’t approve at first but those people were all noble. And then he had convinced some others.

Even though the princes usually did all sorts of things, martial arts, arts, etc., each time they succeeded in something, people praised them but that was basically all. Calling them young masters or princes was just a way of making the situation sound better.

It was better to maintain harmonious relations.

And they first decided to humiliate him. They didn’t attack right at first. And what if they managed to kick the Evil Taoist priest out like that? He would lose face. The young master would be promoted instantly. His career would skyrocket.

Not every young master was audacious in the extreme and courageous. Not many liked playing with fire.

Therefore, when he looked at Mu Yi, he couldn’t help but sigh. He looked stiff, “How did he come here?”

asked the owner. Even though he tried to look as if he weren’t afraid, one could see in his eyes that he felt awkward. He was a business owner and if he offended wealthy and noble families, he’d be doomed.

Not to mention that doing business in such troubled times wasn’t easy. Kind people were extremely rare.

If those old masters rented out lands, they would be able to make a sixty seventy percent profit at the end of the year. Not bad.

“Dear guest, we’re having issues. Please, you can find another inn. There are many inns in the area. Regarding the money, I’ll make it up to you.” said the owner. His eyes gleamed. He just wanted Mu Yi to leave. That’s all.

At that moment, he was seated with the manager of the Xu Clan. If everything went well, he may be able to get familiar with the Xu Clan and then he would be able to rely on them in the future.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that when he said that Manager Xu Wang was going to cry soon. He would even feel like punching the owner’s teeth. But now he didn’t dare move.

“Is that so? What if I refuse to leave?” said Mu Yi. He replied to the owner but he looked at Xu Wang. Xu Wang’s heart was pounding. It wasn’t the first time he regretted working on a mission. He wished he had sent a team instead.

But Xu Wang had forgotten what the prince of his own clan had said, if he succeeded, he would be promoted in the clan. How could he refuse to give it a shot?

Xu Wang hadn’t thought Mu Yi would arrive so quickly. Besides, he had thought he’d show up there, a hideout.

“If you refuse to leave?” asked the owner glancing at Xu Wang.

This time, Xu Wang’s heart nearly burst out of his chest. He couldn’t help but stand and face Mu Yi. He threw his teacup in the direction of the owner, “Alright, Mister Fan, that’s how you work? You surprisingly join hands with a foreigner and attack me? You want to cause chaos in Cangzhou?”

shouted Xu Wang furiously at the owner of the inn, Mister Fan

Mister Fan didn’t react. The teacup crashed against his head. He put his hands on his head and staggered. He nearly collapsed but he didn’t, apart from looking terrified, he also looked confused.

He didn’t understand what Xu Wang had said. Why had he suddenly turned hostile?

But he wasn’t stupid. He quickly understood that it probably had something to do with Mu Yi. No matter what, he had offended someone he shouldn’t have offended. The Taoist priest he had asked to leave was actually a public figure. Even Xu Wang didn’t want to offend people like that. He wanted to maintain good relations with such people.

Thinking about that, Mister Fan felt furious but he couldn’t show it. When facing the Xu Clan, he didn’t feel confident. They could kill him with one finger.

“Sigh, my head… I feel dizzy.”

said Mister Fan. He had to pretend to be weak and on the verge of collapse.

There, he staggered and finally collapsed in frotn of the crowd. He did it on purpose. And to look even more realistic, he let himself fall violently.

Xu Wang, Mu Yi and even the waiter knew he was pretending. Actually, after coming in, he had already come back to his senses but the waitress hadn’t said anything.

Therefore, when he saw the owner collapse like that, he looked at him and then he did the same thing as him.

Xu Wang’s veins on his hand were pounding. If Mu Yi hadn’t been there, he would have destroyed Mister Fan with a chair to see if he would have stopped or not!

The two of them pretended to be unconscious but Mu Yi couldn’t do it. And Mu Yi didn’t care about them. Whether they were dead or alive, Mu Yi couldn’t care less.

Therefore, they pretended, good for them. Mu Yi didn’t feel like wasting time so he looked at Xu Wang.

“M, M… Master?” said Xu Wang staring at Mu Yi. He was terrified.

“What clan are you from?” asked Mu Yi impolitely and straightforwardly.

When Xu Clan heard him, he was furious. He wanted to kill him. It was supposed to be a great opportunity and now everything seemed ruined. If he said “Xu Clan”, he would get expelled from the clan.

But he also knew that the person in front of him was the Evil Taoist priest. He was a terrifying and sanguinary murderer. The outcome would be too dreadful to contemplate if he offended the Evil Taoist priest.

“What? You think I can read your thoughts? Speak.” said Mu Yi smiling icily and staring at Mister Fan.

Mister Fan remained silent and pretended to be unconscious but when Mu Yi looked at him, he immediately felt it. It felt as if he had been cut by a blade, or his soul.

But in the end, he had ground his teeth. He knew he couldn’t fool anyone but he preferred burying his head in the sand, it didn’t make him feel any better though.

Mu Yi looked at Mister Fan. Xu Wang knew something bad was going to happen because even if he didn’t say it, Mister Fan would also intervene.

He ground his teeth and said straightforwardly, “Report, Master. I am from the Xu Clan. I didn’t mean to offend you, Master. You just infuriated everybody yesterday. My clan’s prince asked me to come and sow discord. Please forgive me.”

said Xu Wang kneeling down in front of Mu Yi. He hoped he would survive, and if he did, he hoped he’d benefit from knowing Mu Yi.

Now, he had done all he could do. If he were sincere and honest, the chances that Mu Yi would forgive him were higher.

“I infuriated many people yesterday?” asked Mu Yi. He was dumbstruck. He hadn’t expected such an answer. He thought they were there for his key of the Yellow River’s ancient road. And now he realized it wasn’t the case.

What had he done on the previous evening? Mu Yi tried to remember. He had visited Tingyu Building. Then he had enjoyed a dance. He had also agreed to cooperate with the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag. And he had obtained some gifts.

“I infuriated many people yesterday?” He was a foreigner and he had probably negotiated with Leng Yu. Leng Yu wasn’t stupid either. Why was the crowd furious? Because he was now under the watchful eye of many.

“You mean because I went and visited Tingyu Building?” asked Mu Yi.

“You didn’t know?” asked Xu Wang curiously.


Mu Yi hmphed. Xu Wang shook violently from head to food. He didn’t dare mess with him and said straightforwardly, “Master, no man has ever been in the Tingyu Building. You’re the first one. And all the young masters of the city dream of getting a woman from Tingyu Building.”

When Xu Wang finished talking, Mu Yi looked weird. He was now sure that Leng Yu had invited him to Tingyu Building because she had ulterior motives. She hadn’t tried to be good to him. No wonder she even wanted to give Qi Yu.

But nothing happened on the previous evening. But Mu Yi knew that unless everybody said that, nobody would believe him. It was too late. 

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