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Chapter 218: Major Obstacle! 


 “Master, I’m done.”

The one who sneaked into Mu Yi’s courtyard was Xu Wang. Those days, he first curried favor with Xu Zi Heng. He then made Xu Zi Heng wander around aimlessly. And the third young master enjoyed Xu Wang’s attention and flatteries so he thought even more highly of him after those few days.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Xu Wang, the one he trusted the most, was plotting against him. If he knew that, he would destroy him into a billion pieces.

When Xu Wang went back, he didn’t even think of trying to betray Mu Yi. Then, he took his clan to a place and hid there in their governmental buildings. But after a night of thinking, he decided to stop doing that, if nothing wrong happened, he didn’t need to fear anything.

During the day, even though Mu Yi remained expressionless, Xu Wang couldn’t help but shake from head to foot. He knew that if he tried to escape, he wouldn’t even reach the main gate of the city, Mu Yi would kill him before. So he decided to help Mu Yi with everything.

And after deciding to help Mu Yi, he plotted against his family and said they had to ambush Mu Yi. Of course, what it meant was Xu Zi Heng wandering around aimlessly but nobody knew that.

He was satisfied.

But Mu Yi’s look made him shiver so he didn’t feel proud anymore. He felt like a little chicken. If Mu Yi wished, he could destroy him in the blink of an eye after all.

“Oh, so tell me the details.” said Mu Yi curiously.

“After tomorrow, at Peach Blossom Hill, some people invited Master on behalf of Miss Qi Yu from Tingyu Building. There is lots of gunpowder there already. Besides, there are hundreds of weapons, thirty second-class experts and one expert. When everybody falls in the trap, they will die.” said Xu Wang. Then he continued, “Of course, the gunpowder is already under control, it won’t explode by accident. Besides, the weapons don’t really work either, they will explode if anyone pulls the trigger. I also prepared some medicine, if they take it, they will not be able to move anymore. At the same time, I also contacted eight people from rich and influential families. Their social statuses are high. They can help Master inspire awe. After that, even if some checks, they will just think that Xu Zi Heng betrayed them and sold them out. Therefore, the Xu Clan will also be in trouble.”

said Xu Wang. Mu Yi had to admit that plan seemed efficient even if it was extremely simple. For an ordinary person, he was good at plotting.

“Very good. But how can I be sure you’re not trying to plot against me? What if the gunpowder explodes when I am there?” said Mu Yi staring at Xu Wang suddenly.

“How could I, Master!!!!”

shouted Xu Wang getting on his knees. He had thought of that but there were some rumors in the region that Mu Yi had destroyed the Octagon Organization and that he could summon lightnings sand thunder. He didn’t dare take any risk.

“Let’s hope so. Tell me about the first-class expert, he can control a bunch of young masters and princes?” asked Mu Yi nodding. At least, Xu Wang didn’t lie to him. Mu Yi was just curious about the first-class expert. First-class, that was amazing!

“Without him, the others wouldn’t have easily been fooled. Your reputation is extraordinary after all, Master. I had no choice but to say that. But don’t worry, Master, I will think of a solution to take care of him at the most crucial moment.” said Xu Wang vigilantly. Actually, he didn’t even believe what he said. That first-class was extremely strong, even the old man of the Xu Clan treated him with due respect.

“Don’t worry. Just a first-class expert. Nothing problematic for me.” said Mu Yi indifferently and confidently. Even though a first-class expert could be compared to someone who had the strength of the second difficulty to a certain extent, Mu Yi’s strength couldn’t be described merely using the second difficulty.

Back then, when he had the strength of the top of the first difficulty, he had managed to defeat a so called first-class expert, not to mention now, he was much, much stronger. More than ten times stronger!

And not to mention that those days he had been practicing the Yu’s Steps intensively which helped him become stronger. Even though he didn’t master the Yu’s Steps to perfection, his speed had greatly increased. He would feel more confident in battles now.

When Xu Wang heard Mu Yi, he rejoiced on the inside, he had taken only right decisions. He didn’t make a single mistake. A single mistake could have led to a tragedy.

“You are so powerful and mighty, Master.” said Xu Wang flatteringly.

“Shut up now. As long as you help me, we can forget about what happened before. You may even benefit from helping me!” said Mu Yi. For Mu Yi, that was new experience too. He practiced and developed his methods to manipulate people.

Even if he didn’t become the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he had to progress. Actually, he had already starting learning how to manipulate people back then with the Xie’s and with Chong Jiayi. But it was very simple.

The world was so big so Mu Yi started understanding he wouldn’t be able to be alone forever. Unless he could clone himself, staying alone would be too dangerous at some point.

He had to work hard. He hadn’t found anything about Li the Cripple yet. He would have to travel more. However, Leng Yu could ask countless people to work for her on one thing. No matter where Li the Cripple was, he would never be able to escape.

When Mu Yi understood that, his state of mind change. At least, he wanted to learn how to control people and thanks to Xu Wang, he now had an opportunity. He could use him and learn slowly.

“Understood, Master. I will not disappoint you, Master.” said Xu Wang happily. He was overjoyed. Mu Yi wasn’t sure to which extent he was being honest though.

Mu Yi didn’t fully believe him. His reputation may make people submit to him more easily, but if he lost a battle, Mu Yi was convinced someone like Xu Wang would suddenly turn hostile to him. He may even throw stones at him if he were at the bottom of a well.

Even Mu Yi knew that, he still decided to use him.

After Xu Wang left, Mu Yi was still confused. He was starting to feel excited when he thought of the position of Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag and the Ear Group. It may or may not be a good thing.

“Brother, I don’t like him.” said Nian Nuer putting her arms around Mu Yi’s neck and her head on his chest. She pouted.

She wasn’t stupid, she understood things, but she was pure and innocent and she hated evil.

“I don’t like him either but we can use him.” said Mu Yi. He didn’t know how to cheer Nian Nuer up. That little girl was so sensitive. Besides, when she said she didn’t like Xu Wang, it actually meant she didn’t like the way Mu Yi was changing.

Mu Yi knew what she meant but he pretended not to. People changed, especially when traveling.

That was how the world worked. It was like being a pot of boiling magma. One was either like iron and became harder or one turned into ashes and died. And the latter never escaped from the pot.

If possible, Mu Yi would have preferred if that little girl had stayed in Fu Niu Mountain. He didn’t want her thoughts to be polluted by the world of mortals. If possible, Mu Yi would also want to be in that state of mind forever, he wished he could remain innocent and pure like a child.

Of course, it wasn’t possible, and it became less and less possible as he became more and more determined.

“Yes, I know. In the future, I will also practice cultivation really hard and help you, brother.” said Nian Nuer nodding. Who said children understood nothing?

“What are you looking at??? Why are you not practicing cultivation???” Suddenly, Nian Nuer moved away from Mu Yi’s arms and turned into an evil demon, she floated in midair and stared at Big Slave who looked nonchalant.

Big Slave didn’t care about what Mu Yi said usually but he obeyed Nian Nuer.

Mu Yi shook his head and continued studying magic figures. Besides, he also managed to understand some of them without even realizing it. Unfortunately, he knew how to draw all of the magic figures of the top but two! He felt helpless.

One of them was the back to life charm. Mu Yi had never managed to draw one. He didn’t know what the issue was. He thought he’d fine an answer in that book but he didn’t.

Regarding the second one, it was a charm he had discovered two days before, the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm. He hadn’t managed to draw that charm once. Each time he tried, he had the feeling something missed. He had spent much time on it just to end up with a headache. Unfortunately, he had no teacher. Relying on his own self to study was extremely difficult, no matter how talented he was, sometimes, he felt a bit discouraged.

Besides, the path of magic figures represented an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship, it was impossible to learn its arts quickly from one day to another. What was happening was normal. It also meant that Mu Yi had reached a major obstacle on the path of magic figures. Unless he understood what the issue was, he would stay stuck. But he wasn’t in a rush, he would study slowly but surely. And sooner or later, he would understand. Unfortunately, he couldn’t know how long he would need. 

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