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Chapter 219: Plots Behind the Stage 



 Cangzhou, seaport, at the iron lion.

At that moment, the underground room under the iron lion was still filled with blood. A silhouette was lying in blood. Around that silhouette, there were ten distorted faces, the faces of people who had looked desperate before dying. All of them had died in atrocious conditions. They had all be tortured violently and cruelly.

And the person who stood in the middle was precisely Qian Butong. One of the people who controlled the Qian Clan.

And amongst those dead people, one of them looked extremely similar to Qian Butong. His name was Qian Buyong.

Actually, Qian Butong still had a big brother, and his big brother was supposed to become the new leader. But he had suddenly disappeared. Therefore, Qian Butong was to become the leader of the Qian Clan.

And apart from Qian Butong, nobody else knew how his older brother had suddenly disappeared. Qian Butong sequestrated him in a secret room and tortured him for many years.

Nobody knew why Qian Butong had done that. His brother didn’t even reveal his identity before dying. Otherwise, Mu Yi would have thought differently of Qian Butong.

Now, only Qian Butong was left in the Qian Clan. All the members of the Qian Clan were lying there in their blood. Qian Butong had a new table there, there was a stone plate on the table and four words were written on it, “Black Dragon Taoist Priest”.

Qian Butong fooled Mu Yi. His ancestor wasn’t anyone related to the Black Dragon Taoist Priest, his ancestor was the Black Dragon Taoist Priest himself. And the iron lion had been made by the ancestors of the Qian Clan, but not to put pressure on the Black Dragon Taoist Priest, but because it was the Black Dragon Taoist Priest’s grave!

“Mu Yi, you ruined my life. I will never let you off. And when I decide to take my revenge, it will be a pleasant surprise for you.” thought Qian Butong staring at the gravestone. He looked insane. More and more blood spilled on the ground in the room and a dark Qi gradually emerged.

Qian Butong looked at the black Qi. His eyes were filled with hatred and fury.

Sometimes, the most dangerous places could also be the safest. At least, Mu Yi didn’t have doubts about what Qian Butong had said. He thought that place was just a cultivation room for Qian Butong, therefore, after he obtained the imperial jade seal, he didn’t spend more time in there and left. Otherwise, he may have found out about the secret of that room.

Qian Butong was extremely gifted when it came to plotting.

Mu Yi didn’t know anything about that but even if he knew, he wouldn’t care. Many people wanted to kill him but so far nobody had ever succeeded. He was still free and unfettered.

And things were moving underground too. The third prince of the Xu Clan wanted to attack Mu Yi. Many people were behind, they wanted to watch. Some people were excited. Some people were gloating over Mu Yi or Xu Clan’s misfortune, depending on their view of the battle, and some people smiled icily.

The third prince of the Xu Clan wasn’t that weak. He could easily defeat an ordinary cultivator of the second difficulty or a first-class expert but most people thought he didn’t stand a single chance against Mu Yi.

The old man of the Xu Clan thought the same but he didn’t prevent him from going. His grandson was growing up. Getting beaten up would do him some good. It would be a good lesson. One had to suffer and to gather experience to progress.

Therefore, he accepted to go too. He was a first-class expert. And apart from being a witness, he would also protect his grandson’s life. But Xu Wang didn’t know what the old man was thinking. The old man of the Xu Clan did all this at the cost of a lot of effort.

He knew Mu Yi was at least as strong as a first-class expert so he knew he couldn’t afford to underestimate him.

He had to be there, just in case, for his grandson’s safety.

Regarding the other clans, they also made some secret plans. Some princes decided to join hands to destroy Mu Yi but actually, they just wanted to know more about the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road. They didn’t believe the rumors so they were curious.

Even if they didn’t need the key, they wished they could steal it and then trade it or blackmail people using it.

So, according to Xu Wang’s plan, Xu Zi Heng decided to act. He thought he was mysterious, he didn’t know that his plot was perfectly clear for some people. Therefore, many well-intentioned people were already planning and making the plan even better.

Xu Wang didn’t care. He just cared about what happened in the present.

At the end of the day, Mu Yi also received an invitation to go Peach Blossom Hill. It had been sent in the name of Qi Yu from Tingyu Building. When Mu Yi saw that, he smiled icily. He threw it aside and continued practicing the Yu’s Steps.

At the same time, in Tingyu Building, on the second floor, in a room, Qi Yu looked at someone respectfully. That was the only person in Tingyu Building Qi Yu looked at that way, Leng Yu.

Leng Yu was looking at a book. She was still wearing her mask.

“Leader, are you sure we shouldn’t respond? Those people are joining hands, we can’t underestimate them.” said Qi Yu glancing at Leng Yu worriedly and impatiently.

“Those people are a bunch of pieces of trash. They dare use Tingyu Building’s name and reputation to fool the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?! How audacious!”

said Leng Yu icily, “What? You hadn’t thought they’d act so quickly?”

“Leader, I just don’t want Tingyu Building’s reputation to be tarnished, that’s all.” replied Qi Yu immediately. But her eyes were filled with panic.

“Is that so? They used your name, not the name of the Tingyu Building. So it has nothing to do with Tingyu Building. Besides, why do you care about the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” asked Leng Yu indifferently.

“What’s the difference between my reputation and Tingyu Building’s reputation? Besides, isn’t the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag one of our partners? If something really happened to him, I’m afraid nobody would help you steal the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu.” said Qi Yu quickly.

“You’re not worried about the group, you’re worried about your own little safety.” said Leng Yu straightforwardly.

“Leader, I am really worried about you!” said Qi Yu immediately.

“Alright, you saw me grow up. I know you. But as one of the twelve fighters, being proud is normal. Regarding the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, if he fails to overcome such an insignificant obstacle, then what will happen in the king’s grave? He’s going to die straight away. So if he fails now, he deserves to die.” said Leng Yu icily. She didn’t feel under pressure at all.

When Qi Yu heard Leng Yu, her mouth was wide open. She was speechless. Leng Yu understood her well and she understood Leng Yu well too. And when Leng Yu said something, nobody could make her change her mind.

“Leave now. Remember, don’t interfere. We are just observers this time.” said Leng Yu.

“Understood!” Qi Yu curtsied and left.

When she left, someone sighed. Unfortunately, nobody heard that.

Five thunders charm, godly movement charm, evil spirit slaying charm, meditation body charm… All those were Mu Yi’s trump cards. Even though Xu Wang was right and his plan was good, Mu Yi didn’t think the plan was going to go as expected. He expected lots of unexpected things. Besides, it was something huge, many people were involved, there were too many factors involved. Many people even got ready to reap benefit from chaos and confusion. So Mu Yi preferred being prepared, just in case.

Besides, the power of his five thunders charms had reached its maximum level for the time being. Coupled with his copper lamp and Bamboo Tree of Life, Mu Yi was convinced he’d fight that battle extremely easily.

Actually, he started understanding that Tingyu Building was probably involved but this time, he wasn’t furious, he was becoming stronger and more mature.

Sometimes, people said things not because they were trustworthy but because of their own personal interests.

If he hadn’t been willing to pay a proper price, who would have accepted? Three big gifts. Mu Yi liked gifts. And now it was time to pay them back.

Big Slave had just started learning battle techniques but he suddenly was much, much, stronger. His body hadn’t started changing but one could see his body contained an incredible kind of strength. He may have acquired lots of knowledge before becoming like that.

He had just started learning those battle techniques but he had become seventy percent stronger, and soon he would be eighty percent stronger. And then people would have to be at least first-class experts to be able to defeat him.

He could even easily compete with ordinary first-class experts. He may become much, much stronger than first-class experts after learning how to control his inner strength.

In comparison to other people who practiced dozens of years and still didn’t see the light, Big Slave richly endowed by nature. He had suffered before but he had also been granted with an extraordinary power.

Big Slave, Nian Nuer, Mu Yi, they were all good examples of people who had been granted with incredible talents and powers but who had also gone through incredible hardships in their lives. That was why Mu Yi had never harbored a grudge against anyone. He was even convinced that he was luckier and happier than most people.

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