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Chapter 220: Falling Through and Getting Exposed! 


 Apart from Big Slave, Nian Nuer also progressed. The Bamboo Tree of Life continued changing. Mu Yi noticed that. Mu Yi hadn’t tried the Bamboo Tree of Life yet but he knew it had become much more powerful.

Besides, there were some marks on the Bamboo Tree of Life and Mu Yi understood some things. He was even more excited about the copper lamp now. Such a mark had condensed inside the lamp too but the Bamboo Tree of Life’s mark was different, it was more complex. Mu Yi was halfway now. The other half of the way would consist in gaining full control over the copper lamp.

But he also understood that he wouldn’t be able to achieve that any time soon. He was stuck for the time being. He had thought of different options but he couldn’t open the copper lamp. Regarding the oil, there was still just a thin layer of oil. And there was less and less with time.

“If I could find a second black dragon, it’d be great.” thought Mu Yi. But apart from Qian Butong, who could make black dragons? The black dragon was a perfect source of strength for the copper lamp.

Regarding Mu Yi, those days, he understood the basics of the Yu’s Steps well. Now, he just had to push himself a little bit more. And Mu Yi even felt that even though he was just halfway, he had already progressed a lot. If he mastered the Yu’s Steps, how strong would he become?

Thinking about the future, Mu Yi was excited.

One more day passed and it was finally the D-day.

Mu Yi put on his Taoist robe. He tied his hair in a bun using a hairpin. He looked like someone who had an exceptional talent and a distinguished appearance, especially with his dark eyes and his calm countenance. Looking at him made people feel relaxed.

Big Slave stood behind Mu Yi expressionlessly. If one stared at his eyes cautiously though, one could see some excitement in them.

Nian Nuer was in the Bamboo Tree of Life. She didn’t come out unless it was necessary because she needed to be in the Bamboo Tree of Life for it to become more powerful.

“Let’s go and enjoy the show. It’s about to start.” said Mountain. Then he left with Big Slave. They walked northwards. According to Xu Wang, there was a valley there and Peach Blossom Hill. The ambush was supposed to take place there.

Since Big Slave was with Mu Yi, many people noticed them but ordinary people were just terrified so they ran away. They knew very little regarding powerful cultivators and travelers. So when people saw Mu Yi and Big Slave, their expressions changed and they didn’t dare stay near them.

Nobody would dare and take reckless actions. No matter whether the rumors were true or not, Mu Yi was with Big Slave so nobody could afford to underestimate them. All they could do was watch them walk by.

“That Evil Taoist priest is really brave. Isn’t he afraid people could attack him?”

said someone after Mu Yi disappeared in the distance. That person wanted to regain face by humiliating Mu Yi.

“Indeed. He’s offended so many people. We’ll see how much longer he’s going to live.” said someone next to him. Everybody nodded. People had opinions about everything and everybody.

“What do you know? Nothing. How strong was the Octagon Organization? He destroyed all of their members except one who managed to escape in a bad shape… And you’re here criticizing an extremely strong person, you should watch your words.” said someone next to them. He couldn’t stand that kind of people so he looked at them icily and mockingly.

“Hmph! The Octagon Organization was strong but could it be compared to Cangzhou???? There are dozens of influential groups as strong as them in Cangzhou. The Evil Taoist priest won’t survive much longer in Cangzhou.” said someone else. Everybody wanted to get involved in the conversation.

“Indeed. Where is the Evil Taoist priest going?” asked someone curiously.

“Why ask me? How could I know? Just follow him and you’ll see.”

“Forget it. If anyone sees a weakling like me there, they may kill me.” said someone flinching.

Those people were ordinary people, third-class humans. They couldn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

Xu Zi Heng’s plot didn’t implicate only the strongest people but only those at the top understood the plan clearly. All the influential groups had tacit rules to keep things secret. Third class humans weren’t eligible to mingle with them.

Regarding what those people had just said, Mu Yi heard them all but he couldn’t care less. If he started killing people each time they criticized him, he’d be overwhelmed.

After crossing the city gate, Mu Yi accelerated but after a minute, he knew he was almost there because he smelled peach flowers. He turned around and saw Peach Blossom Hill.

It was a hill with peach trees everywhere on it. There were dozens of thousands of peach trees. At that moment, they were in blossoms. The smell was sweet and extremely pleasant.

“Is it here? What a pity, so many beautiful peach trees.” said Mu Yi smiling icily on the inside. But he had to admit that place was beautiful. Unfortunately, the peach trees were probably going to get damaged but Mu Yi was convinced they’d be even more beautiful the following year.

At that moment, Xu Wang was kneeling down in front of an old man. His face was completely pale and he was shaking violently from head to foot. He knew he was doomed.

The old man of the Xu Clan looked at him. Seemingly, he wasn’t there to flatter him for everything he’d done. He had probably been exposed. And if he had, then he had to bear the responsibilities for it. He hadn’t underestimated the old man’s intelligence though. He had been exposed even though he had been really careful.

And at that moment, Mu Yi arrived in Peach Blossom Hill. Xu Wang wasn’t convinced Mu Yi would manage to survive because he wasn’t even sure he would surviver himself.

Xu Jing Yuan opened his eyes and looked at Xu Wang, he finally said, “Xu Wang, how long have you been a member of the Xu Clan?”

“T… Twelve years.” replied Xu Wang. He didn’t feel like speaking anymore but he still replied.

“Time passes so quickly. Twelve years already.” said Xu Jing Yuan shaking his head, “And has the Xu Clan ever disappointed you or hurt you during those twelve years?”

asked Xu Jing Yuan neither too fast nor too slow. He didn’t even sound angry. Xu Wang was more and more scared. Xu Jing Yuan was a former high official for the Board of Punishments, he had definitely developed cruel torture methods throughout his career.

“No. Never. On the contrary, without the Xu Clan, I would have died a long time ago. The Xu Clan have been my benefactors.” said Xu Wang shaking his head.

“Indeed. What a pity. You aren’t a genius but I thought you were a little bit smart. Therefore, I put you on Zi Heng’s side. I did that to make you progress and rise. And in the end you plotted against him? I did as if I hadn’t noticed anything at first, I thought Zi Heng had to work hard to progress.” said Xu Jing Yuan slowly.

“I made a huge mistake. I should have never done that. It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.” said Xu Wang bursting into tears. It was as if he had suddenly and quickly realized his mistakes and repented.

But Xu Jing Yuan continued speaking neither slowly nor quickly, “You have to understand that you are alive thanks to the Xu Clan. You had one thing to do, stay loyal and devoted to the Xu Clan. Unfortunately, you even failed at that. On the contrary, you plotted against the whole clan!!!! You are a worse than a pig or a dog. You ungrateful little fucker!!!!”

“I beg you, Master, please forgive me and spare my life. I will never do that again.” said Xu Wang kowtowing so violently that his forehead started bleeding. He knew that now, if the old man wanted him to die, he’d die. His life was in the old man’s hands.

“It’s too late, unfortunately.” said Xu Jing Yuan shaking his head.

“The Xu Clan can forgive people for most mistakes because nobody is perfect. The only thing we can’t accept are traitors.” said Xu Jing Yuan.

“Master…” said Xu Clan sadly, “I am so sorry. I don’t mind dying for what I did. I just beg you, Master, spare my family members’ lives. They are innocent.”

“Alright, take him away. Beat him with a stick until he dies. Do the same thing to his family members. Don’t be too cruel either.” said Xu Jing Yuan. In the blink of an eye, he had determined Xu Wang’s destiny as well as his family members’. Xu Wang was devastated. It felt as if his world had been collapsing around him. He shouted loudly and desperately. Nobody paid attention to him though. Some people carried him away with force.

Xu Jing Yuan raised one eyebrow and and asked, “Is everything ready on the northern part of the mountain?”

“Report Master, everything is ready. The Evil Taoist priest will come to us and never leave alive again.” said a man respectfully coming out of a dark corner.

“We have a great reputation so remember, don’t do anything reckless. The Xu Clan can’t afford to lose.” said Xu Jing Yuan determinedly.

“Understood!” replied the man immediately. Then he went back into a dark corner.

“Was it a good or a bad decision this time?” whispered a voice. It came from inside the room.

At that moment, Mu Yi was holding the Bamboo Tree of Life, they were in the gigantic and seemingly boundless peach orchard. The wind wasn’t strong but the leaves and petals still rustled on the ground. And peach petals kept falling on his head and shoulders. 

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