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Chapter 221 Peach Blossom stained with blood (1)


“As expected.”

        Mu Yi suddenly stopped and looked into Peach Blossom Hill. He could sense that the danger was lurking around. He felt that he might be killed as long as he stepped in.

        When he asked Xu Wang to design the plot, the enemy was also designing some plots. In fact, Mu Yi didn’t expect that Xu Wang could do everything with nobody knowing. After all, he had received too much attention. Xu Wang was only a steward. Even if Xu Ziheng was involved, it was impossible to manipulate so many forces.

        If it was only Xu Ziheng involved, Xu Wang still worked. But when things went on, in fact, the whole thing was not under his control.

        He helped Mu Yi to lead out the enemies, and those enemies also used him to set a trap for Mu Yi.

        They were both clear that the one with better means would win the final victory.

        “Shit, why hasn’t Mu Yi come?” Is he afraid?” In the Peach Blossom Hill, Xu Ziheng was waiting anxiously.

        He was more excited. With his age, he was more outstanding than other contemporary to preside over such a big scene. Once he succeeded this time, his position in Cangzhou City and Xu Clan would soar.

        “Prince, don’t worry. He’s already here.” Beside Xu Ziheng stood a middle-aged man, dressed in a strong suit, looking icily.

        This middle-aged man was the first-class expert Xu Wang referred to. Duan Kai, a famous killer, was also the best cultivator Xi Ziheng could invite.

        The reason why Duan Kai would agree to come was because of the key of the Yellow River’s ancient road. And all Xu Ziheng wanted was Mu Yi’s death.

        In addition to them, there were another five or six men here, all of whom were excellent cultivators at Xu Clan. Besides, there were seven ambushes in Peach Blossom Hill, which also represented the alliance of seven families. 

        Obviously, someone took the advantage of that battle to learn and gain experience for their descendants.

        “He’s here? Alright. When he steps into the explosive, detonate it, I won’t let him escape this time. ” said Xu Ziheng excitedly, as if he had foreseen the end of Mu Yi being blown to pieces.

        “Alright, where is Xu Wang? Why hasn’t he come back yet?” Xu Ziheng glanced at the crowd and continued:

        “Prince, he won’t be back any more” One of the men stepped forward and said, “Besides, that explosive will not explode.”

        “Wh… What?” Xu Ziheng was startled by the words of the man. He stared at the man and shouted, “Xu Da, what do you mean? How dare you to betray Xu Clan? “

        “Prince, no. I never betrayed Xu Clan. The traitor is the steward Xu. That explosive has been replaced by him for a long time. It can’t be detonated at all.” Xu Da said slowly, and when he spoke, except for Xu Ziheng, the others were expressionless, as if they had known for a long time.

        “Xu Wang is a traitor?” Xu Ziheng was stunned. He looked at Xu Da incredulously. “How could it be? Xu Wang is loyal to me. He designed the plot. How can he betray me and Xu Clan?”

        Obviously, Xu Ziheng still couldn’t accept that Xu Wang would betray him. More precisely, he couldn’t accept the fail of this event. After all, he planned everything, if he failed, wouldn’t he be a joke in Cangzhou City? His position in Xu Clan would also decline markedly.

        That’s unpalatable to him.

        “What I said is true. Before we came, the old man told us privately. As for other arrangements, there will be no accident.” Xu Da continued.

        “Grandfather knows?” Xu Ziheng also knew that his grandfather was aware of the plot from the beginning. Otherwise, he could not mobilize so many cultivators from Xu Clan. With the old man’s words, he believed that Xu Wang had definitely betrayed. But at the same time, he was relieved.

        All Xu Ziheng wanted was to kill Mu Yi.

        “Damn Xu Wang. I won’t let him go” Xu Ziheng said grimly.

        But then, Xu Ziheng continued to look at Xu Da and asked, “Since you know that the bastard Xu Wang betrayed me, why didn’t you say it earlier? And explosives, why don’t you replace them back? “

        “Prince, all this was told by the old man. The reason why the explosives were detonated was to let the Evil Taoist priest relax his vigilance. Once he arrived, we would be able to kill him by surprise. Although there were no explosives, one hundred sharpshooters were mobilized this time to ensure that there was no accident.” Xu DA replied respectfully.

        “Well, my grandfather’s considerate.” Xu Ziheng nodded, but he was still disappointed. All these things had begun to break away from his control. Even if he could kill Mu Yi finally, it was his grandfather’s credit. It had little to do with him. Fortunately, others did not know this and his reputation wouldn’t be damaged.

        Maybe Xu Clan would be famous and he could meet Qi Yu then.

        Just at the thought that Mu Yi was the first one to enter the Tingyu Building, he was bursting into anger. 

        “Prince, wait for me to take his head back.” Duan Kai suddenly said.

        “Well, I’m looking forward to your success. I’ll celebrate for you later.” Xu Ziheng said quickly.

        Duan Kai nodded, then disappeared in a flash, which made Xu Ziheng scared.

        Mu Yi had gradually penetrated into the Peach Blossom Hill. He had noticed the ubiquitous surveillance around him. Finally, he came to a vacant lot, standing a new grave that had just been erected with a gravestone written “the Grave of the Evil Taoist priest.”

        The Evil Taoist priest referred to Mu Yi and here was probably the place where the enemy chose to bury him.

        “I hope you won’t be too upset after this war.” Mu Yi spoke softly to himself.

        All of a sudden, a dozen strong breath burst out around him. They were all from second-class experts.

        “Big Slave, they’re yours.”

        For these ten second-class experts, Mu Yi didn’t even bother to fight them.

        After hearing Mu Yi’s words, Big Slave was bursting into anger. Then he strode forward without saying a word, and stood in front of Mu Yi.

        Big Slave didn’t take the lead in attacking, but waited until the enemy came close to him.

        The two second-class experts joined hands, and even though they saw Big Slave, they did not hesitate to attack. Even faster, the two men were holding the swords on the right hand, and their breath almost merged into one, and they looked the same.

        Obviously, the two should be twin brothers, and the skills they cultivate could be complementary or even integrated. In addition, they had some connection in mind. The power of their joint efforts was no less than a first-class expert. Therefore, even if they felt the rage of Big Slave, they chose to attack directly.

        Five Zhang, three Zhang, one Zhang!


        Two bright lights flashed at the same time. A peach blossom fell just at this time. The sword divided the peach blossom into two parts.

        They control their strength perfectly.


        Big Slave punched at the same time and collided with the light of the two swords.


        The two swords were just like mirrors, which smashed directly. There were just two more red marks on the surface of Big Slave’s fist. A trace of fresh blood splashed out, but that was all.

        Attack from almost first-class experts only made him shed a few drops of blood. Big Slave’s defense ability was abnormal. Experts under first-class couldn’t hurt him at all. 

        “How could it be?” The Hao brothers were shocked. They didn’t expect that the joint strike would do no harm to the giant.

        “Oh no.”

        Later, the two men exclaimed at the same time. They had a connection in mind. They knew that they were not able to beat the giant.

        The Hao brothers had a good reputation. When they met first-class experts who they couldn’t beat, they would escape immediately.

        They wanted to escape again now.

         Although they were not killers, but they were doing the business of taking people’s money and eliminating disasters for them.

        They couldn’t defeat the giant, let alone the Evil Taoist priest.


        The two men’s thoughts flashed quickly. They didn’t believe the rumors at first, but now, they knew they were wrong this time.

        So, with almost no hesitation, they chose to step back.

        However, they were not so lucky because Big Slave was angry now.


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