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Chapter 222.Peach Blossom stained with blood (2)


   For Big Slave, he could deal with any provocation, especially after being oppressed by the Mu Yi for such a long time, he could not bear it any more.

        After practicing battle techniques these days, Big Slave had progressed rapidly. Through training of  Nian Nuer these days, although his mobility had not improved, he was indeed faster than before.

        When the Hao brothers wanted to retreat, it was too late.

        The swords broken, Big Slave took a big step forward. He stood right in front of the Hao brothers. He opened his hands and pressed them directly.

        At this moment, Big Slave was bursting into anger. The Hao brothers could only carry their swords and cut them horizontally to save themselves, but they couldn’t break the Big Slave’s defense even if they fought with all their strength. 


        Two broadswords were directly cut into the chest of Big Slave, but they only made Big Slave’s upper body slightly shake, but his hands still fell without any hesitation.


        Almost at the same time, the two brothers cried out desperately, looking at the two giant palm falling on their heads.


         With a crisp sound, the two heads instantly exploded. Blood splashed all around.



        Unprecedented silence, those who followed was dull. They were very clear about the strength of the Hao brothers. The Hao brothers were the vanguard.

        With the example of The Octagon Organization, they did expect they might fail. In their opinion, even if they failed, it was not difficult for them to leave. They didn’t expect Hao brothers would die right here.

        “One move? Or less? “

        The Hao brothers, who claimed to beat the first-class experts, died. They didn’t even have the ability to fight back. What about them?

        Instantaneously, they were filled with fear. Even most people wanted to retreat. They had no chance to defeat.

        They were here for money. They just wanted to follow others. When they witnessed the ferocity of Big Slave, they were completely afraid and scared. Life was more important than money.

        Killing the Hao brothers, Big Slave was like a emotionless killer. He chose a nearest enemy and rushed to him directly.

        The man was just an ordinary second-class expert. He had already begun to retreat after seeing the tragic death of the Hao brothers. Now he saw Big Slave rushing towards him, and he turned around and fled with a strange cry.


        Mu Yi called slightly. The rest second-class experts all had an idea of retreating. Big Slave was not able to kill them all. So Mu Yi asked Nian Nuer to help.

        It was a nice weather to fight. It was cloudy and foggy in the Peach Blossom Hill. In such condition, Nian Nuer could battle without any problem. She could not use all her techniques. But it was easy for her to deal with several second-class cultivators.

        The Bamboo Tree of Life shined slightly, the next moment Nian Nuer flashed away.

        The second-class cultivator who was escaping was not so lucky and hit on something which made him dizzy.

        Although Big Slave moved slowly, he walked faster than many first-class cultivators because of his giant body.

        Big Slave had already stood behind the second-class cultivator and flapped him down.


         Another head was crushed to mush. Blood splashed all around again. Big Slave was crazy about this way to beat enemies.

        The second-class cultivators wanted to run away, but none of them succeeded. All heads had been crushed to mush by Big Slave.

        Soon, the first 16 second-class experts were all defeated. Their heads all had been crushed to mush. 

        The fragrance of peach blossom in the air was dispelled, replaced by the thick bloody smell. The peach blossom was stained with blood, which made it more beautiful and charming.

        On the northern part of the mountain, a middle-aged man dressed as a general put down his mirror and he looked dignified.

        The man was only a second-class cultivator. He was from the army. He had one hundred sharpshooters mobilized which were the trump card.

        He originally thought that this task would only be an easy one, but with the tragic death of the first 16 people, he knew that today would be a hard day.

        “Order, the second and the third group push on. Don’t hesitate.” said Chang Wei.

        “Yes, sir!” A soldier behind him immediately conveyed Chang Wei’s order.

        Not only Chang Wei was watching, Duan Kai, the ripper was there too.

        Duan Kai looked grave and serious. His eyes were fixed on the giant and Mu Yi who had not moved from the beginning to the end.

        The second group, thirty-five men.

        The third group, fifty-two men.

        They were all second-class cultivators. It’s the strongest lineup that several forces in Cangzhou City could come up with. According to the plan, they should go up in batches in order to constantly attack Mu Yi. But just after the first round of trial, Chang Wei had understood that trial was meaningless.

        Instead of waiting, it was better to let everyone rush in now. More people, better chance of success.

        “Command the God Technique Camp to stand by and attack at any time.” Chang Wei gave another order.

        At this time, two groups of eighty-eight second-class experts rushed out together.

        Just now they were hiding in the dark, so they didn’t see the first group of 16 people die miserably. They were all crazy about killing.

        They were encouraged by nearly 100 people storming together. Even the first-class experts might be killed in the face of so many second-class experts.

        When they rushed forward to see the situation. Most of them regretted. But there was no way to escape. 

        Some rushed to Big Slave and some rushed to Mu Yi.

        The leaders were almost first-class experts. They were different from other people. They looked glum and they were more cautious.

        “Come on.”

        Mu Yi hold the Bamboo Tree of Life, and he was ready to fight now.

        Big Slave roared. He rushed directly to a dozen people.

        “Be careful!”

        One of the leaders shouted and jumped up and directly crossed Big Slave, but those behind him didn’t react so fast and directly collided with Big Slave.


        With a loud noise, one person was split directly.  Blood splashed all around. Some people were vomiting blood. One third of the people died.

        However, no one wanted to escape. After all, they were not really desperate. The rest of them attacked Big Slave again. And the leader who had crossed the Big Slave also started to attack him from behind.

        On the other side, people were also in trouble. Originally, they rushed directly to Mu Yi, but before they could get close to Mu Yi, a shadow flashed in front of them. Meanwhile, the sword out, and their necks burst into blood immediately.

        Only the other leader stepped back and survived the attack.

        “What the hell is this?” The leader was horrified and could not help blurting out. Just now, he saw only a flash of shadow passing by, then there was a strong sense in his mind to avoid the attack

        It was because of this instinct that he avoided the attack, but he was still scared.

        The most difficult thing was knowing nothing about the enemy. But then, the leader saw what it was that had just attacked him. It was a figure floating in the air. He was dressed in blue. His ten sharp fingers looked piercing, and a drop of blood fell from the dark fingernails.

        But then, before he could respond, the figure in blue disappeared again.


        He finally understood what he was facing, a ghost that could appear in the daytime, and he just knew what it meant.


        In an instant, he had made a decision. It’s not because he was timid, but that he knew how terrible the ghosts could be if they could appear in the daytime. Because he knew something, he chose to leave.

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