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Chapter 223 Peach blossom stained with blood (3)


 That half step first-class expert also knew something about the ghost. The ghosts that could appear in the daytime had clearly reached the level of fierce ghosts, which was equivalent to a real first-class expert. Even if she couldn’t wield all her strength in the daytime, she was still far stronger than a half step first-class expert.

        Even the half step first-class expert was closed to first-class expert. But the gap was still vast, and there was no comparability.

        Nian Nuer hardly met an enemy. How could she let him go? So with a small wave of her hand, the three second-class experts in front of her were directly cut their throats, and then her body, with a slight flash, was already in front of the man.

        The first-class expert was shocked, but he also had to face up to. Him understood that if he wanted to escape, he had to go through this first, so he didn’t hesitate to directly wield all his strength.

        In his hand was a judge pen. When he tried his best, the judge pen was also covered with a layer of light.


        The judge’s pen pointed at Nian Nuer who was in the middle of the air.

        If he was faced with human beings, even the first-class experts had to be cautious in facing this move, but unfortunately he didn’t understand the way ghosts fight.

        Nian Nuer’s body swayed, and the judge pen was directly pointed in the void. Although the shadow in front of him was scattered, there was a thump in his heart, which meant a bad premonition. At the same time, a cold light flashed aside him.

        Then he was dead.

        A head flying high, at least when he came, he would not have thought it would be such a result.

        Nian Nuer killed the half step first-class expert, and then poured into the crowd, just like the tiger entered the rabbit’s nest. With the constant screams, one after another, the figures fell down on the the ground.

        What’s more, most people couldn’t see Nian Nuer at all. Even if they died, they didn’t know what the killer was.

        “A ghost!”

        Finally, someone in the crowd shouted and turned to run away.

        If it’s on the battlefield, once faith broke down, the next thing would be losing. When someone started to escape, the collapse would begin.

        Moreover, they were only second-class experts drawn by each family. Most of them didn’t know each other. They were scattered in a group. Even though they were not as threatening as Octagon Organization. Last time in Octagon Organization, no one gave up until the last man died.

        Regarding Big Slave, although she was slower, in just a few decades, the crowd had become sparse and the ground had been completely stained with blood.

        “Command the Divine camp to press on and not let anyone go.” On the distant high post, Chang Wei said. Although he had expected that these second-class experts would not be rivals, he still didn’t expect that this group of people would collapse so quickly, which really disappointed him. But at the same time, he also had a strong awe for Big Slave and the phantom. He even had a bad premonition. He thought it would be quite thorny.

        Now he could only hope that his Divine camp could turn the tide. Although there were only a hundred people, they were all called sharpshooters.  Moreover, those fire guns were specially customized, with greater power.

        Even when he took Divine camp to kill a first-class expert, he only lost less than ten people.

        Although the giant and the shadow were powerful, he believed that Divine camp would not let him down. Now his only worry was about the loss of Divine camp.

        Because he just saw clearly that the giant was almost invulnerable, but he didn’t know whether the firearm could threaten him.

        “What about the people from all families? ” They will disrupt our formation if they run away like this.”  Asked the flagman.

        “Everyone dies.” Chang Wei said coldly that there was no emotion in the words. When they fled, they had been sentenced to death.


        The flagman said respectfully, immediately took out two flags and began to shake them.

        At the same time, the soldiers of the Divine camp who had been lying in ambush on the hillside also came out one after another. Each of them had a long firearm in their hands, and they all had a strong sense of self-confidence. Although there were only one hundred of them, they felt like an Iron-blooded army, unstoppable.

        That momentum was different from the former soldiers who also reached the second-class. The Divine camp were so well-armed.

        “Get set!”

        Looking at the approaching fleeing people, one of the team leaders shouted, All of a sudden, a hundred machine campfire gunmen pulled the bolt and aimed at the people who were coming.

        “Don’t shoot. We’re on the same side.”

        “Hurry up, kill that monster.”

        Seeing that they were surrounded by the Divine Camp, those who barely survived knew that they were bound to die. Some people even couldn’t help shouting.

        Team one shooting, team two covering.” Unfortunately, their shouting didn’t let the Divine Camp stop, but continue to give orders.

        “Knock! Knock! Knock!”

        Dozens of muskets were fired at the same time, and a white smoke rose. The people running in the distance trembled. Their chests and limbs were full of blood, and they were shocked. It was inconceivable that they would be killed by their own men.

        It’s just one shot at a time, and the twenty men who fled were all annihilated. Each person was shoot at least two times. Their so-called second-class realm, when faced with such a powerful firearm, had no resistance, no better than ordinary people.

        “Hum, experts? They were no better than ordinary people. Everyone would die facing the gun fire.” Chang Wei was settled, seeing this, and he smiled.

        Although he was only a second-class expert, he was not afraid of cultivators because he holds hundreds of powerful soldiers.

        “Is this the musket? t seems to be a little powerful. “

        Mu Yi had expected the effect of the musket, but he was still surprised when he saw it. A second-class expert didn’t have any power to fight back in the face of the fire gun.

        Although it also had a lot to do with the number of the guns, combined with sudden attacks and unprepared defense, killing so many second-class experts at one time showed the horror of guns.

        And there was only one hundred men. What if one thousand or ten thousand? What if guns and cannons? What would that be like?

        As soon as Mu Yi thought of that situation, he shuddered. Even though the court was already crumbling, it was still more terrible than he thought. At least when facing thousands of musketeers, Mu Yi could not guarantee that he would survive.

        “What a gun.” Duan Kai could see clearly in the distance. When dozens of fire guns were firing, even his heart was shaking, and he looked more dignified.

        “Prince, Divine Camp has already started. I believe it will be over soon.” Xu Da said to Xu Ziheng. In fact, Xu Ziheng heard the sound of the guns clearly, and he was a little excited.

        “Nice, this Divine camp deserves uncle Chang’s trump card.” Said Xu Ziheng.

        “The Divine camp built by General Xu is better than the new army trained by Yuan Shikai. Unfortunately, it costs too much. Otherwise, if there are ten thousand soldiers in Divine camps, they can conquer the world.” Xu Da couldn’t help but say that and he showed a look of yearning.

        “Conquering the world?” Xu Ziheng’s eyes brightened, and then he said, “let’s go. Let’s go out to see a good play.”

        Before Mu Yi came, they had to hide in order not to disturb him. But now since the Divine camp was there. They would be the winner. Naturally, they didn’t have to hide. Maybe when they went out, they could see the end of the evil way.

        In addition to Xu Ziheng, there were several hidden places where there were various voices of discussion, but without exception, they were all excited.

        And coincidentally, they also came out of hiding places, and then climbed to a high place, looking down at the Peach Blossom Hill.

        “What’s wrong? Where are the cultivators?” Soon someone found that something was wrong.

        “Look at the ground. It seems that all the cultivators we found were dead.” There was a fresh outburst of yells.

        “All dead? Are they so useless? They are at least second-class experts. How can they all die all of a sudden? ” Some doubted.

        But when they saw the corpse lying there, they were silent. The one hundred second-class experts were all dead.

        “Oh my god. How could one hundred men were killed so soon. Fortunately, we didn’t fight there.” Some princes couldn’t help shouting.

        “Prince, it seems to be something fishy going on.” Xu Da said dignified, because those experts died too fast, which was not in their plan. Originally, they thought that it would be over when they came out, but it seemed that there was something wrong in the situation.

        “Don’t worry. Uncle Chang’s Divine camp has come out. Even if he is more powerful, he can’t escape.” Said Xu Ziheng, biting his teeth.

        Looking at the approaching musketeers, Mu Yi directly called Nian Nuer back. After all, he was not sure whether those Musketeers would bring harm to Nian Nuer, so for the sake of safety, he let Nian Nuer go back to the Bamboo Tree of Life.

        As for the great slave, he consciously stood in front of the Mu Yi.

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