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Chapter 224 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood (4)


“OK, don’t worry, brother. I will kill him.” 

Nian Nuer disappeared like a streak of light.

Duan Kai’s eyes were fixed on the figure killing in the crowd. As a first-class expert, he trembled, especially when Mu Yi was fighting with hundreds of sharpshooters.

Although the first-class experts were not the best, no one could defeat them easily. In the past dynasties, most of the sovereigns would hire them.  In the Ming Dynasty, there were more royal offerings for first-class experts. Each period had its own characteristics, but without exception, the status of the first-class experts was high.

The leaders could use first-class experts to suppress other first-class experts and hundreds of well-armed soldiers easily.

Unfortunately, in modern times, the status of the first-class experts had begun to decline with the creation of guns and cannons. It was so hard to train a first-class master, harder than training a hundred musketeers. Since hundreds of musketeers could encircle and kill a first-class expert and be replaced easily, the imperial court began to build a new army of musketeers. 

There was an old saying, resisting foreign aggression home safe. It meant that even if the territory was ceded, they could get it back. 

Therefore, in today’s world, everyone could sense the surging undercurrent and take it as the opportunity to plot something.

Duan Kai knew that he couldn’t rush into battle when facing the Divine Camp because their muskets were made to be more powerful than ordinary muskets. He couldn’t block dozens of bullets that fell on him at the same time. Though he was strong, he would have died.

First-class experts couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. 

Yet, Mu Yi had done something he couldn’t dare to do, so he couldn’t belittle the man. Evil was evil.

When Duan Kai got within five meteres of Mu Yi, he moved suddenly and his hands turned jade and he waved them in front of him.

A shadow jumped and evaded Duan Kai’s attack. 

The shadow was long-toothed with blue clothes. Duan Kai knew it was Mu Yi’s fierce ghost.

Because only a fierce ghost could appear in the daytime, and only a fierce ghost could threaten him. Although Nian Nuer was small, Duan Kai didn’t underestimate her.

Duan Kai was serious, and Nian Nuer was also serious because this was her first real fight against a first-class expert. When Mu Yi asked her to fight Duan Kai, Nian Nuer decided that she wouldn’t disappoint Mu Yi.

Although the time since she became a fierce ghost was short, with the help of Bamboo Tree of Life and the Soul bead from Leng Yu she was just as strong as Duan Kai. She just didn’t have enough fighting experience.

Mu Yi pit her against Duan Kai because she needed practice, and he could help her if she had something in trouble.

“Dead!” Duan Kai shrieked, his hands disappeared, and Nian Nuer’s claws moved forward to meet his attack.

There was a burst of sparks between them. After a collision, Nian Nuer drifted back, and Duankai could not help but step back.

They ran at each other again at top speed. Nian Nuer’s little feet rushed through the air as if it was ground.

Mu Yi had been paying attention to her, watching as Nian Nuer quickly adapted to this kind of fight. Then, he turned to the Divine Camp and killed them with the evil spirit slaying charms.

Big Slave was slower than the first-class experts, but when he slapped the soldiers’ in the head their hears would explode or their bodies would break in half.

“All on!”

Chang Wei gritted his teeth. He could only watch his men being killed by Mu Yi and Big Slave. Duan Kai was stopped, and he couldn’t do any harm to Mu Yi or the Big Slave.

On Chang Wei’s order, Xu Da and the cultivators from the Xu family who protected Xu Ziheng rushed in to fight. The strength of the enemy frightened them, but they knew that they would die even if they didn’t fight. Their only choice was to fight as hard as they could.

There were about fifty experts protected the princes. Generally, these experts were more than capable of protecting their princes, and they were no less than second-class experts. Although they were slow, they finally arrived at the battlefield. The battlefield was covered with corpses. The whole peach orchard was filled with blood, and countless peach flowers fell in the blood, and slowly became red.

“Let’s go together,” Xu Da shouted angrily and charged Mu Yi first. After all, compared with the great body of Big Slave and his abnormal defense, Mu Yi seemed to be less threatening.

Mu Yi looked at the people who are rushing towards him with a sneer. The killing intention in his eyes was strong. No matter who came today, the result wouldn’t be changed.

Mu Yi waved the Bamboo Tree of Life to kill the last musketeer near him then turned to face Xu Da and others.

It was so strange to see Mu Yi turn around and wait, Xu Da felt so bad. It seemed that he made the wrong choice this time.

But he was too close to Mu Yi to retreat. Even if he weren’t, retreating would have been disastrous.

Xu Da was clever. When he was near enough to Mu Yi, he moved out of the way of the people behind him. The man behind him didn’t expect Xu Da to move. By the time he reacted, he had already arrived within ten meters of Mu Yi. It was too late to escape. Fortunately, he also knew that he could not stop, or the crowd behind him would crush him to death.

He drew a knife and put all his strength into the swing. Mu Yi disappeared from his sight. 


He didn’t know what happened. When he reacted, his chest was attacked.

In a trance, he looked down and saw that there was clearly a stick in his chest.

Faintly, he heard a voice then his chest hurt, and his eyes fell into endless darkness.

Mu Yi walked through the crowd with the Bamboo Tree of Life. The Bamboo Tree of Life killed a person with every strike. He killed twenty of the group.  At that rate, one and a half more charges would wipe them all out.

The rest of the people were frightened. He was so strong. The charge of fifty people seemed no different than hitting a stone with an egg.

Xu Da escaped because he dodged in time, but his heart was pounding at the moment.

He knew very well that if he hadn’t moved, he would have died.


Someone shouted suddenly then the rest men began to flee.

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