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Chapter 226 Peach blossom Stained with Blood (7)


“Want to escape?” Mu Yi showed a look of disdain. He couldn’t catch up with them one by one if they run away in the first place. But now, it was obviously too late for them to run away. Big Slave also had rushed over aside, and he run into two enemies who had lost their heads.

Mu Yi stepped out and wanted to catch up. But just as he was moving, he stopped suddenly, and his body folded horizontally. 

A few days ago, it was impossible for Mu Yi to do this. Even if he could do it by force, it would be a bit awkward. But after practicing Yu’s Steps, he could do it easily now. 

But with his current experience, he could only take one or two steps.

At this time, the ground exploded suddenly, and a figure appeared like a ghost. If Mu Yi didn’t turn, he would be directly hit.

This black shadow was extremely fast. He’s even faster than Mu Yi. What’s more, it was hard to detect his breath. Mu Yi also didn’t expect that someone would hide in the ground.

Mu Yi was also shocked by the timing of the attack.

If he didn’t accidentally leak his breath when he was about to attack, he would have succeeded.

“A killer?” Mu Yi thought. 

Then, the black shadow went into the ground and disappeared. He failed at the first attack and hid immediately and waited for the next attack.

And this was also in line with the characteristics of a killer. For the reason why did the figure disappeared in the ground, Mu Yi thought it might be a kind of Taoist art like doton.(translator’s note: 土遁 (doton), like in Naruto, is the ability to control earth-type materials) When the black shadow disappeared, Mu Yi could feel a wind clearly, which was like a drop of water falling in the lake. Although there was a wave, it was impossible to find the drop of water again.

Just like the black shadow, when he disappeared, Mu Yi could not detect him anymore.

“Doton? Hum! ” Mu Yi snorted and stepped again. After three steps in a row, he suddenly stomped on the ground heavily.


Suddenly, the area where Mu Yi stood on was sinking, and the surrounding ground was shaking. Taking Mu Yi as the center, the land, including the peach flowers that fell on the ground, turned into powder in a second.

If the black shadow hid in this area, he would have died or been severely damaged.

It’s a pity that Mu Yi failed to find the black shadow. The figure seemed to have disappeared, but Mu Yi didn’t believe that he would leave. He was most likely to hide somewhere. Mu Yi was waiting for him to make another fatal attack when he had a rest.

There was no doubt that this kind of killer was the most bizarre of all enemies. If someone was not careful enough, he would be killed easily. Even if Mu Yi was stronger than the black shadow, he was supposed to be careful when facing him.

“I don’t believe you can stay under the ground all the time.” Mu Yi thought. He used his mind and spirit power to find the figure and failed. Then he stopped paying attention to the figure and back to killing.

In a short time, some people have been killed by Big Slave, and Big Slave seemed to be bloodthirsty.

Big Slave didn’t think. Mu Yi gave him the order to kill, so he would kill all the enemies. Originally, he intended to help Nian Nuer kill the man, but before he could get close to the man, he was driven away by Nian Nuer, so he could only vent to those who were scattered and fled.

How fast Mu Yi is! Those people were only second-class. After Mu Yi survived the attack, only for a second, he soon caught up with the them.

Mu Yi started to use the Evil Spirit Slaying Charm in his hand. Every white light would take a life. And with the joint beheading of the Mu Yi and Big Slave, the number of these people was becoming less and less.

Although Chang Wei had long thought that the last fifty people would not work, he still didn’t expect to fail so fast. These people couldn’t be compared with elite soldiers, at least in the aspect of courage.

Command was everything for soldiers. If someone escaped without permission, he would die finally, even encumbered his family, so they would fight hard and never retreat. However, those people had no scruples. Once they might fail, they would escape.

Anyway, their obligations had been fulfilled. Even if they escaped, they would not be punished. After all, though they had done their best. It was also a victory to escape.

“Lost!” Chang Wei sighed. His face looked indescribable. He wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t stand failure. He even failed several times in his life. But now, it’s the first time for him to meet this situation, especially the collapse of his Divine Camp.

“General, we haven’t lost. We still have the killer.” A soldier behind Chang Wei couldn’t help saying that. In fact, he couldn’t accept the result too.

“No, we have already been defeated. Go and ask the cultivator to leave. Hurry up.” Chang Wei said slowly.

“And you, general?” The soldier trembled and looked at the general unbelievably.

“I’m responsible for this failure, so I can’t go.” Chang Wei shook his head and said.

“General, where there is life, there is hope. If you die, Divine Camp will be over.” Said the soldier hurriedly.

“You don’t understand. Only when I die can Divine Camp be preserved. I have to take the responsibility. Do you think I can live when I return to Cangzhou City? We lost too much. Fortunately, the princes are fine. Otherwise…” Chang Wei stopped talking and there was a trace of firmness in his eyes.

Both Chang Wei and the soldier knew one thing: If Chang Wei stayed, he would die.

“General, I won’t go either.” The soldier shook his head hard.

“Take care of my family. You’d better take them away, find a provincial place to live in seclusion and tell them not to avenge.” Chang Wei said that, and he went down the hill.

“General.” The soldier shouted out, and he was crying. He wanted to catch up and die with his general. But the general had just given him the last words. If he died, who would take care of the general’s family?

Chang Wei was so trustful of him. He couldn’t live up to this trust.

Chang Wei was gradually far away, and the soldier finally stopped hesitating. He wiped away his tears and turned to the positions of the princes. Now, only by bringing these young men back to the city safely could he protect the general’s family and himself.

Otherwise, in case of any accident, he could not bear the anger of their parents.

“How could it be?” Xu Ziheng’s was shocked. He repeated the sentence. He thought it was an easy hunt, but now, a hundred cultivators were dead. The Divine Camp was completely destroyed, and even the guards around them were all dead.

As for Duan Kai, the first-class expert, he was still fighting with the ghost. Although he was still alive, he would die once Mu Yi and Big Slave attacked him.

The result was unexpected and unacceptable.

“Prince, it’s dangerous here. Let’s get out of here quickly.” The soldier rushed to Xu Ziheng, and when he saw Xu Ziheng in a daze, he couldn’t help shouting. At the same time, he also had some hatred in his heart. How could the one hundred musketeers in Divine Camp be destroyed if it wasn’t for this young man’s envy? How could the general die?

In his view, the chief culprit of all this was Xu Ziheng.

“Ah, leave? Yes, hurry up. When I get back to the city, I will ask my Grandpa to send more people to kill that devil. ” Xu Ziheng was clear-headed now, and then there was the unstoppable fear. In his mind, Mu Yi had become extremely horrible, like a devil.

The soldier and Xu Ziheng joined up with other princes. They fled in a panic. No matter Xu Ziheng or other princes, there was no more arrogance. Everyone was in a panic. They had seen the killing, and most of them had killed people by themselves. But they had never seen this situation before. Peach Blossom Hill was stained with blood everywhere.

And they had already been scared. Now they only wished they could run faster.

Chang Wei had come to the battlefield. He went directly to Mu Yi, without any fear.

Mu Yi finally wielded two evil spirit slaying charms to kill the last two escaping men, and then he looked at Chang Wei.

In fact, Mu Yi had already seen him before. After all, he had been standing high, in such an eye-catching place. Mu Yi thought Chang Wei would escape in such situation, but he didn’t know Chang Wei would rush towards him.

Didn’t he know he would be killed?

No, he must know. Through his eyes, it told that all he wanted is to die.

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