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Chapter 227 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood (6)


      Looking at Chang Wei coming towards him, Mu Yi had no expression on his face. Although Mu Yi had a little respect for Chang Wei in his heart, he couldn’t forgive Chang Wei. From the moment he began to command the battle, he would not stop until he died.

        What’s more, Mu Yi didn’t have the habit of letting the men in power return alive. Considering the ability of Chang Wei, if he regrouped and lead more elite soldiers, he would definitely cause him trouble. It was best to eliminate him now.

“I am surprised that I underestimated your abilities this time.” Chang Wei said, standing in the distance and looking at Mu Yi.

        He knew what would happen to him, so his expression was calm.

“Is that so?” Mu Yi responded with a light tone. Chang Wei was procrastinating. How could he not realize it? But Mu Yi had his own plans in his heart, in his eyes, Chang Wei meant nothing. Even Duan Kai and those young princes were nothing. The killer was who Mu Yi really cared about.

        The killer was a tough opponent with a fierce manner and adept at penetrating the earth. Once entangled by him, Mu Yi had to be on guard all the time. He is only a thief in a thousand days, and there is no reason to be a thief in a thousand days. The best thing was to find and kill him to avoid future problems.

        Therefore, Mu Yi waited for him to attack again.

“Although you won this time, it doesn’t mean you will win next time. As long as you are in Cangzhou City, you won’t be safe.” 

“So you want me to leave Cangzhou City? “Mu Yi looked at Chang Wei in surprise.

“Yes, leaving Cangzhou City is your best choice,” Chang Wei said.

“Do you think I’m stupid? If I leave today, they will be more unscrupulous. When other people want to kill you and take your treasures, the best way is to kill them all. In this world, only killing and blood can make people sober. Even power is built on that,” said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

“I admit that I underestimated you, but you also underestimated those people of Cangzhou City. After today’s events, they won’t let you go,” Chang Wei said plainly.

“So what? Or do you think I’ll let them go?” Mu Yi sneered, but what he said made Chang Wei nervous. He looked at Mu Yi seriously. This was a young man with a trace of naïvete on his face, but this young man had a large reputation. Mu Yi had stepped on the Octagon Organization and beat Chang Wei’s setup. Although he was unwilling to admit it, Chang Wei could not deny that Mu Yi already had the capital to rise.

He was so young. If he could survive this time, there would be a place for him in the future. At that time, Chang Wei was unsure if the combined efforts of the established men of Cangzhou City would be a threat to him.

        Thinking of this, gloom filled Chang Wei’s mind. He felt the established men of the city had made a grave mistake, but now it was too late.

“You–” Mu Yi didn’t give him a chance to speak. Mu Yi took a small step and thrust the Bamboo Tree of Life at his face. 

        Chang Wei wanted to dodge, but he was so far below Mu Yi’s level. He had not even reached the peak of being a second-class expert. He was weaker than the cultivators who had led the attack. His talent was in orchestrating the battle, not fighting in it. 

       Was it fair? He didn’t think so, but had there ever been real fairness in the world? The so-called fairness was actually the biggest injustice.

        Mu Yi’s expression was cold, and his hands were merciless. The Bamboo Tree of Life seemed to fall before reaching Chang Wei’s eyebrows as if it had no power.

        With a soft sound, a bloodied sword shot out of the back of Chang Wei’s head. His expression was stiff as the brilliance in his eyes slowly disappeared.

Mu Yi’s back suddenly burst open, but strangely, no sound came. A dark shadow suddenly appeared behind Mu Yi. In his hand was a dark dagger aimed at Mu Yi’s heart.

“I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time.”

         The moment the shadow appeared, Mu Yi felt it. The shadow was very fast, faster than Mu Yi. However, the degree of speed didn’t decide everything, especially in this situation.

        With a sneer on Mu Yi’s face, he suddenly lifted his right foot. With a strange turn, Mu Yi disappeared.

        Dark light shot through the place Mu Yi had been. If Mu Yi didn’t take the opportunity to hide quickly, he would have been seriously injured, if not killed. 


         As he dodged, he conjured a five thunder talisman appeared in Mu Yi’s hands and used it.

        With a loud noise, dazzling lightning fell from the sky.

        The shadow was a bit horrified. He didn’t expect Mu Yi to have such a technique, and he didn’t want to die. Instead, he pinched the formula and sank into the earth.

        Thunder crashed and lightning struck the ground fiercely. The energy spread and blew up the peach trees nearby sending countless peach flowers flying. Mu Yi took out the copper lamp and ignited it with the power of mind and spirit.

        A ray of light bloomed, enveloping Mu Yi in it, and the strong winds disappeared before they got close to Mu Yi.

Something glinted in Mu Yi’s eyes. 

“I found you.”

His right hand swung, and the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hand flew and plunged into the ground several feet away.

        Then, Mu Yi heard a cry. The place where the Bamboo Tree of Life struck burst open. A shadow appeared to be swept out in a bit of confusion and rushed away as soon as it appeared.

“Can you escape?” Mu Yi sneered and activated another five thunder talisman. The black shadow changed. It was a pity that when he just dodged the first thunder, he had been injured. He could only hide in the ground. He originally wanted to wait for Mu Yi to leave to come out again.

        He hadn’t expected that a strange force would infiltrate the earth, leaving him nowhere to hide. Before he could move, he was hurt again by the Bamboo Tree of Life. It made him understand that he had no other option but to run.

        Although the mission failed, as long as I can escape, I still have a chance.

        But how could Mu Yi let him escape so easily? The moment he appeared, Mu Yi locked him in, so he didn’t hesitate to activate another five thunder talisman.

        There was a loud noise then a bolt of lightning fell down and struck the dark shadow despite his attempt to retreat into the earth. The sudden strike made his technique backfire. He wasn’t faster than lightning.


        Struck by lightning, the scream of the black shadow suddenly stopped. Then the lightning disappeared, revealing the shadow inside. He stood upright, and his life was fading quickly. His black robe had turned into ashes, and his body had been burned black, so it was hard to see the real face.

“Poo Tong!”

        Finally, the shadow fell to the ground without a sound.

     Seeing this, Mu Yi was a little relieved. Although he wasted two five thunder talismans, it was worth killing the opponent.

The shadow was the first top-ranking master he had really killed.

        Looking at Nian Nuer’s battle, Duan Kai was already in a mess. He could barely protect himself from Nian Nuer’s attacks. He had the idea to escape, but Nian Nuer was stronger and faster than him. Coupled with Nian Nuer’s strange and unpredictable body movements, he had no chance to escape.

The sight of the killer’s murder scared Duan Kai and made him falter. Nian Nuer seized the chance. Her little claw swiped across Duan Kai’s neck. Although he tried his best to dodge, Duan Kai failed and died.

        When Mu Yi thought that this was the end of the matter, Nian Nuer’s eyebrow quirked. The soul rune that had worried Mu Yi for a long time appeared again and turned into a vortex. A shadow was pulled out of Duan Kai’s body: his soul.

        Duan Kai’s soul realized what was happening and struggled in fear, but he couldn’t escape and was pulled into the whirlpool between Nian Nuer’s eyebrows.

        As Duan Kai’s soul was swallowed, the soul rune between Nian Nuer’s eyebrows gradually disappeared. Then, Nian Nuer burped.

 Nian Nuer flew into Mu Yi’s arms and wrapped her small arms around her neck, “Brother, I won!”

        To be able to kill a first-class expert by herself was absolutely worth feeling conceited about, especially in the daytime, when her full strength couldn’t be wielded.

         Mu Yi looked straight at Nian Nuer’s brow with mixed feelings.

Her excitement died at his troubled expression, “Brother, what’s the matter with you? Did I let you down?” 

“Do you feel uncomfortable, Nian Nuer?” Mu Yi asked.

“Uncomfortable? No,” Nian Nuer shook her head and looked at Mu Yi, confused.

“What happened to that rune in the middle of your brow?” Mu Yi continued.

“Oh, brother is worried about that. I don’t know what happened,” Nian Nuer shook her head and her eyes were dazed. She touched her brow. There was a faint feeling in her heart that Mu Yi didn’t like it.

“Tell brother what you just felt.”

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