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Chapter 228 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood (9-end)



Mu Yi regarded Nian Nuer as an important person in his life, so he was afraid of Nian Nuer being in danger. In particular, the soul rune reminded Mu Yi of the mysterious lord of Octagon Organization

The soul rune was a unique skill the lord of the Octagon Organization had used to fight him. If Nian Nuer hadn’t helped him and stopped him at that time, Mu Yi would have been in great danger.

Nian Nuer had absorbed it and created a mysterious connection between them.

Mu Yi had checked it at the time and found nothing abnormal about it. Nian Nuer had seemed okay and could speak clearly. Then, the soul rune gradually disappeared, which made Mu Yi think it would be fine. But today, the soul rune appeared again and devoured the soul and spirit strength of a first-class expert . 

The soul rune seemed to be out of Nian Nuer’s control, which, in his view, was the biggest hidden danger. Mu Yi worried about it.

Seeing Mu Yi’s solemn expression, Nian Nuer said, “I don’t know what’s going on, but after killing him, the soul rune came out.”

“And did it come out when you killed those other people?” 

“No,” Nian Nuer shook her head. Mu Yi saw something wrong with Nian Nuer before he could ask. Nian Nuer rubbed her eyes, “Brother, I’m sleepy and want to sleep.”  

Her body began to shake as if she was going to collapse.

“Go back into the Bamboo Tree of Life,” Mu Yi said. Nian Nuer turned into a ray of light and shot into the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Mu Yi’s spirit went into it. When he found Nian Nuer sleeping with a peaceful expression, he was relieved. He had to figure out the changes going on in Nian Nuer’s body as soon as possible.

“The Octagon Organization,” Mu Yi said. Although he destroyed the Octagon Organization, the lord of the Organization had disappeared. He would only find the truth if he found them.

Mu Yi should ask Leng Yu for help. Otherwise, in such a big world, it would be just like looking for a needle in an ocean.

Mu Yi decided to go to Tingyu Building after leaving Peach Blossom Hill. Maybe, he would be able to get even with her.

Big Slave stood behind Mu Yi silently. He was covered in blood and looked like a devil coming out of hell. Seeing his expression, it was clear that he was eager to kill more.

The orchard was a mess. Countless peach trees had been broken. Peach blossoms had been scattered all over the place and stained with blood. Hundreds of corpses lay on the ground. If the news of what happened got out, it would cause another stir. After all, hundreds of people were dead, all second-class experts and elite soldiers.

However, Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to the corpse, but turned around with Big Slave and chased the escaping princes. Since he had already begun a feud, even if he let those people go, they would not be grateful to him. They would hate him even more.

What’s more, they had seen his power. How could Mu Yi let them go?

Mu Yi and Big Slave soon disappeared.

After they left, there was a strange wind in the valley. Almost all the peach trees shook, and more peach blossoms fell. 


Parts of the ground began to explode.

All of a sudden, a tree root stretched out of the ground, then more and more tree roots came out, dancing in the air like countless tentacles. They wrapped around the corpses and pulled them into the ground.

Soon, all the bodies and blood disappeared leaving the weapons scattered across the ground.

The wind blew again, and the peach blossoms flew around violently. It seemed that there was a face in the peach blossoms. The peach blossoms filled the sky and soon covered everything. The next time someone came to the orchard, there would be nothing except the swords to be seen unless the person dug three feet into the ground. 

In the depths of Peach Blossom Hill, pink miasma grew slowly, and the peach blossoms became more charming.

When there was a change in the Peach Blossom Hill, Mu Yi suddenly stopped and looked back. Across the distance, he could not see anything, but his perception clearly told him that something had happened.

Mu Yi wanted to go back and have a look, but finally, he decided to kill the escaped princes first.

Then, Mu Yi sped up. In a short time, he saw the escaping princes.

One of the princes happened to look back. When he saw Mu Yi and the giant behind him, he shouted, “Ah! He’s coming. Run!”

He tripped over a stone.

The rest of the people looked back and saw Mu Yi behind them. They pushed themselves to run faster, but no one cared about the fallen prince.

“Don’t go, wait for me!” the fallen princes called out, but no matter how he called, he could only see their backs gradually disappearing without looking back at him.

When the prince got up, he realized that he’d twisted his ankle. Despair filled him as he realized he had no chance to escape.

He turned around and looked at Mu Yi, “Don’t kill me. I will give you as much money as you want.”

Unfortunately, Mu Yi ignored his words and didn’t respond at all.

“My father is…” seeing that Mu Yi was not moved, the prince wanted to reveal his identity, but before he could finish, Mu Yi passed by him.

“Nothing?” Seeing that Mu Yi attack him, the prince’s expression turned joyous. 

Then, a large shadow covered him.


His scream came to an abrupt end. When the tall figure left, his headless body crumbled to the ground. 

The prince’s scream made the other princes feel terrible. Someone looked back and was terrified: Mu Yi was suddenly less than ten feet behind him.

Mu Yi reached him in a flash. He didn’t even scream. He felt a pain in his chest. Then, darkness flooded his consciousness.

I’m dead! He thought without fear and with complete understanding. 

After Mu Yi killed the prince, he stopped the rest of them.

When they saw Mu Yi, they were shocked and flustered. Three of them collapsed to the ground.

“You– You–..” Xu Ziheng looked at Mu Yi out of breath. He regretted everything.

What Taoist is this? He’s the devil. He remembered Mu Yi killing people and his body trembled with fear.

After Mu Yi appeared, the soldier was hopeless and sad. Mu Yi’s presence meant Chang Wei was dead, so were they.

He didn’t ask Mu Yi to let them go.

“You can’t kill me,” Xu Ziheng breathed for a while and finally squeezed the words out. 

He was the third son of the Xu family. The Xu family was not the largest in Cangzhou City, but few people dared to offend him because of their power.

“Are you finished?” Mu Yi’s light tone.

Frightened by Mu Yi, Xu Ziheng replied, “Yes.” 

“Now that you have finished, go to hell.” After Mu Yi said, he activated an evil spirit slaying charm. The white light flashed and fell on Xu Ziheng’s head. Under the evil spirit slaying charm, his head was smashed, and the blood drenched the people around him.


Some were stunned, others puked or were paralyzed.

“Someone will avenge us,” the soldier said.

“Then, I’ll wait. ” Mu Yi activated another evil spirit slaying charm. The soldier died.

“Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me,” Someone knelt down and begged, but Mu Yi couldn’t let them go. He killed the other princes one by one.

After killing, Mu Yi left with Big Slave.

Half an hour later, someone passed by and saw their corpse. Later, people who lived in Cangzhou City were shocked, and the princes who died miserably were identified. Although their heads were broken, their clothes proved their identities.

The news spread throughout Cangzhou City, and the atmosphere in Cangzhou City was suddenly tense.

By then, Mu Yi had already returned to the inn in Cangzhou City as if nothing happened.

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