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Chapter 229 Aftermath Storm


All princes were killed, and hundreds of cultivators disappeared without any reason. Suddenly, a storm broke out in Cangzhou City. Though these big families were furious, they couldn’t catch Mu Yi immediately. They had to be clever. Many people were scared and felt that something important was going to happen.

The old master of the Xu family smashed his favorite teapot. The other families were in the same position. The disappearance of all their cultivators frightened them. 

After the ambush was over, someone went to Peach Blossom Hill and found only the weapons of the cultivators and soldiers.

Some people believed that Mu Yi killed them all as it was impossible to make all of them disappear.

When hearing the news, Mu Yi was stunned at the missing corpses that had been at  Peach Blossom Hill. He couldn’t help but think of the disturbance he felt when they left.

Was it related? Mu Yi thought it was necessary to check, but was concerned that it would take a while. After all, he was just curious. Even if the bodies disappeared, it had nothing to do with him. Was it possible that they became fierce ghosts to kill him?

“Hundreds of people are gone? It seemed that Peach Blossom Hill is really weird,” Leng Yu said with a little surprise. Her tone made it clear that there was something wrong.

It was true that Mu Yi’s ability to kill so many people impressed her a little. It seemed that he was more like a devil than a Taoist.

However, Leng Yu just smiled. Even if Mu Yi killed more people, it had nothing to do with her. On the contrary, the stronger Mu Yi was, the happier she was.

“I didn’t expect that the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag would be so powerful. I heard that there were two first-class experts among the dead,” Qi Yu said from beside her.

“It was just two first-class masters. I would be disappointed if he couldn’t deal with them. I don’t think he would deserve our attention if he didn’t,” Leng Yu said lightly.

“Are the Xus or any of the other family’s going to take revenge? I’m afraid that your plan will be wrecked, ” Qi Yu asked.

“It’s okay. Those families won’t start at least until they know more about Mu Yi’s power. The older the people are, the more cowardly they will be. If Xu’s leader could act without hesitation, he wouldn’t have been driven out of such a high position. Don’t worry, your lover will be okay,” Leng Yu said.

“My lord,” Qi Yu said with a slightly red face.

“By the way, there’s something you should do,” Leng Yu said.

“Tell me, please,” Qi Yu said respectfully.

As for the Xu family, it was exactly as Leng Yu said. When the servants were indignant and wanted to kill Mu Yi, the leader of Xu family scolded them and said he had his own plan though he didn’t.

On the surface, it seemed that Xu family only lost one prince and several guards, but they also lost Chang Wei, his Divine camp and the other cultivators of the Xu family. 

It was a harsh blow tot he Xu family.

The root of Xu family had been shaken. If Xu family fought Mu Yi, even if Xus won, it would cause destruction to both sides. When they were weak enough, those who had been watching from the sidelines would descend like wolves and take the Xu family’s rights.

Xu Ziheng was not very important compared to the well-being of the Xu family.

Of course, it couldn’t end like this, or the Xu family’s reputation would be lost.

“Evil? Hum, though I can’t kill you, you can’t be left alone because the first-class expert you killed was from Hell. ” 

The leader of the Xu family sat alone n the room with a cold expression. If that spread, it would cause a panic.

Hell was a killer organization that made people panic at the mention of their name. If the leader of the organization wanted to kill people at midnight, no one dared to leave people alive until morning. This was the slogan of the killer organization. The killer actually had a lot to do with the Xu family, but he was not known to other people.

At first, he thought that it would be safe for the first-class expert, but he failed. Mu Yi’s power frightened him. He worked in the court and knew about awe. The imperial court was also under a lot of pressure. After all, a first-class expert could take the head of a man defended by ten thousand armies. The Xu family’s courtyard, though heavily guarded, could not stop a first-class expert.

Fear of Hell was another reason to not act rashly.

Finally, Xu Jingyuan said, “Contact the people in the Prefecture and tell them that Ghost Nine was killed by a devil.”

“Yes, my lord,” a voice came from the shadow.


Mu Yi didn’t know what was happening in Tingyu Building or the Xu family compound. All of his attention was on Nian Nuer. Though Nian Nuer’s breathing was stable and growing stronger slowly, it was still hard for him to rest after seeing the soul rune on Nian Nuer’s eyebrow.

It wasn’t until a day later that the sign disappeared completely, and Nian Nuer opened her eyes.


He became aware of the changes as soon as Nian Nuer woke up.

“How do you feel?” Asked Mu Yi.

Nian Nuer felt her body and said in surprise, “Well, my strength seems to have increased.” 

Mu Yi had noticed it, but there was no way to estimate the increase, so he asked, “By how much? And, do you feel bad? “

Nian Nuer felt her body carefully, and her eyes suddenly brightened, “10% or more.”  

It was absolutely appalling that her strength increased by 10% in a day. She was a fierce ghost; thus, her cultivation was much slower than human beings. For ghosts, 10% was great progress. When Nian Nuer refined the Soul Ball, her strength increased by less than 20%.

“Brother, I think it helped me,” Nian Nuer touched her eyebrows. Naturally, she understood what Mu Yi was worried about. Seeing that Mu Yi cared about her so much, she felt so warm.

“Well, I’ll be fine,” Mu Yi nodded. Although Nian Nuer said that the soul rune was helpful to her,  he didn’t believe that the lord of the Octagon Organization would be so kind without knowing the full story.

No one came to bother Mu Yi the next day, so he went to Tingyu Building alone. The reason why he didn’t go with the Big Slave was that he didn’t want to attract too many people’s attention. Moreover, after the battle, Big Slave had a strong evil spirit around him.

Most of the time, he looked still stupid. Under Nian Nuer’s scolding, he began to practice again.

The rules of Tingyu Building seemed to have no effect on Mu Yi. Mu Yi was taken to the third floor, but Leng Yu didn’t come. Qi Yu came to see him. Mu Yi was not polite and accused them of conspiring against him. Qi Yu stopped him. Tingyu Building was not intimidated by anyone, and many people were willing to be their pawns in Cangzhou City.

In the end, Mu Yi had to tell the truth. He wanted information about the mysterious lord of the Octagon Organization. They didn’t know the real identity of the man. They only knew that he was good at curses and came from Miao territory.

Although there were not many clues, at least Mu Yi got something about Miao territory. As soon as he finished the affairs in Cangzhou City, he would go to the Miao territory. He thought for a moment that Qi Yu was lying, but later, he thought that they were not that stupid. It would do Leng Yu no good to deceive him. It would only have made Mu Yi annoyed and unwilling to stand with her once he became the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

There was no need for them to cheat him, so Mu Yi left the building with the clues.

After Mu Yi left, Qi Yu went to the next room where Leng Yu was.

“My lord, why didn’t you tell him about Hell?” Qi Yu asked.

“Why tell him?” Leng Yu said.

“People from there are crazy. Once the target is determined, they will stop at nothing to kill the target. What if he was killed?” Qi Yu asked. Compared to the Xu family or Cangzhou City forces, the threat of Hell was undoubtedly greater.

“Sweetie, do you think I was intending to kill him? It’s just that there’s not much time left for him and me, ” Leng Yu said. She was worried about the future.

Hearing Leng Yu’s words, Qi Yu became silent. Obviously, she also knew some secrets.

“A key to the Yellow River’s ancient road is not enough. We need more,” Leng Yu’s eyes fell on the imperial jade seal on the table.

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