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Chapter 230 Strange


Mu Yi returned to the inn, but Xie Zheng came unexpectedly.

“My lord,” Xie Zheng saluted with awe-filled eyes. From the first time he saw Mu Yi, he thought that Mu Yi was clever, which was one of the reasons why he and his uncle were willing to work for Mu Yi. They went to Cangzhou City to carry out Mu Yi’s orders and had been waiting for him.

They knew Mu Yi destroyed the Octagon Organization. Although the Octagon Organization was famous,  they were so far away so he only just heard about it.

However, Cangzhou City was different. The Xu family and the other big families were all-powerful in his eyes. He was sure that they could kill him easily. However, Mu Yi had destroyed their joined forces. 

Almost all the people of Cangzhou City were talking about this matter. Some people despised Mu Yi and thought that his reputation was inflated. No one else thought that way now. After all, Mu Yi had killed hundreds of people, including several legitimate sons of powerful people.

After the events on Peach Blossom Hill, no one looked down at Mu Yi even if they had before.

As a Constable of Cangzhou City, Xie Zheng knew more than the common people. He knew that there were first-class experts and the Divine Camp among the dead. Therefore, he was more awed by Mu Yi.

In his heart, he was glad that he made the right choice. Although there had been a great risk in following Mu Yi, there was no doubt that the final harvest was the best possible.

Xie Zheng was getting old, he had no expectations for his future, but his nephew, Xie Miao was the hope of the Xie family. For Xie Miao’s future, he was willing to help though he might lose his life.

Moreover, he knew Mu Yi’s character. As long as they were loyal to Mu Yi, their future wouldn’t be terrible.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yi asked. He was getting more attention. Xie Zheng took a big risk to come here. If he was found accidentally, Mu Yi would be okay, but Xie Zheng would never survive. If there was nothing of importance going on, Xie Zheng would not have risked coming.

“Yes, something important happened,” said Xie Zheng.

“Speak up,” Mu Yi sat down then looked at Xie Zheng. Although Xie Zheng was an ordinary person, Mu Yi had never looked down at him. In just a month, he arrived at Cangzhou City and secured a job in the government, which meant Xie Zheng was very clever.

“Do you remember the Qian family from Ten Li Palace?” Xie Zheng asked.

“Yes, is Qian family going to find me to kill me?” Mu Yi asked. Qian Butong of the Qian family impressed him. Without the help of the copper lamp, he couldn’t beat him.

Of course, it was reasonable that Qian Butong wanted revenge. But in such a short time, Mu Yi didn’t think he had the ability. He would leave Cangzhou City when Qian Butong recovered. Moreover, if he could defeat him once, he could do so a second, or even a third time, and he wouldn’t be merciful again.

He would kill Qian Butong because of the imperial jade seal.

“Everyone of the Qian family has disappeared. I think it’s very strange, so I’m here to report it to you,” Said Xie Zheng.

“All disappeared?” Mu Yi was confused.

“Yes, after hearing about it, I asked someone to inquire about it. At last, they heard something from a person who was familiar with the Qian family.” 

“Go ahead.” Mu Yi was serious. Although he though Qian Butong was not a threat, it didn’t mean that he would be arrogant.

“According to the man, Qian Butong called all the direct descendants of the Qian family to sacrifice their ancestors,” said Xie Zheng.

“Ancestor worship? But they should not be missing for ancestor worship. Did they escape?” 

“That’s the part that seemed strange. The industries of the Qian family haven’t moved, and there is no news of a sale. I also asked the gatekeeper. They haven’t seen people from the Qian family leave for a while. I asked another person to enter Ten Li Palace quietly. As a result, all the Qian family members disappeared in one night.”

Mu Yi stood up and walked slowly around the room. In his mind, he could not help but think that there was something going on.

“What do you know about the Qian family? Is Qian Butong the second son of the family? ” Mu Yi asked suddenly.

“Yes, he is the second child. Originally, he had a big brother, who was the head of the Qian family. However, it is said that his brother went missing a few years ago, then Qian Butong succeeded as the head of the family,” Xie Zheng replied.


Mu Yi suddenly thought of the old man in the secret room under the Iron Lion. At that time, he thought that the old man was a little strange. Even when he died, he didn’t ask for anything, not even for revenge.

Although it was just a guess, Mu Yi has a strong feeling that the trapped man might have been Qian Butong’s brother.

Mu Yi guessed that the missing people of Qian family maybe went the same way, but he still couldn’t believe it. 

Really? How bad is he?

“By the way, does Qian Butong have any children?” Mu Yi asked suddenly.

“No, Qian Butong has not married and has no children,” said Xie Zheng.

“Aha, no wife and no children.” Mu Yi was nearly sure, but not completely, so he needed to go to Ten Li Palace to check it out.

Mu Yi looked at Xie Zheng and said, “I got it. I’ll kill the people who are following you first, then you can leave.” 

“Yes, my Lord,” Xie Zheng immediately said.

Mu Yi planned to practice tonight. Yesterday’s battle was good for him, but now it seemed that he would have to postpone it for a while. If what he guessed was true, Qian Butong would become his archenemy. Current events were the key to opening the tomb of King Xian. Accidents couldn’t be allowed to happen.

Mu Yi believed that Qian Butong wouldn’t miss the opening of King Xian’s tomb. Therefore, the best thing to do was to kill Qian Butong before opening King Xian’s tomb.

He would have to break his promise.

Mu Yi waved the Bamboo Tree of Life over the table and went out, but when he got to the door, he suddenly stopped and turned to Xie Zheng, “By the way, have you been paying attention to the Qian family all the time?”

Xie Zheng was stunned by Mu Yi’s question, but then his face changed. Although he didn’t answer, Mu Yi also guessed something from his expression.

“Yesterday, a colleague told me about it suddenly. At that time, I thought that we could just ask him to search for information about the Qian family, so I didn’t think much about it. Now, I’m afraid that it’s not so simple.” 

Xie Zheng was sweating. He figured out a lot of things, especially why it was so smooth when he checked the matter. Everything seemed helpful to him.

The fact was that he and his employees were not awesome. Someone fed him the information to make sure Mu Yi knew. 

“Please punish me,” Xie Zheng knelt on the ground and hung his head. He should not have allowed himself to be used. If Mu Yi went now, he would be walking into a trap.

Xie Zheng felt frightened.

“There’s no need for punishment. I’ll take care of it.” No matter whether it was a trap or not, Mu Yi had to go there. He couldn’t rest without the truth. His skills and courage made him believe that he could break through to the next level.

Even if it was a trap, maybe he could add some oil to his copper lamp. The black dragon of Qian Butong was the only thing he knew that could be turned into oil. Just for that, it was necessary to go.

“I’m willing to check it out,” Xie Zheng said.

“Well, you should go back and do your job well. It’s better to attract some capable people for me,” Mu Yi said. With Xie Zheng’s Kung Fu, any third-class expert could kill him.

What Mu Yi valued about Xie Zheng was not his Kung Fu, but his ability to investigate. He needed some capable people for his future plans. When he became the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he would need a large number of people. Without some of his own people, he couldn’t rest assured.

If Xie Zheng exercised, he could be a good assistant.

“Yes, my lord.”

Seeing that Mu Yi wasn’t going to punish him, Xie Zheng was relieved, then secretly decided that he could not live up to Mu Yi’s trust anymore. If he messed up the next thing, his position in Mu Yi’s mind would fall sharply. He didn’t want that to happen.


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