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Chapter 231 Who Was Scheming?


Mu Yi killed the people watching Xie Zheng and left. According to Taoism, it was dishonorable to remain under surveillance without retaliation.

Xie Zheng left quietly, but compared to the mood he arrived in, his mood was much heavier. Although Mu Yi didn’t blame him, he couldn’t forgive himself.

He always acted wisely. Now, he lost his face because he believed someone blindly.

Generally speaking, Xie Zheng should not have made such a mistake because he was clever. He came to Cangzhou City because of good luck and Mu Yi’s great power. He’d let down his guard thought that he could control the situation the way he did in Lin’an County, but this was Cangzhou City. The games of all kinds of major characters were beyond his imagination.

It was no wonder he was such a flop.

However, for Xie Zheng, it was not a bad thing so long as he learned from the mistake and avoided them in the future. At the same time, it made him see his place in the world more clearly and increased his reverence for Mu Yi.

Mu Yi didn’t care. Although he knew that someone had fed Xie Zheng the information, he had to go. Qian Butong was not only hostile towards him but also clearly knew the details of King Xian’s tomb.

Mu Yi ran all the way and didn’t attract anyone’s attention. He went to the Qian family’s house in Ten Li Palace, but as Xie Zheng said, there was no one there except for unimportant stewards and blacksmiths.

Qian Buyong, Qian Tieniu and all the other people with the surname Qian disappeared. Mu Yi grabbed a steward and asked him, but he only knew that the leader of the Qian family called all people to sacrifice the ancestors. He didn’t know where or why.

They were also waiting for the return of the people of the Qian family.

Although he didn’t get anything, ancestor worship could mean a lot of things, so Mu Yi went to the Iron Lion and opened it according to the method he used before.

When the passage of the underground chamber opened, Mu Yi’s face changed. He smelled blood and felt a strong sense of resentment.

Mu Yi was careful. He lit the copper lamp and went in.

It was the same room, but the ground had turned dark red. When Mu Yi came in, some resentments came towards him. After entering the copper lamp’s range, they immediately turned to dust.

Looking at the dried blood on the ground, it had been at least three days, which coincided with the time when the Qian family had gone to worship their ancestors. Although there were no corpses, Mu Yi could imagine their fate.

“What a cruel man,” Mu Yi whispered. For his grudge, the leader of the Qian family sacrificed his family to feed his recovery. It was a devilish act.

Later, Mu Yi opened the secret door on one side and found the bodies. The twisted faces told Qian Butong’s sins. Mu Yi found Qian Buyong and Qian Tieniu.

The Qian family had already been destroyed by their own leader.

“If you knew this would happen, would you have regretted it?” Mu Yi suddenly looked at the corner and said, maybe the old man who asked for death wanted to save and protect the Qian family, so he didn’t say anything. He never thought Qian Butong would destroy his family.

Taoist Black Dragon and Qian Butong: the names flashed through Mu Yi’s mind. He was wary of Qian Butong. If he didn’t kill Qian Butong, he would die.

Though he destroyed two black dragons with the help of the copper lamp, Mu Yi believed that through the sacrifice, Qian Butong must have recovered and maybe gained more black dragons. 

Mu Yi was anxious.

“Although Qian Butong did it, I was one of the reasons. Now that you are dead, I will give you a place to rest.” As Mu Yi spoke his mind and spirit power poured into the copper lamp. In a flash, a small flame fell onto the corpses.

Despite its size, it burned wildly as soon as it fell. Strangely, Mu Yi could not feel any heat from it. The bodies turned to ashes.

When Mu Yi thought it was over, he found that the flame had not died. Instead, it became much larger and returned to the copper lamp. Mu Yi was shocked to find that there was a third more oil in the copper lamp.

“Black dragons and corpses can be the lamp oil?” Mu Yi’s eyes widened and he felt his heart beating quickly. Since he had got lamp oil, he has discovered all kinds of wonders and benefits of the copper lamp.

It was a pity that the lamp oil was used up so quickly, and there was no way to supplement it. The lamp oil could last for at most one or two months if he saved it. If he, Nian Nuer, and Big Slave practiced together, it wouldn’t last for half a month. The discovery of another source for oil made him happy.

Mu Yi’s eyes became bright. If a corpse could be turned into lamp oil, could ghosts also be turned into lamp oil? Mu Yi thought that the copper lamp could only restrain ghosts, he didn’t think about it being able to use ghosts as fuel. 

Whether the ghosts could be turned into lamp oil or not, he would have to try it. Especially in the disorderly cemetery on the west side of the city, there are many ghosts gathered there.

It was a wonder that corpses could be transformed into lamp oil, but Mu Yi likened burning corpses to get lamp oil to cannibalism and decided that he would only do it as a last resort in the future.

After all, he started burning the bodies to give them peace, not for lamp oil. Mu Yi finally took a look at the empty secret chamber, then turned around and left. Given the nature of the ancestor worship, it was clear that Qian Butong was still in Cangzhou City at this moment, waiting for the opening of the tomb of King Xian.

It would be impossible to find a person in Cangzhou City by himself. Using the people of Tingyu Building might yield results, though.

Even though Mu Yi thought it was Qian Butong to tell him about his crime, it was clear that Leng Yu knew about it as well because they were both waiting for the opening of King Xian’s tomb.

Did Leng Yu want to defend Qian Butong?

Mu Yi was a little confused by the idea of Leng Yu defending Qian Butong.

It was hard to guess. Either way, he believed the opening of the tomb of King Xian would reveal everything about Leng Yu and Qian Butong’s motivations.  Before that, he just needed to increase his strength.

Mu Yi had learned the rudiments of Yu’s Steps. It would take a lot more time to master it. Moreover, the Way of Magic Figures was broad and profound and needed to be studied hard. If Mu Yi could draw the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm before the opening of the tomb, his strength would increase because the six ding-headed Stem-Branch pairs and six jia-headed Stem-Branch pairs charm was similar to the Summon Techniques.

It was a charm that could make a great difference in a critical moment.

In addition to the Way of Magic Figures, Mu Yi was also determined to study Thunder Techniques. When Leng Yu mentioned it, he knew that the techniques were not as simple as he thought. It was dangerous, but the benefits were huge. 

Of course, it would be better if he could find some assistants, but Mu Yi was always alone. Apart from Nian Nuer and Big Slave, he had few friends.

He could only rely on himself. As for Leng Yu, Mu Yi didn’t think he should trust her too much. Otherwise, there was a good chance she would sell him out without him knowing. 

After leaving the Iron Lion, Mu Yi went back to the inn. The trip was quick. Although he hadn’t learned a lot, he knew that Qian Butong had recovered and would retaliate at any time.  He had to prepare himself.

He also learned a new way to get lamp oil, so he didn’t need to ration it any longer. There were less than seven days until the tomb of King Xian would open. He had to speed up his preparation.

Therefore, Mu Yi called Nian Nuer and Big Slave to sit around the copper lamp. With a gush of Mu Yi’s spirit power, the copper lamp shined brightly and covered them.

Feeling the light of the copper lamp gradually seeping into his body, his expression became peaceful, his breath gradually corresponded with the copper lamp and gathered as he entered into a deep level to practice.

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